Baleroy Mansion: Philadelphia’s Elegance Touched by a Haunted Legacy

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Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia, the Baleroy Mansion stands as a testament to a rich and intriguing history. With its stunning architecture and captivating allure, this historic residence has piqued the curiosity of many.

However, beyond its architectural grandeur, the Baleroy Mansion holds a darker and more mysterious side. It is shrouded in tales of paranormal activity, with reports of supernatural encounters that have fascinated and unsettled visitors for years.

Baleroy Mansion
Baleroy Mansion | Credit: carry_on_with_chris


The Baleroy Mansion boasts a rich and intriguing history that weaves together tales of opulence, tragedy, and mysterious legends. Built in 1911 for wealthy stockbroker Thomas McKean, the mansion has stood witness to significant events and captivating stories over the years.

One notable legend surrounding the Baleroy Mansion revolves around a hidden treasure that is said to be buried somewhere within its walls. According to the tale, McKean’s wife, Esther, was rumored to have hidden a vast fortune in gold and jewels within the mansion before her untimely death. Over the years, treasure hunters and enthusiasts have been captivated by the mystery, attempting to uncover the secret of the hidden wealth.

Another intriguing aspect of the mansion’s history is its connection to the supernatural. Numerous accounts and witness testimonies have detailed encounters with ghostly apparitions, eerie sounds, and inexplicable occurrences. Visitors and residents alike have reported sightings of a woman in a flowing white gown, believed to be the spirit of Esther McKean, wandering the halls of the mansion. The presence of other apparitions and unexplained phenomena has further added to the mansion’s reputation as a paranormal hotspot.

As time has passed, the Baleroy Mansion has become not only a historical landmark but also a beacon of fascination for those intrigued by its legends and mysteries. The mansion stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of time, where history and folklore intertwine to create an aura of intrigue and wonder.

Baleroy Mansion
Baleroy Mansion | Credit: findinphilly

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Baleroy Mansion, an elegant and historic residence located in the heart of Philadelphia, has long been shrouded in an air of mystery and intrigue due to the numerous reports of paranormal activities within its walls. Over the years, tales of ghostly apparitions, vanishing objects, and unexplained sounds have circulated, captivating the imaginations of locals and visitors alike.

From the ghostly lady in white to the haunted library, each legend adds to the mansion’s enigmatic reputation. While skeptics may question the validity of these stories, the sheer number of documented accounts and testimonials from credible witnesses lend an air of credibility to the haunting lore surrounding Baleroy Mansion.

Spirit of Steven Easby

Legend has it that the Baleroy Mansion harbors an enigmatic spirit—the Spirit of Steven Easby. As the first paranormal occurrences unfolded, George Easby and his family moved into the mansion, unaware of the otherworldly presence that awaited them.

Steven, George’s younger brother, is one of the reported spirits that roam the mansion. His eerie encounters began with a portrait that mysteriously fell, landing far from its hanging spot, despite the picture wire and hook remaining intact. George himself witnessed Steven’s apparition, standing at the foot of his bed when he was just a child.

But it isn’t only the Easby family who experienced these hauntings. Employees of the mansion have shared chilling encounters with the spirit of Steven Easby, feeling an eerie sensation of being watched throughout their shifts. One employee, David Beltz, saw a young boy with blond hair looking out of a window, only to vanish before their eyes. The strange encounter left his coworker so unsettled that they never returned to Baleroy again.

Victim of An Evil Spirit – Paul Kimmons

Enter the chilling realm of Baleroy Mansion, where the malevolent spirit of Amelia roams with sinister intent. George, well aware of her vengeful nature, warns others to beware her spell. This restless entity unleashes her wrath by ripping open doors, slamming them shut, and instilling fear in all who cross her path. She lures unsuspecting souls to the peaceful Blue Room, where she ensnares them in her cursed chair, bending them to her will.

The Chestnut Hill Historical Society confirms the unsettling truth of Amelia’s deadly encounters, with three reported deaths attributed to her torment. The lingering presence of this vindictive spirit is said to follow those who dare sit in her chair, haunting them relentlessly.

Paul Kimmons, once a skeptic, fell victim to Amelia’s malevolence after a chilling encounter during a mansion tour. His life took a nightmarish turn, plagued by the relentless specter. Amelia tormented him, leaving him weakened and sick until his very soul could take no more. Tragically, he met his end in the very chair she possessed.

