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The mysterious Jane Addams Hull House is located right in the center of Chicago, Illinois. A seemingly charitable location that hides tales of mystery and tragedy. As the sun sets, shadows dance along the building’s ancient walls and the echoes of long-forgotten tales come to life.


Jane Addams Hull House, situated in Chicago, Illinois, embodies a unique blend of social activism, community support, and an enigmatic historical aura. Established in 1889 by social reformer Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr, the Hull House aimed to assist immigrants and the urban poor in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

One notable achievement of Jane Addams Hull House was establishing one of the earliest public playgrounds in 1893. Recognizing the importance of children’s play, Hull House pioneered urban planning for child welfare, influencing the creation of accessible and well-designed public play areas nationwide. This legacy endures in today’s playgrounds, reflecting Hull House’s commitment to children’s wellbeing.

Unusual tales of a more supernatural character are also found in the history of the Hull House. The ghost of Charles Hull’s deceased wife allegedly haunts the house. The specter of her presence heightened the atmosphere of mystery by fusing the migrant community’s problems with an enduring feeling of the ethereal.

Old Hull House
Old Hull House – Credit infed

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Haunted Tale – Devil Baby

The tales of brides, spouses, and an unusual child are woven together in a special mythology at the Jane Addams Hull House, a sanctuary recognized for its comfort. A baby born with horns and a tail—a Devil Baby, the outcome of sinister deeds—is the subject of this story, which has variants for Italian Catholics and Jews. Although cultural specifics vary, the fundamentals are the same: distraught moms seeking refuge within Hull House’s enigmatic walls.

In the Italian Catholic version, a bride’s life turns tragic when her husband’s cruelty comes to light. Their child, bearing horns and a tail, is labeled a Devil Baby—a consequence of his wickedness. Shockingly, the infant starts spouting profanities just months after birth.

Similarly, in the Jewish version, a bride’s joy is shattered by her husband’s sinister actions, leading to a child unmistakably bearing Devil Baby traits. The infant’s ability to utter profanity deepens the legend’s mystery.

Both stories lead to a common point: desperate mothers seeking understanding and help. Their search brings them to the Jane Addams Hull House, a refuge for the troubled. Jane Addams, a compassionate figure, faced an unusual predicament. Unfamiliar with such cases, she placed the perplexing infants in the Hull House attic—a decision born from confusion, not cruelty.

Thus, within the Jane Addams Hull House, the legend of the Devil Baby finds an intriguing end. Across cultures, the story underscores community, compassion, and the bounds of understanding. Hull House becomes an accidental guardian of these mysterious infants, leaving a mark on its storied history, intertwined with the enigmatic Devil Baby tale.

Devil Baby News
Devil Baby News – Credit Muskogee Times-Democrat

Spirit of Charles Hull’s Late Wife

In Jane Addams Hull House, a place of solace, a ghostly legend emerges. Previous tenants had glimpsed the specter of Mrs. Hull, the former owner, especially in the room she occupied. To repel the spirit, they placed water by the door, believing spirits shunned flowing water.

When Jane Addams first made her dwelling in the very room where Mrs. Hull had passed away, she found herself in proximity to the lingering essence of the departed. This space, it was believed, held the tether of Mrs. Hull’s spirit. In the course of her stay, Addams encountered the spectral figure of Mrs. Hull on several occasions. Remarkably, despite the initial trepidation, the apparition seemed devoid of malevolence.

As time progressed, Addams made a conscious choice to transfer her quarters to another room within the Hull House. Yet, the room where Mrs. Hull’s presence was most palpable was not entirely abandoned. It occasionally welcomed guests, who, to their astonishment, also experienced glimpses of the departed Mrs. Hull. The house’s corridors, once silent witnesses to the lives of many, now held the resonance of ethereal encounters.

The Hull House, one of the most spooky places in the city, is now highlighted on Chicago’s Ghost Tours. The benevolent ghostly apparition of Mrs. Hull clings to the Jane Addams Hull House, blending the uncanny with history and encouraging reflection.

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Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Jane Addams Hull House has been the focus of numerous television programs and films exploring the paranormal due to its illustrious past and frightening mystery. Most notably, it was crucial to the suspenseful television series “Spectral Chronicles: Unveiling Forgotten Phantoms,” in which detectives delved into the house’s haunting legend and terrifying experiences.

Within the realm of literature, Jane Addams Hull House has cemented its legacy in works like “Twenty Years at Hull House” by Jane Addams and “Haunted Illinois: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena” by Troy Taylor. These literary creations unwrap the uncanny narratives that enshroud the house, presenting entrancing accounts of its ghostly past.

In the present day, Jane Addams Hull House stands as an inescapable draw for history buffs and aficionados of the supernatural, alike, enticed by its enigmatic portrayal in popular media and culture. This venerable establishment radiates an aura of curiosity and the unworldly, beckoning all who crave an immersive sojourn into its captivating and eerie milieu.


The Jane Addams Hull House unveils its spectral secrets and whispers of a long-ago era as the moon rises over Chicago. The feeling of hidden eyes stays as the temperature drops. A trip here is a descent into the macabre and an intimate encounter with the past that leaves a lasting impression. Because ghosts from history still linger in the quiet hallways and poorly lighted chambers, telling us that some secrets are best left unsolved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the Jane Addams Hull House located?
The Jane Addams Hull House is situated in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Q: Is the Jane Addams Hull House open to the public?
Yes, the Jane Addams Hull House is open to the public for guided tours and visits. It offers a unique glimpse into the history and social impact of the settlement house movement.

Q: Are there any ghostly legends associated with the Hull House?
Indeed, the Hull House boasts a ghostly legend involving the apparition of the late Mrs. Hull. Previous tenants, as well as Jane Addams herself, reported encountering her benign spirit, contributing to its reputation as one of Chicago’s most haunted sites.

Q: Who was Mrs. Hull and what role did she play in the history of Hull House?
Mrs. Hull, also known as Mrs. Charles J. Hull, was the original owner of the house that would later become Jane Addams Hull House. She had a significant influence on the early days of the Hull House as a social and community space.

Q: Is there a legend about a Devil Baby associated with the Hull House?
Yes, there is a compelling legend about the Devil Baby, an infant born with horns and a tail due to sinister deeds. In various versions, distressed mothers sought solace at Hull House, which became linked to the legend, adding to the house’s enigmatic aura.

Q: What is the significance of the ghostly and Devil Baby legends at Hull House?
These legends add layers of intrigue and mystique to the historical narrative of the Hull House. They connect the tangible history of social reform with the supernatural and folklore, offering visitors a multifaceted experience that sparks curiosity and reflection.

Q: Can visitors experience the ghostly presence at Hull House?
While the ghostly encounters are sporadic, some visitors claim to have experienced unusual sensations or glimpses of the spectral figure of Mrs. Hull. The house’s reputation as a haunted location invites curiosity among those who visit.

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