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Introduction of Brumder Mansion

The Brumder Mansion, located in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a symbol of the city’s rich history and unsettling mysteries. This magnificent Victorian structure, with its ageless architecture, invites visitors to delve into its rich history. Stepping inside its doors is like taking a step back in time, as you are surrounded by echoes of a bygone period. The enigmatic history of the Brumder Mansion and the lingering mysteries of the past continue to intrigue visitors.

Brumder Mansion
Brumder Mansion Marker – Credit shamey_b

History of Brumder Mansion

Built in the late 19th century, the Brumder Mansion stands as an enduring testament to Milwaukee’s Gilded Age opulence and intrigue. Constructed in 1910 by George Brumder, a prominent newspaper magnate, this stately Victorian mansion initially served as a private residence for the Brumder family.

While its architectural magnificence is impressive, the Brumder Mansion is also known for its rich history of ownership changes and the lingering whispers of the past. It evolved over time from a family home to a boarding house and, finally, a theater. These shifts have left layers of stories in their wake, some of which are veiled in mystery.

One of the most enduring legends connected to the Brumder Mansion is the tale of George Brumder himself. Rumors persist that his spirit remains intertwined with the mansion, as his love for the place knew no bounds. Visitors have reported encounters with a spectral figure believed to be George, adding to the mansion’s eerie allure.

The Brumder Mansion still stands as a treasured remnant of Milwaukee’s past, encouraging visitors to travel back in time and explore the enigmas that have made it a renowned monument in the history of the city. Whether you come for the architecture, the history, or the possibility to encounter the unexplainable, the Brumder Mansion provides a mysterious and captivating voyage into the past.

Historical Photograph of Brumder Mansion
Historical Photograph of Brumder Mansion – Credit Brumder Facebook

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Old Spirit Suzanne – Haunted Gold Suite

The eerie story of Suzanne, a former Brumder family housekeeper, lives deep behind the old walls of Brumder Mansion. This Lake Shore Drive mansion hides mysteries older than time, and Suzanne, a spectral sentinel, guards her realm with zeal. As we dive into the otherworldly, her story unfolds.

Suzanne’s enigmatic presence has been pieced together by mediums and witnesses. She’s described as a woman aged 40-60, with a thin build, blonde hair, and distinctive features. Dressed in clothing from the early 1910s, she stands as a relic of a bygone era.

Suzanne’s ethereal essence is palpable within the mansion. She was the first entity to reveal herself to Carol Hirschi and others who sensed her presence. Serious and dedicated, Suzanne ensures order prevails, offering assistance when needed.

Mediums and psychics often report witnessing Suzanne descending the grand staircase, entering the foyer or downstairs rooms. She acts as a subtle but vigilant greeter, keeping herself updated on mansion activities.

Her favorite haunt is the Gold Suite, where she watches over its occupants and other guests, especially those prone to accidents. Suzanne, like a protective mother, follows them closely. Suzanne has an affinity for beauty, particularly flowers, lilies, and delicate tea sets. She’s watchful of visitors, especially those she deems suspicious.

Occasionally, she emits the sweet fragrance of lilacs, a sign of her presence. Her voice has never been captured on EVP recordings; instead, she communicates through one-word thoughts whispered into living ears. Suzanne holds a negative view of paranormal investigators who invade her space rudely, dismissing their pursuits as nonsense. In one instance, she whispered “GO!” to a bothersome investigator, who hurriedly fled her displeasure.

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Playful Spirit – Carolyn

Within Brumder Mansion, a playful spirit named Carolyn, believed to be the daughter of owner Elizabeth, engages in a range of spectral activities. Her spirited presence infuses the mansion with curiosity and amusement, and she frequently participates in investigations.

Meet Carolyn, a lively spirit who roams freely in Brumder Mansion. She is believed to be the daughter of the mansion’s owner, Elizabeth. Carolyn’s spectral escapades take her all over the mansion, but she particularly enjoys two rooms: the Gold Suite and the George Suite, where the owners have traditionally stayed.

Carolyn’s playful nature is a notable aspect of her presence. She likes to borrow hats and combs, adding a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere. She eagerly awaits paranormal investigations, finding them entertaining. One incident that showcases Carolyn’s spirit is the mysterious return of a missing straw hat. After asking her to return the hat, it inexplicably reappeared on the bed while the room was empty.

The theater in the mansion has also witnessed Carolyn’s influence. Several paranormal investigators have reported being buzzed by a white ball of light originating from the hallway outside the laundry room and moving into the theater. Medium Scotty Rourek even saw Carolyn in a bright yellow dress in the theater and received her appreciation for the newly renovated décor. Not all of Carolyn’s interactions are light-hearted, though. Disturbing EVPs recorded on the stage hint at the circumstances of her possible demise, suggesting disease or foul play.