Ghostly Whispers – Henrietta

Within the walls of the Baleroy Mansion, a haunting legend unfolds—the spirit of Henrietta, mother to George and Steven. Described as reserved and proper, she has been communicated with by paranormal investigators on more than one occasion. But she is not alone.

Beside her, a host of other spirits reside, including the elderly woman, the mansion’s previous owner, who accosts visitors with her cane. Otherworldly encounters abound, with knocking, footsteps, and shadow figures adding to the chilling atmosphere.

Henrietta’s spectral presence intertwines with that of other entities, creating a tapestry of ghostly happenings within the mansion’s storied halls. Venture forth into the Baleroy Mansion to unravel the enigmatic tale of Henrietta and her spectral companions, where history and haunting merge in a spine-tingling dance that continues to captivate and bewilder all who dare to explore its haunted depths.

Baleroy Mansion
Baleroy Mansion | Credit: susurrusdin

Death Chair In The Blue Room

Step into the haunting legend of Baleroy Mansion, where the infamous Blue Room holds a dark secret—the dreaded Chair of Death. This 200-year-old blue chair, seemingly innocent with its floral upholstery, harbors a chilling power. Whoever dares to sit in its cursed embrace meets a grim fate, meeting death shortly after.

Four souls have already fallen victim to this malevolent chair, and even George Easby, its owner, forbade anyone from using it. The chair’s eerie history goes deeper, as it is rumored to have once belonged to Napoleon, crafted by a mysterious 18th-century warlock.

But how does an old chair commit murder? The answer lies in the chilling presence of a red mist, a malevolent spirit named Amelia, that envelops the unfortunate sitter, draining their life force and sealing their doom within days.

Intrigue and terror intertwine within the walls of Baleroy Mansion, where the Chair of Death reigns as a grim reminder of the sinister forces that lurk in the shadows. Venture forth if you dare, but beware the allure of the Blue Room’s haunted relic—a tale of dark spirits and deadly encounters that will leave you shivering in its chilling grip.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its historic elegance and enigmatic hauntings, the mansion has been prominently featured in several television shows and documentaries dedicated to exploring the paranormal. Notably, it took the spotlight in the spine-chilling series “Haunted Histories,” where investigators delved into the mansion’s ghostly tales and eerie encounters.

In literature, the Baleroy Mansion has captivated readers in books like “Phantom Philadelphia: Tales of Haunted History in the City of Brotherly Love” by Sarah Anderson and “Haunted Houses of America: Stories of the Country’s Most Famous Haunted Houses” by Michael Winters. These books immerse readers in the supernatural folklore surrounding the mansion, with captivating chapters dedicated to its mysteries.

Today, the Baleroy Mansion continues to attract both history enthusiasts and ghost hunters, drawn by its captivating presence in pop culture and media. This historic gem exudes an air of mystery and spectral charm, making it a truly unique and intriguing destination.


The Baleroy Mansion stands as a unique and enigmatic landmark, combining architectural splendor, a rich historical tapestry, and a reputation for paranormal activity. It continues to captivate the imagination of those who dare to explore its corridors and venture into the unknown.

Whether driven by a fascination with history or a desire to experience the paranormal, visitors to the Baleroy Mansion are sure to be enthralled by the secrets it holds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Baleroy Mansion

Q1: Where is the Baleroy Mansion located?
A1: The Baleroy Mansion is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Q2: Who built the Baleroy Mansion?
A2: The Baleroy Mansion was built by renowned architect Horace Trumbauer in the early 20th century.

Q3: What paranormal activities have been reported at the mansion?
A3: Paranormal activities reported at the Baleroy Mansion include disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, cold spots, apparitions, and objects moving on their own.

Q4: Can visitors explore the Baleroy Mansion?
A4: The Baleroy Mansion is a private residence and is not typically open to the public for exploration. However, guided tours or special events may occasionally be offered.

Q5: Are there guided tours available at the mansion?
A5: Guided tours of the Baleroy Mansion may be available on specific occasions or by special arrangement. It is recommended to contact the mansion’s owners or check their official website for the latest information on guided tours.

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