The Haunting at Comedy Store – Los Angeles, California

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  • Date: 30 November 2023
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Introduction of Comedy Store

The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, California is a mysterious phantom of humor that appears in the shadowy hallways of the Sunset Strip. It appears to be a haunting laughter club, with shadows dancing with invisible clowns created by the flickering lights. There’s a spooky expectation in the air, as if the walls themselves are echoing the voices of deceased comedians. Prepare to go on a voyage where comedy and the paranormal merge into a disconcerting performance within this humorous sanctuary.

History of Comedy Store

Originally a renowned Sunset Strip establishment known as Ciro’s, the building that now houses the Comedy Store was a hotspot for Hollywood’s elite and reputed gangsters from 1940 to 1972. Purchased, remodeled, and reborn, the Comedy Store emerged in 1972, transforming the once-glamorous venue into a hub for comedic legends.

Despite its comedic success, the Comedy Store carries an eerie legacy. Reports of paranormal activity have become commonplace over the years. Upstairs, the faint melodies of a piano echo mysteriously, played by unseen hands. Club waitresses, setting candles on tables, return to find them rearranged, and former security guards share tales of chairs sliding unaided and lights flickering. The supernatural aura is said to stem from the shadowy dealings of the Hollywood mafia in Ciro’s basement, where mysterious deaths and sinister agreements cast a haunting presence over the Comedy Store today.

Yet, investigations reveal a mischievous rather than malevolent spirit. The Comedy Store, with its quirky history and playful paranormal tales, remains a unique blend of laughter and the unexplained, inviting visitors to witness the mysterious charm that permeates its storied walls.

Historic Comedy Store
Historic Comedy Store – Credit josephadamscomedy

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Prankster Spirit – Steve Lubetkin

The Comedy Store is quieter in the late hours, yet there’s still a spooky vibe. The Main Showroom is the scene of strange happenings where the ghosts of comic legends play tricks on the gullible employees.

One night, doorman and comedian Blake Clark witnessed a chair sliding 20 feet across the stage by an unseen force, sparking a sense of the supernatural. Waitresses setting up tables returned to find their work rearranged, neatly folded and stacked, courtesy of the mischievous spirits.

During the routine closing, comedians Joey Gayner and Blake Clark stepped out briefly, only to return to find 10 chairs mysteriously stacked in the middle of the room. The ghostly presence of Steve Lubetkin, a comedian who tragically took his own life, seemed to enjoy playing pranks on the living. Steve, it’s said, finds joy in watching new comedians perform on stage. His spirit, along with others, amuses itself by toying with the staff, leaving behind hints of their supernatural presence in the Comedy Store.

As the Comedy Store shuts its doors each night, the spirits of comedy legends and pranksters continue their spectral antics. The Main Showroom, a stage for the living and the departed, becomes a nightly playground where laughter and supernatural pranks coexist. The spirit of comedy endures, transcending the boundaries between life and the afterlife.

WW2 Solider – Spirit of an Airman

One serene afternoon, comedian Blake found himself engrossed in a video game near the kitchen. Suddenly, an unshakable presence enveloped him, situated just 3 feet behind. A glance out of the corner of his eye revealed a man draped in a WWII brown leather bomber jacket. As Blake turned to address him, the spectral figure dissolved before his very eyes.

Simultaneously, on the third floor, the same apparition manifested itself before an assistant named Debbie. Clad in the same brown leather bomber jacket, the ghostly figure crouched in a corner, exuding palpable terror. In a blink, he vanished, leaving Debbie to grapple with the unnerving encounter.

It is believed that this ethereal airman met his demise within the confines of a third-floor office, a victim of an associate of Micky Cohen. The room bore witness to a tragic end, forever imprinting the Comedy Store with a ghostly presence tied to a darker chapter in history.

As the laughter echoes through the Comedy Store, the tale of the WWII airman lives on—a solemn reminder of the intersection between comedy and the shadows of the past. The spirit of the victimized airman, caught in a web of mob intrigue, lingers in the very fabric of the storied venue. In the comedy and camaraderie that define the Comedy Store, there exists an echo of a bygone era, where even the laughter cannot completely drown out the whispers of history.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Comedy Store

Renowned for its legendary history and eerie mystique, the Comedy Store has been a focal point in various comedy specials and documentaries exploring the supernatural humor realm. Notably, it took center stage in the compelling series “Comic Haunts: Unmasking Jestful Spirits,” where investigators probed the store’s comedic phantoms and spine-tingling encounters.

In the realm of literature, the Comedy Store weaves its tales into books like “Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Los Angeles” by Jeff Dwyer and “Haunted Southern California” by Brian Clune. These literary works unravel the supernatural stories enshrouding the comedy haven, presenting enthralling narratives of its spectral past.

Attracted by its enigmatic presence in popular culture and the media, the Comedy Store has become a must-visit location for fans of humor and the weird. This legendary location exudes mystery and the otherworldly, drawing everyone who yearns for an immersive encounter into its enthralling and humorous atmosphere.


The Comedy Store in Los Angeles becomes a spectral memory carved in the memories of those who dared to laugh in the face of the unknown as the last echoes of laughter fade into the haunted night. As one leaves the theater and enters the busy streets of the city, the residual discomfort stays with them like a memento from a show where humor and ghosts danced in a spooky symphony. Even after the Comedy Store’s curtain closes, its spectral laughter echoes in the corners of people’s minds, leaving a terrifying legacy that never goes away. Reentering the mundane, one is unable to get rid of the sensation that the distinction between humor and the paranormal is still permanently hazy, which is evidence of the lasting influence of the mysterious Comedy Store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the Comedy Store located?

A: The Comedy Store is located in Los Angeles, California.

Q: Are there any ghostly legends associated with the Comedy Store?

A: Indeed, the Comedy Store is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of comedy legends. Stories include encounters with the likes of Steve Lubetkin and a WWII airman, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the venue.

Q: Is it true that chairs move on their own in the Main Showroom?

A: Yes, some claim to have witnessed chairs sliding mysteriously across the Main Showroom stage, leaving both comedians and staff bewildered by the unexplained phenomena.

Q: Are there specific spirits known for playing pranks at the Comedy Store?

A: Steve Lubetkin is often said to be a mischievous spirit, enjoying pranks on both staff and comedians. Other ghostly entities are rumored to find amusement in disrupting the daily routines of the living.

Q: What’s the story behind the WWII airman ghost?

A: Legend has it that a WWII airman, victimized by the mob, haunts the Comedy Store. His apparition has been sighted in various locations, adding an eerie twist to the venue’s history.

Q: Have comedians reported any unusual experiences during their performances?

A: Some comedians claim to have felt a supernatural presence while on stage, with stories ranging from unexplained chills to an invisible audience member’s reactions.

Q: Are there specific areas within the Comedy Store associated with ghostly encounters?

A: The Main Showroom, third-floor offices, and even the kitchen are rumored to be hotspots for paranormal activity, with numerous accounts of ghostly sightings and unexplained events over the years.

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