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Introduction of Arctic Club

In the center of Seattle, Washington, is the Arctic Club. You enter this hotel through its doors, but you’re also starting a voyage into the mysterious as you do so. The past comes to life within these walls as the ghosts of bygone ages call you to investigate their enigmatic tales. This is your invitation to an unforgettable, unsettling experience where the boundaries between reality and the paranormal are hazy.

History of Arctic Club

The Arctic Building, now home to the Arctic Club, received recognition for its historical significance when it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. However, it wasn’t until three decades later, in 2008, that the building found a new purpose as a hotel.

Just a year after its transformation into a hotel, the Arctic Building had another change in its history when it was acquired by Hilton Hotels and Resorts, becoming a part of their prestigious DoubleTree chain. This transition introduced modern amenities and world-class hospitality to the iconic structure, marrying its historic charm with contemporary comforts.

However, beyond its elegant facade and luxurious accommodations, the Arctic Building carries a haunting tale from the past. In August of 1936, Congressman Marion Zioncheck tragically leaped to his death from his office on the building’s fifth floor. Shockingly, he landed right in front of a vehicle occupied by his wife.

Local legends persist that the spirit of Congressman Zioncheck still lingers within the Arctic Building’s hallowed halls, making it the subject of paranormal fascination and ghostly tales. Whether or not one believes in the supernatural, the Arctic Building’s history is undeniably marked by a tragic event that has left an enduring impression on its legacy.

Historic Arctic Club
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Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Congressman Spirit – Haunted Sightings

In 1936, Congressman Marion Zioncheck tragically jumped to his death from his fifth-floor office in the Arctic Club Building. His spirit is said to linger there. On the fifth floor, visitors report hearing phantom footsteps, glimpsing his apparition near his old office, and seeing mysterious floating orbs. Some have experienced reliving the memory of his suicide.

The Arctic Club Building held the legend of Marion Zioncheck’s ghost. Over the years, it became synonymous with eerie occurrences on the fifth floor.

Visitors often heard unexplained footsteps echoing through the halls, believed to be Zioncheck’s ghost. Occasionally, they saw his spectral figure near his former office. Though sightings were infrequent, they left a lasting impact. Mysterious orbs of light added to the intrigue, appearing near his old office without explanation.

The most unsettling encounters involved those who felt as if they’d stepped into the past. Some briefly saw a vision of Zioncheck’s mangled body on the pavement, surrounded by blood, only for it to vanish upon a second look. Others claimed to witness Zioncheck in mid-fall from the building, defying gravity as he never reached the ground.

The legend of Marion Zioncheck’s ghost remained an enigmatic part of the Arctic Club Building’s history. Whether it was the phantom footsteps, spectral apparitions, or strange orbs of light, the fifth floor held onto its mystique. Visitors continued to be intrigued and chilled by the possibility of encountering the congressman’s ghostly presence. Though the truth remained elusive, the legend of Zioncheck’s haunting endured, a testament to the enduring power of the Arctic Club Building’s mystique.

Chilling Voices – Haunted Fifth Floor

The Arctic Club Building in Seattle is said to be home to a resident ghost. The fifth floor, which formerly housed Marion Zioncheck’s office, is where the majority of unsettling encounters occur. Visitors experience icy cold areas and frequent mysterious elevator stops. Is it actually Marion’s ghost, or is it simply the theme-appropriate spirit of the building?

The Arctic Club Building remained as a silent sentry to a bygone era as the sun set below the Seattle skyline, throwing lengthy shadows on the city’s historic core. It was in this lavish and mysterious setting that the ghost of Marion Zioncheck found a home.

Guests who dared to venture into the building shared spine-tingling stories of inexplicable occurrences, with the fifth floor at the center of it all. In the hushed whispers of those who had experienced it, the elevators had a mind of their own. They would stop on the fifth floor, unbidden, as if inviting visitors to step out into the unknown.

Once on that floor, a chill would settle in the air that went beyond the ordinary. It was as though the very essence of winter had been trapped within those walls. Some guests swore they could see their breath, while others huddled together for warmth. The cold was relentless, as though an Arctic gale had swept through the hallways.

The legend lives on, passed from one generation to the next. Whether it’s Marion’s ghost or the building’s spirit, the mystery of the fifth floor in the Arctic Club Building continues to invite curiosity, waiting for the next daring soul to uncover its secrets.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Arctic Club

Renowned for its rich history and eerie mystique, the Arctic Club has taken center stage in numerous television programs and documentaries delving into the world of the supernatural. Most notably, it played a prominent role in the gripping series “Spectral Chronicles: Unveiling Enigmatic Hauntings,” where investigators explored the hotel’s spectral legends and bone-chilling encounters.

In the realm of literature, the Arctic Club has cemented its legacy through books such as “Ghost Stories of Washington” by Barbara Smith and “Ghosts of Seattle” by Athena. These literary works unveil the ghostly narratives surrounding the hotel, offering enthralling accounts of its haunted past.

Due to its enigmatic presence in popular culture and the media, the Arctic Club is now a must-visit location for both history buffs and fans of the paranormal. This iconic location emits an air of mystery and the unexplainable, embracing anybody looking for an immersive experience within its alluring and spooky environment.


You’ve had an exceptional time at the Arctic Club in Seattle, Washington, and as your unforgettable stay comes to an end, you’ve also entered the mysterious center of the world. Your very essence has been braided with the tales of bygone times, and the ghosts of this iconic location have left their stamp on your soul. Remember that the enigma of the Arctic Club will follow you when you enter the busy streets of Seattle; it is a persistent presence that transcends time and location. Its accounts of the strange and the unexplainable are evidence of the enduring fascination of the uncharted and beckon you back whenever you want another encounter with the unusual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the Arctic Club Building located?

A: The Arctic Club Building is situated in the heart of Seattle, Washington.

Q: Is the Arctic Club Building open to the public?

A: Yes, the Arctic Club Building is open to the public, and it houses a hotel and various businesses.

Q: What is the history behind the Arctic Club Building?

A: The Arctic Club Building was originally established in 1917 as a private club for individuals who had explored the Arctic. It has since evolved into a historic landmark with a rich history.

Q: Are there any legends associated with the Arctic Club Building?

A: Yes, there are legends of paranormal activity on the fifth floor of the Arctic Club Building, including the ghostly presence of Congressman Marion Zioncheck, who tragically ended his life there in 1936.

Q: Can visitors access the fifth floor of the Arctic Club Building?

A: While the Arctic Club Building has been open to the public, access to specific floors may vary. The fifth floor, where paranormal activity is rumored, may or may not be open for exploration.

Q: What kind of paranormal activity has been reported on the fifth floor?

A: Visitors have reported experiencing phantom footsteps, glimpses of apparitions resembling Marion Zioncheck, sightings of floating orbs of light, and even moments where they believe they’ve witnessed reenactments of Zioncheck’s tragic suicide.

Q: Is there any documented evidence of the paranormal activity in the Arctic Club Building?

A: While there are many accounts and stories about the paranormal experiences in the building, there is no scientific or official documentation confirming these claims. The legends persist as part of the building’s folklore.

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