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Welcome to HauntedDiary.com, your portal to the world of haunted houses. Join our team of journalists and enthusiasts as we unravel paranormal mysteries and document chilling encounters. Get ready for an eerie adventure!

gareth popovic



Gareth Popovic: A Brisbane-born thrill-seeker living amidst Montenegro’s captivating natural beauty. Daylight hours find me hiking, kayaking, rock climbing. But as dusk descends, I dive into the enigmatic world of the paranormal. Unraveling mysteries of the visible and invisible, one adventure at a time.




Meet Sharon Hawkins, a seasoned psychologist fascinated by the intriguing spirit world. She applies her extensive knowledge in psychology to probe the mystifying boundaries between life and afterlife. Her mission? To comprehend the human mind and spirit realm, one spectral encounter at a time.

tim rose



Introducing Timothy Rose, Bath’s horror cinema aficionado. With skepticism as his default, he remains intrigued by the chance of a shocking revelation. His journey? Dissecting fear, exploring eerie narratives, and inviting surprises that challenge his skepticism, one spine-chilling movie at a time.



Join us on a spine-tingling adventure into the unknown as we uncover the mysteries of abandoned and haunted places. Comprising a Mother and Daughter team, we’re driven by our insatiable curiosity and love for the paranormal. Our journeys take us from eerie ghost towns to shadowy bridges, where we seek connections with spirits and explore the realms beyond. While we may not be professionals, our extensive experience and unyielding passion guide us as we investigate the supernatural. From high-tech gear to stripped-down basics, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for the unexplained. Subscribe now to accompany us on our hair-raising quests and share in the thrill of the paranormal!



Farah Mahmood is a devoted content writer originally from Lahore, Pakistan. Holding an Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Government College University Lahore, She has been associated with mental health industry for several years. Being an avid reader, she fine-tuned her craft through several writing courses under the tutelage of Margaret Atwood. She now fuses her academic acumen with her love for the written word. Backed by consistent 5+ ratings, her writing reflects profound insight and skill.

Kathryn OLVERA


Kathryn has an extensive background in the paranormal research field and has been writing professionally for nearly a decade. She is the owner, researcher, and writer behind Living Dead Laptop – a blog dedicated to exploring the symbolism of paranormal occurrences in film as compared to real paranormal accounts. In 2023 she was involved in the annual Oregon Ghost Conference in the Oregon coastal town of Astoria. She is the former editor-in-chief of HorrOrigins.com, and in 2020 she participated in the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture Roma Women’s Poetry Project. She has two full-length poetry collections published under the pseudonym Terra Vagus. Kathryn is currently studying Cultural Anthropology at Oregon State University.

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