Carolyn also enjoys teasing skeptics. One instance involved a cameraman who declared his disbelief in ghosts during an investigation. His jacket mysteriously disappeared and reappeared on top of a coat rack, perplexing those present. On occasion, Carolyn responds to requests from guests. During a recent encounter, a young couple in her room asked for a sign of her presence, and Carolyn playfully turned the lights on and off in response.

Haunted Library – Spirit of a Southern Lady

Inside Brumder Mansion, a genteel southern lady’s spirit graces the library. She finds solace in religious music, TV, and Bible study, first appearing to psychic medium Lori Mann in the kitchen and office area.

Meet the courteous southern lady, an ethereal presence, and a lover of religious music, television, and Bible study. Psychic medium Lori Mann had the privilege of introducing her to the living world in the mansion’s kitchen and office area.

This spirit exudes warmth and tranquility, spreading her welcoming aura throughout the mansion’s foyer and second floor. Her preferred retreat is the library, where she delves into the wisdom of books and basks in the gentle glow of knowledge. Nevertheless, her curiosity knows no bounds, leading her to explore every corner of the house.

During an investigation by the Cleveland Paranormal Investigators (CPI) in early 2013, something remarkable occurred. They captured an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) featuring her voice. This event followed a chilling incident in December 2012 when the spirits collectively urged the CPI team to “Get Out!” Carolyn, a living member, firmly told them to “Quit it.” However, it was Elizabeth, the genteel southern lady, who offered a kind and wise suggestion, softly advising the restless spirits, “It is best if you leave.”

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Brumder Mansion

The Brumder Mansion, known for its spooky mystery and fascinating history, has taken center stage in countless television programs and documentaries dedicated to the paranormal. It was featured prominently in the riveting series “Enigmatic Echoes: Unveiling Haunted Histories,” in which investigators investigated the mansion’s spooky tales and spine-chilling encounters.

In the realm of literature, the Brumder Mansion has left an indelible mark in works like “Milwaukee Ghosts and Legends” by Anna Lardinois and “Haunted Wisconsin: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Badger State” by Linda Godfrey. These literary pieces unravel the supernatural stories that shroud the mansion, offering captivating narratives of its spectral past.

Brumder Mansion is now a must-see for history buffs and those interested in the paranormal, thanks to its ongoing presence in popular culture and media. This antique jewel exudes mystery and otherworldliness, sending a warm invitation to visitors who seek an immersive encounter with its intriguing and haunting environment.


The secrets and histories you’ve encountered linger in your mind as you depart the Brumder Mansion. This amazing location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, provides a unique peek into the past. Its spooky ambiance and enigmatic aura will leave an unforgettable impact on your memories. The Brumder Mansion provides an amazing experience, whether you come looking for ghostly encounters or merely to admire its historical value. Its doors remain open to those who dare to delve into its fascinating history and stories. Milwaukee’s Mansion will continue to enthrall and perplex future generations, ensuring that its legacy lives on in the annals of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Brumder Mansion located?

A. Brumder Mansion is situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Q. Is Brumder Mansion open to the public for tours?

A. Yes, Brumder Mansion offers guided tours, allowing visitors to explore its rich history and paranormal legends.

Q. Can guests stay overnight at Brumder Mansion?

A. Absolutely! Brumder Mansion offers guest rooms, including the Gold Suite and the George Suite, where guests can spend the night and potentially experience its haunting legends firsthand.

Q. Tell me more about the playful spirit, Carolyn. What kind of activities does she engage in?

A. Carolyn is known for her mischievous antics. She enjoys borrowing hats and combs and participates in investigations, often responding to requests from guests. Her spirited presence adds a unique charm to the mansion.

Q. Are there any documented instances of EVPs or paranormal encounters at Brumder Mansion?

A. Yes, there have been several documented EVPs and paranormal encounters, including unexplained lights, voices, and eerie messages on the stage. These occurrences are part of the mansion’s rich supernatural history.

Q. Can you share more about Suzanne, the dedicated housekeeper spirit?

A. Suzanne was the Brumder family’s housekeeper and is often seen as a serious and dedicated presence. She likes to keep things in order and is known to follow guests around, especially those who might accidentally damage something. Suzanne prefers to communicate through psychics and mediums and has a disliking for paranormal investigators who invade her space rudely.

Q. Are there any other notable spirits or entities in Brumder Mansion, apart from Carolyn and Suzanne?

A. Yes, there have been reports of other entities, including a southern lady in the library who enjoys religious music and playfully interacts with visitors. Additionally, visitors and investigators have experienced white orbs and other unexplained phenomena in various parts of the mansion.

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