Maryland Statehouse – Annapolis, Maryland

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Introduction of Maryland Statehouse

The Maryland Statehouse is an edifice wrapped in mystery and history, located in the center of Annapolis, Maryland. Prepare to enter a world where the echoes of the past and whispers of the unknown are entwined as you enter its holy doors. This building is more than just a place where the government operates; it serves as a gateway to a terrifyingly mysterious realm.

Maryland Statehouse Marker
Maryland Statehouse Marker – Credit gse6667

History of Maryland Statehouse

Maryland’s contribution to the creation of the United States is still felt today, as seen by the Maryland Statehouse, which is located in the historic city of Annapolis. It was first built in 1772 under the architectural direction of Joseph Horatio Anderson, a significant figure in early American architecture.

The State House has a storied past and a reputation for having paranormal encounters. There have been rumors of a Revolutionary War soldier who appears from nowhere and wanders the State House grounds, recalling bygone eras. The ghost of a guy who tragically fell from the building’s roof while conducting repairs has also been reported.

The Maryland Statehouse is currently the oldest state building continually in use for legislative purposes. With various relics, pictures, and rooms that take visitors back in time, its historic significance is obvious. It serves as a living memorial to the rich history of Maryland and the country, and it welcomes visitors to wander through its halls and discover the secrets and tales that have molded its unique past.

Historic Maryland Statehouse
Historic Maryland Statehouse – Credit msa

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Phantom of Thomas Dance – Haunted Chambers

In 1793, high above the grandeur of the Maryland State House’s dome, a man named Thomas Dance met a tragic end while plastering its lofty interior. Little did anyone know that his untimely demise would give rise to a chilling legend, one that still haunts the corridors of this historic edifice.

Dance’s fatal fall left his widow and children in dire straits. Heartbreakingly, his employer heartlessly refused to pay the wages owed to his grieving widow, declaring that “dead men don’t get paid.” Adding to the cruelty, Dance’s tools, which could have helped secure his family’s future, were withheld. The widow and her children were eventually deported to England, leaving behind a dark and lingering injustice within the State House.

Over time, a series of eerie encounters has unfolded within these venerable halls. When all doors are tightly sealed, chilling gusts of cold air sweep through, carrying an unsettling sense of foreboding.

Disembodied voices echo in the old chamber, where a statue of George Washington stands sentinel. Water pitchers defy gravity, toppling over on their own, and furniture moves mysteriously, as if guided by unseen hands. These unexplainable occurrences persist, bearing witness to Thomas Dance’s tragic fate and the injustice that befell his family.

The Maryland State House, a bastion of history and governance, harbors a chilling tale of tragedy and injustice. The legend of Thomas Dance, the plasterer who met his demise while working high above, continues to haunt these hallowed halls. The ghostly encounters that persist serve as a stark reminder that some injustices refuse to be forgotten. Thomas Dance’s restless spirit lingers, seeking justice even in death.

Haunting Spectral Figure

According to legend, while being steeped in history and haunted by ghosts, the Maryland State House is not a mute observer of the present. Eerie occurrences come to life after hours, when the sun has set and the dome is enveloped in darkness, chilling anybody who encounters them.

One of the most persistently recounted tales is that of a spectral figure that emerges within the dome. After the official hours of the State House have faded away, this ethereal presence is said to walk the balustrade inside the dome itself, and incredibly, even outside it. The ghostly figure is not bound by the laws of gravity or physics.

Some have reported apparitions of this spectral wanderer strolling the State House grounds during the darkest hours of the night. Witnesses claim that this otherworldly entity glides above the ground, a haunting specter that appears to defy the very essence of reality itself. Many believe this enigmatic figure to be none other than Thomas Dance himself, forever searching for his tools and seeking to complete the work that fate so tragically interrupted.

A spectral legend that won’t go away is documented by the Maryland State House, a monument to time and administration. When the world is asleep at night, an unsettling presence appears both inside and outside the dome. It wanders the grounds without making contact with the ground, a spectral reminder of Thomas Dance’s incomplete project and his never-ending search for the tools he left behind.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Maryland Statehouse

The Maryland Statehouse, known for its extensive historical significance and intriguing riddles, has served as a focal point in numerous television shows and films devoted to exploring the paranormal. It is noteworthy as it was heavily featured in the suspenseful series “Revelations of the Past: Unmasking Eerie Annapolis,” when investigators probed the Statehouse’s haunting tales and spooky experiences.

In the realm of literature, the Maryland Statehouse has left an indelible mark, featuring prominently in works like “Haunted Annapolis: Ghosts of the Capital City” by Michael Carter and “Haunted Maryland: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Old Line State” by Ed Okonowicz. These literary endeavors peel back the layers of the supernatural narratives surrounding the Statehouse, offering enthralling accounts of its haunted history.

The Maryland Statehouse is still a popular tourist destination today, attracting both history buffs and skeptics of the paranormal. Its mysterious presence in popular culture and the media weaves a web of mystery and the unexplained, luring anyone who wants to lose themselves in its alluring and eerie atmosphere.


As you leave the Maryland Statehouse, you could find yourself wondering what more mysteries lie beneath its worn-out stone walls. This place’s history isn’t just preserved in books; as you walk through its revered hallways, you may occasionally feel chills run down your spine. The Maryland Statehouse remains as a sentinel, its traditions and mysteries preserved for those who wish to discover them, as Annapolis continues to thrive outside of these doors. In every creaking floorboard and gloomy corner, the ghosts of leaders and visionaries who formerly roamed these chambers still keep watch over the proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is the Maryland State House located?

A. The Maryland State House is located in the heart of Annapolis, Maryland.

Q. Are there any legends associated with the Maryland State House?

A. Indeed, the Maryland State House is steeped in legends. One of the most famous involves the tragic death of Thomas Dance, a plasterer who fell from the dome. It’s said his spirit roams, searching for his tools to complete his work. There are also reports of spectral figures walking inside and outside the dome after hours, and mysterious encounters throughout the building.

Q. Are there any guided ghost tours of the Maryland State House?

A. Yes, occasionally, the Maryland State House offers guided tours that delve into the building’s historical and haunted past. Keep an eye on their official website for updates on these special tours.

Q. Can visitors explore the Maryland State House at night?

A. Unfortunately, the Maryland State House is not open for public exploration during nighttime hours. However, you can visit during regular operating hours to experience its rich history and, perhaps, catch a glimpse of the paranormal activity.

Q. Are there any reported ghostly encounters by State House staff or visitors?

A. Yes, numerous reports of eerie encounters have been made over the years. These include sensations of rushing winds in sealed rooms, disembodied voices in the old chamber, and furniture moving without explanation. Some have even claimed to see figures walking in the dome or on the grounds during late hours.

Q. Is the legend of Thomas Dance the only ghostly tale associated with the Maryland State House?

A. While the legend of Thomas Dance is the most famous, there are other stories of spectral occurrences within the State House. The building’s long history has left a rich tapestry of tales, making it a place where the past and the paranormal seem to intersect.

Q. Can I visit the Maryland State House and experience these eerie phenomena for myself?

A. Absolutely! The Maryland State House welcomes visitors during regular hours, and you can explore its historic rooms and architecture. While there are no guarantees of ghostly encounters, you’ll undoubtedly immerse yourself in the rich history and legends that surround this iconic institution.

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