Boca Raton Resort, Boca Raton: Luxury Meets the Supernatural

  • By: Timothy Rose
  • Date: 21 July 2023
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In Boca Raton, Florida, a monument to luxury and elegance has a lesser-known, more shadowy reputation. The Boca Raton Resort, with its pristine beaches and lush golf courses, is also the setting for tales of hauntings and paranormal activities, adding an unexpected twist to the traditional resort experience.

History of the Boca Raton Resort

The Boca Raton Resort & Club was the brainchild of Addison Mizner, a celebrated architect renowned for his role in defining South Florida’s architectural style. Mizner conceived of the resort as a focal point for Boca Raton, a city that he envisioned would become an exclusive resort community.

Construction began in 1925, and the resort, initially known as the “Ritz-Carlton Cloister Inn,” opened its doors in February 1926. Mizner’s design combined Spanish, Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance architectural elements, resulting in a unique and eclectic style that would come to define much of South Florida’s architecture.

Expansion and Transformation

The resort underwent significant expansion and transformation over the ensuing decades. In 1930, under the ownership of utilities magnate Clarence Geist, the resort changed its name to the “Boca Raton Club.” During his tenure, Geist initiated a massive construction project that added the Cloister building and expanded the overall footprint of the resort.

During World War II, the U.S. Army Air Corps took over the resort, converting it into a radar training facility. After the war, the property was returned to Geist’s estate and resumed operations as a resort.

Boca Resort – Credit Charlie Anzman

The late 1960s saw the addition of the Tower building, which quickly became an iconic part of the Boca Raton skyline. The resort changed hands several times in the following decades, each new owner making their own improvements and updates.

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

One of the most enduring legends is that of Clarence Geist, the second owner of the hotel, who purchased it in 1926. It’s said that Geist was so enamored with the resort that he continues to oversee its operations from beyond the grave. Employees have reported seeing the apparition of a well-dressed gentleman in the hallways and offices after hours. His presence is generally considered benign, and many see him as a guardian of the grand establishment he loved so much.

The ghost of Addison Mizner himself is rumored to roam the resort. Mizner had a pet monkey named Johnnie Brown, who was often seen on Mizner’s shoulder. Some guests have reported spotting a spectral figure of a man walking a phantom monkey on a leash around the premises.

The tower, the tallest building at the resort, has its fair share of eerie tales. Guests have claimed to hear whispering voices, soft footsteps, and even children’s laughter when no one else is around. The most haunting story from the tower is of a maid who supposedly committed suicide there many years ago. Some guests have reported seeing a figure resembling a maid, and others claim they’ve felt an unsettling presence in the tower’s rooms.

A suite named “The Cloister” is another hotspot for unexplained phenomena. Numerous guests have reported strange occurrences such as the feeling of being watched, unexplained cold spots, and even sightings of shadowy figures.

Skeptics might dismiss these tales as mere folklore, illusions, or the result of overactive imaginations. But for others, these chilling stories add an intriguing layer to the rich history and allure of the Boca Raton Resort, making it a haven for both leisure seekers and those interested in the paranormal.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Boca Resort - Credit Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Boca Resort – Credit Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Underneath its cloak of luxury and history, the Boca Raton Resort harbors eerie tales of spectral residents that have intrigued both visitors and the media. The alleged hauntings, primarily attributed to the spirits of resort designer Addison Mizner and his financier, Clarence Geist, have been a popular topic for paranormal investigation shows and websites. These intriguing narratives of ghostly encounters have often placed the resort in the limelight, adding a thrilling dimension to its persona.

The unique appeal of the resort extends beyond the spectral, finding a place in mainstream media as well. Its distinct architectural elegance and beautiful location have captivated Hollywood. The resort was prominently featured as the opulent “Bushwood Country Club” in the 1985 comedy classic, “Caddyshack.” The reality television hit “The Bachelor” also spotlighted the resort’s romantic allure, setting up a memorable date amidst its picturesque surroundings.

Literature, too, has underscored the resort’s prominence. It found a mention in Marjory Stoneman Douglas‘s influential book, “The Everglades: River of Grass,” which highlighted the resort as a symbol of Florida’s rapid development. Over the years, numerous travel and lifestyle magazines, including prestigious publications like Condé Nast Traveler and Forbes, have extensively covered the resort, often praising its luxurious amenities and impeccable service. The resort’s fusion of luxury, intriguing paranormal legends, and popular media appearances have thus etched it as a significant fixture in contemporary culture.

Investigation and Research Efforts

Paranormal investigators have taken an interest in the Boca Raton Resort, attempting to capture evidence of its otherworldly inhabitants. While there have been intriguing findings, including recordings of unexplained sounds and anomalous readings on ghost-detecting equipment, skeptics maintain that these occurrences can be explained through non-paranormal means.

Visitor Experiences and Urban Legends

Anecdotes from guests and employees continue to stoke the resort’s supernatural reputation. Stories of apparitions, unexplained cold spots, and strange noises lend to the resort’s mystique. These tales, in turn, have become part of the fabric of local folklore, adding another layer to Boca Raton’s cultural identity.

Preservation and Tourism

As a bustling luxury resort, Boca Raton Resort continues to offer its guests a high-end experience, but its haunted reputation offers an added element of intrigue. The stories of ghostly activity and its luxurious setting make it a unique destination for both vacationers and paranormal enthusiasts.


Boca Raton Resort demonstrates how history, luxury, and the supernatural can weave together to create an enchanting and mysterious tapestry. Its grandeur, coupled with tales of hauntings, continues to captivate guests, embodying the enduring appeal of a good ghost story.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Boca Raton Resort, Boca Raton

Q1: Where is Boca Raton Resort located?
Boca Raton Resort is located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Q2: Can I visit Boca Raton Resort?
Yes, you can visit Boca Raton Resort. It is a fully operational luxury resort.

Q3: What kind of paranormal activities have been reported at Boca Raton Resort?
Guests and employees have reported strange occurrences such as unexplained noises, apparitions, and a mysterious presence in the resort’s tower.

Q4: Has Boca Raton Resort been featured in any media?
Yes, the resort’s haunted reputation has been covered in various media outlets and articles.

Q5: Are there skeptics about the hauntings at Boca Raton Resort?
Yes, some skeptics believe that the reported phenomena can be explained through non-paranormal means.

Q6: How does Boca Raton Resort contribute to local tourism?
As a luxury resort with a reputation for hauntings, Boca Raton Resort attracts vacationers and paranormal enthusiasts, thereby contributing to local tourism.

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