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Introduction of Littlefield House

Littlefield House in Austin, Texas, a location where history and the unexplainable collide. This intriguing mansion, hidden among century-old trees, is home to disturbing legends. As soon as you enter, get ready to learn about the building’s dark past, including ghost sightings and strange occurrences. You are invited to explore Littlefield House’s unsettling mysteries and explore the paranormal’s core.

Littlefield House Marker
Littlefield House Marker – Credit texashistoricalmarkers

History of Littlefield House

In 1893, Major George Washington Littlefield, a distinguished Civil War Captain, embarked on the construction of the impressive Victorian mansion that we now know as Littlefield House. This grand structure stands as a testament to the architectural splendor of its era and the remarkable history it holds.

While there are claims that Major Littlefield locked his wife, Alice, in the attic during his travels, these have been disputed by family members. Local stories persist, suggesting that Alice’s ghost may still be seen in the second-story windows. After their deaths, both George and Alice Littlefield were laid to rest in Austin’s Oakwood Cemetery, cementing their connection to the city’s history.

Currently, Littlefield House is owned by the University of Texas and is not open to the public. However, you can explore the beautiful grounds of the estate, where history and intrigue intertwine. Whether you’re drawn to its stunning architecture or curious about its captivating past, Littlefield House remains a lasting tribute to Major George Washington Littlefield and his legacy.

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Haunted Upper Floors – Alice Littlefield

In 1912, as Alice Littlefield turned 65, an inexplicable transformation overcame her. A mysterious “nervous condition” descended upon her, casting her into a world of delusions and visions. She became paranoid, convinced that her family faced peril and she herself was marked for abduction. Her bouts of hysteria became frequent and debilitating.

Desperate to help his ailing wife, George Littlefield sought medical assistance. Doctors recommended Alice’s internment in a sanitarium, but George’s love was unwavering. He refused to leave her in the care of strangers and vowed to provide her comfort at home, within the confines of Littlefield House.

Alice remained restricted to the home’s higher floors for the remaining years of George’s life, receiving care from three devoted nurses. Those higher stories are still haunted by her ghostly presence, which she has been waiting for her husband to return in.

Some say they can hear her playing the piano late at night, while others have seen what they think is an apparition of Alice on the second floor of the house. During breaks from classes, even the staff reported strange events, with objects being relocated from their customary locations. These strange occurrences serve as a terrifying reminder of the persistent folklore surrounding Littlefield House, where Alice is said to have a presence that transcends life and death and leaves an imprint on everyone who comes into contact with her.

Upper Floor
Upper Floor – Credit artificialtraci

Guardian Angel – Alice Littlefield

According to legend, a strange ghost known only as Alice Littlefield prowls not only the stately halls of Littlefield Manor but also the revered hallways of the University of Texas dorm that bears her name. Her ethereal presence is now only known via rumor; she is a ghostly apparition with an insatiable thirst for everything bearing her name.

Within the walls of Littlefield House, students have experienced eerie encounters with the ghostly figure known as Alice Littlefield. Her presence is felt through unsettling sounds—unexpected noises, rattling’s, and her haunting singing and moaning that emanate from the very walls.

Yet, what sets Alice apart is her benevolence. Students recount instances of miraculous escapes from accidents and harm, crediting Alice’s ghostly intervention. It’s as if she watches over them, providing protection when they need it most.

In the quiet corridors of Littlefield House, Alice’s legend lives on as a guardian and protector, a mysterious presence that leaves an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to have experienced her supernatural assistance.

Alice Littlefield’s spirit presence continues to fascinate and astound those who have seen her spectral actions, maintaining the legend of Littlefield House. She is more than just a spectral presence; she also serves as a guardian and a protector, making sure that the students who reside in her dorm remember her and carry on in her honor.

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Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Littlefield House

Littlefield House, renowned for its deep history and unsettling aura, has drawn the interest of numerous television shows and documentaries devoted to the study of the paranormal. Its important role in the suspenseful television series “Unveiling Haunted Histories: Littlefield House Chronicles,” where sleuths dug deeply into the mansion’s spooky tales and eerie encounters, was one of its standout features.

In the realm of literature, Littlefield House has left an indelible mark, with works such as “Haunted Austin: History and Hauntings in the Capital City” by Jeanine Plumer and “Haunted Texas: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Lone Star State” by Alan N. Brown. These literary pieces unravel the supernatural narratives woven around the house, presenting enthralling accounts of its spectral past.

Due to its mysterious appearance in popular culture and the media, Littlefield House is still an intriguing site for history buffs and anyone looking for ghost stories. This old mansion invites everyone who wants to immerse themselves in its eerie and captivating atmosphere. It emits an aura of mystery and the supernatural.


The spooky vibe at Littlefield House persists as you leave, leaving a permanent impression on your mind. It is difficult to forget the terrifying tales and strange happenings that abound within these walls. This historic mansion, a hidden gem in Austin, will always keep its secrets close, waiting for the next daring adventurer to brave its eerie hallways and solve its mysteries. Littlefield House is still a terrifying mystery and a living example of the ghostly echoes of the past that refuse to vanish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Littlefield House located?

A. Littlefield House is located on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

Q. What’s the history behind the legend of Alice Littlefield?

A. Alice Littlefield developed a mysterious “nervous condition” in 1912, leading to delusions and visions. She was confined to the house until her death, and her spirit is said to linger to this day.

Q. Have there been any recent paranormal investigations at Littlefield House?

A. Yes, paranormal investigators have visited Littlefield House to explore the reported supernatural activity and document their findings.

Q. Is Littlefield House open to the public for tours?

A. No, Littlefield House is not open to the public for tours. It’s primarily used as an event venue and is not available for general visitation.

Q. Are there any reported ghostly sightings in the House?

A. Indeed, there have been reports of ghostly apparitions, including sightings of Alice Littlefield herself on the second floor. Some even claim to hear eerie piano music echoing through the halls.

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