Bellamy Bridge, Marianna

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In the depths of Marianna, Florida, amidst the swampy wilderness, stands an imposing steel-frame relic known as the Bellamy Bridge. Aesthetically striking and historically significant, the bridge is not only a testament to past architectural feats but is also a magnet for ghost enthusiasts. Its haunting legends, eerie encounters, and supernatural phenomena have contributed to its standing as one of Florida’s most intriguing haunted locations.

History of Bellamy Bridge

Bellamy Bridge, named after the affluent Bellamy family, dates back to the early 20th century. However, the ghostly tales associated with it originate from the mid-19th century, involving a young bride named Elizabeth Jane Bellamy.

Elizabeth Jane Bellamy, also known as Elizabeth Jane Croom, is a historical figure whose tragic story is deeply entwined with Marianna, Florida’s famous haunted location, Bellamy Bridge.

Elizabeth was born into the well-to-do Croom family of North Carolina in 1817. In 1837, she married local plantation owner Dr. Samuel C. Bellamy, and they resided in what is now known as the Bellamy Bridge area.

Bellamy Bridge
Bellamy Bridge – Credit msplumpkin

Their union was a harmonious one, albeit heartbreakingly brief. A mere few years post their nuptial bliss, Elizabeth was cruelly snatched by the cruel hand of death in May 1837 while still in the prime of her youth. Her demise is shrouded in mystery, with rumors suggesting she succumbed either to complications from childbirth or a vicious fever.

However, an alternative, more chilling version of Elizabeth’s death adds a grim twist to the tale. According to this version, on a fateful night, Elizabeth’s wedding dress caught fire from a stray ember or candle flame. In a desperate attempt to douse the flames, she ran wildly into the night, ultimately plunging into the Chipola River. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain, and she suffered fatal burns, tragically meeting her end. This harrowing tale of a bride’s fiery death has over the years morphed into a spectral narrative, further deepening the dark lore surrounding the Bellamy Bridge.

Bellamy Bridge
Bellamy Bridge – Credit GoldenEye Photography

Elizabeth’s untimely demise has given rise to numerous ghost stories and local folklore, the most famous of which involves her appearing as the “Ghost of Bellamy Bridge.” This legend suggests that on certain nights, particularly around the anniversary of her death, Elizabeth’s ghost can be seen near the old steel-frame bridge close to where she lived.

Over the years, the legend of Elizabeth Jane Bellamy has become an enduring part of local history and folklore, contributing to Bellamy Bridge’s reputation as one of the most haunted locations in Florida. Her tragic tale has been the subject of numerous books, articles, and ghost tours, all of which add to the rich tapestry of local history and folklore in Marianna, Florida.

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

The most common sighting is that of a ghostly woman dressed in white, believed to be Elizabeth’s tormented spirit, wandering near the bridge or even floating over the Chipola River. Others report witnessing strange glowing orbs, hearing the sorrowful wails of a woman, and feeling sudden cold spots despite Florida’s humid climate.

Some versions of the tale further enhance the macabre nature of the bridge. These accounts claim that the bridge itself is cursed, stating that Elizabeth was not the first Bellamy bride to suffer a terrible fate. Allegedly, several generations of Bellamy brides met with tragic accidents or untimely deaths, a series of misfortunes that has led locals to believe that the Bellamy line and the bridge are cursed.

Bellamy Bridge
Bellamy Bridge – Credit cool_dude_frank

Another chilling story tells of a Native American burial ground purportedly located near the bridge. Some speculate that disturbances of this sacred ground may be responsible for the unusual activity in the area. Sightings of shadowy figures, disembodied voices, and ghostly native warriors have all been reported, further adding to the supernatural reputation of the bridge.

Despite the numerous accounts of eerie happenings and spectral encounters, skeptics point out that much of the Bellamy Bridge legend is built on rumor, half-truths, and speculation. However, whether one believes in supernatural tales or not, the fact remains that the Bridge is steeped in a rich history and continues to be a significant cultural landmark in Florida’s folklore.

Visiting the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail allows guests to explore the surrounding swampland, witness the historic bridge, and perhaps even encounter some of its purported supernatural residents. It’s a place where Florida’s past, filled with love, loss, and mystery, merges with the present in a hauntingly beautiful way. Regardless of one’s beliefs about the paranormal, the stories of Bellamy Bridge remain a fascinating piece of Floridian lore, a testament to the power of local storytelling and collective memory.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

The ghostly tale has permeated local folklore and popular culture. The spectral lady has been the subject of books, and documentaries, and even found her way into paranormal TV shows, sparking national and international interest.

The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge: 10 Ghosts & Monsters from Jackson County, Florida” by Dale Cox is a captivating book that takes readers on a journey through the fascinating history and supernatural tales of Florida. With a focus on Jackson County, the author delves into the true stories behind some of the state’s most bizarre and mysterious legends.

The highlight of the book is the author’s exploration of the renowned Ghost of Bellamy Bridge, unraveling both the legend itself and the remarkable true events that inspired it.

Dale Cox, an esteemed Southern Historian, goes beyond just presenting the legends, delving into the intriguing historical context that makes these stories so compelling. “The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge” offers readers an engaging blend of folklore, history, and the supernatural, making it a must-read for anyone intrigued by Florida’s ghostly lore.

Credit Florida and Beyond

Investigation and Research Efforts

Paranormal investigators have ventured to the Bridge in hopes of validating the myriad of supernatural claims. Some have reported capturing anomalies in photographs and experiencing sudden temperature drops. However, skeptics contend these phenomena could be attributed to environmental factors or the power of suggestion.

Visitor Experiences and Urban Legends

Visitor experiences at the Bridge form a tapestry of fascinating and often unnerving personal accounts. These stories, from sudden cold spots to ghostly sightings, only serve to amplify the enigma surrounding Bellamy Bridge and contribute to its status in urban legend.

Preservation and Tourism

Recognizing its historical and cultural significance, local authorities have preserved the site, establishing the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail. This trail leads visitors to the legendary bridge, inviting tourists to experience its rich history and rumored hauntings firsthand.


Bellamy Bridge holds a unique place in Florida’s history, intertwining architectural grandeur, tragic love, and ghostly phenomena into an irresistible narrative. As it continues to draw both history enthusiasts and ghost hunters, Bellamy Bridge stands as an enduring symbol of Marianna’s spectral allure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bellamy Bridge, Marianna

Q1: Where is Bellamy Bridge located?
The Bridge is located in Marianna, Florida.

Q2: Can I visit the Bridge?
Yes, it is accessible via the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail.

Q3: What kind of paranormal activities have been reported at Bellamy Bridge?
Reports include sightings of a spectral lady, unexplained sounds, sudden temperature drops, and feelings of unease.

Q4: Has the Bridge been featured in any media?
Yes, the Bridge and its haunting tale have been covered in various books, documentaries, and paranormal-themed TV shows.

Q5: Are there skeptics about the hauntings at the Bridge?
Yes, some skeptics argue that the perceived paranormal phenomena could be attributed to environmental factors or the power of suggestion.

Q6: How is Bellamy Bridge preserved today?
The site is preserved through the establishment of the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail, which allows visitors to experience the site’s historical and supposed paranormal aspects.

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