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Introduction of Mayflower Park Hotel

The Mayflower Park Hotel offers more than just opulent lodgings in the center of Seattle, Washington. This old location combines elegance and beauty with a rich tapestry of enigmatic tales that have stood the test of time. As soon as you enter, the atmosphere is one of mystery and enchantment, where the mysteries of the past still reverberate in the present.

Mayflower Park Hotel Marker
Mayflower Park Hotel Marker – Credit Can Pac Swire

History of Mayflower Park Hotel

The Mayflower Park Hotel boasts a rich and illustrious history that spans over nine decades. Its origins can be traced back to 1927 when it first opened its doors, making it one of Seattle’s most enduring landmarks. The hotel was designed by architect L. B. Leighton and was initially known as the Bergonian Hotel.

One of the hotel’s most notable historical moments occurred during World War II when it was utilized as lodging for servicemen and women on leave. This period added a unique layer to its legacy, as it became a temporary home for those who served their country during a pivotal time in history.

The Mayflower Park Hotel has some creepy hangouts despite the first-floor lounge’s brightness and airiness. One ghost is that of an elderly guy who resided and passed away on the sixth level of the hotel. He frequently keeps an eye on the visitors while they sleep and has been seen floating between rooms in the middle of the night.

The Mayflower Park Hotel serves as a reminder of Seattle’s past and steadfast hospitality today. It continues to enchant visitors with its fusion of vintage elegance and contemporary amenities, making it a cherished feature in the cityscape. When you enter the revered halls of the Mayflower Park Hotel, you not only enjoy opulent accommodations but also become a part of the building’s illustrious legacy, where the echoes of the past and present harmoniously coexist.

Historic Mayflower Park Hotel
Historic Mayflower Park Hotel – Credit mayflowerpark

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Old Spirit – Haunted Room 1120

The eleventh-floor Room 1120 of the Mayflower Park Hotel is said to be inhabited by the ghost of a middle-aged man. He occasionally appears at night, frightening visitors into moving to another room. Upon entering, some claim it feels unsettling, as if someone is watching or hiding there. Some visitors pick Room 1120 because of its alleged hauntings, while others get a spooky surprise. This ghost enjoys pulling practical jokes on hotel staff, such as moving a mop bucket down a floor.

The hotel staff, even the most experienced, have been baffled by this ghostly figure. One night, a diligent housekeeper was cleaning Room 1120 as usual when something strange happened. The mop bucket she’d left in a corner of the room vanished in the middle of her work. She searched the room in a panic and, to her surprise, found the mop bucket in the exact spot where she’d left it, but now it was on a different floor. No one else was around, leading the staff member to conclude that the Room 1120 ghost was responsible for this eerie prank.

The hotel insists that this ghost is harmless, claiming it only enjoys “greeting” guests in its own peculiar way. However, those who’ve encountered Room 1120’s ghost tell a different story. Many have experienced more than they expected within those walls, leaving them with a strong belief that this ghost has a mischievous side.

The legend of Mayflower Park Hotel’s Room 1120 continues to intrigue. Some seek its haunted reputation, while others stumble upon ghostly encounters. The hotel claims the ghost is friendly, but stories suggest otherwise. Room 1120 remains a place where the living and spectral worlds blur, leaving all who enter to ponder its mysteries.

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Spectral Figures – Haunted Sixth Floor

There is a spooky folklore of an elderly guy who lived on the sixth story of the Mayflower Park Hotel and decided to stay there after he passed away. He is renowned for his eerie habit of keeping watch over visitors while they sleep, frequently startling them into leaving their rooms. He wanders the hotel at night, slipping through the walls, terrifying those who stay.

The ghostly inhabitant of the sixth floor has made a name for himself by inducing fear among hotel guests. It is during the darkest hours that he can be seen, a spectral figure moving silently from room to room, his inscrutable presence causing guests to tremble. It’s not uncommon for guests to abruptly check out of their rooms, unnerved by his unsettling gaze.

But the paranormal activity at the Mayflower Park Hotel extends beyond this spectral watchman. Some guests have captured peculiar “spirit images” on their cameras, offering tangible evidence of the otherworldly. Others speak of hearing disembodied voices that echo through the night, while a select few have recounted sightings of floating orbs that drift along the hallways on numerous occasions.

In the end, the legend of the Mayflower Park Hotel endures, whispered among its guests. The sixth-floor specter, strange images, eerie voices, and floating orbs all add to its mystique. Whether believed or not, the hotel’s air of mystery remains, making it a place where the line between the living and the spectral blurs, beckoning all who enter to ponder its mysteries.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Mayflower Park Hotel

The Mayflower Park Hotel has attracted attention in a variety of media outlets, highlighting its timeless allure and illustrious past. Especially noteworthy was its significant appearance in the fascinating series “Historical Enigmas: Unveiling the Secrets of a Grand Legacy,” where investigators probed the hotel’s unique tales and enigmatic encounters.

In the realm of literature, the Mayflower Park Hotel has left its mark in books such as “Seattle’s Mayflower Park Hotel” by Trish Festin and “Ghosts of Seattle” by Athena. These literary works reveal the fascinating narratives surrounding the hotel, presenting enthralling accounts of its historical past.

Due to its alluring presence in popular culture and the media, the Mayflower Park Hotel is now a must-visit location for history buffs and anyone who enjoy the mysterious. This legendary location beckons anyone who are looking for an immersive experience in its intriguing and enigmatic environment. It emits an aura of intrigue and timeless elegance.


In addition to the pleasant recollections of a stay at the Mayflower Park Hotel in Seattle, Washington, you will also take with you the allure of a location where mystery and history meet. This amazing establishment’s enigmatic aura serves as a reminder that sometimes the excursions that take us into the shadows of the past are the ones that leave us with the most lasting memories. May the tales of the Mayflower Park Hotel captivate and inspire your journeys till we next meet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is the Mayflower Park Hotel located?

A. The Mayflower Park Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Washington.

Q. Are the ghostly legends about Room 1120 and the sixth-floor specter real?

A. Yes, these legends have circulated for years among our guests. While some may be skeptical, many have reported eerie encounters, and the tales continue to mystify.

Q. Can I request to stay in Room 1120 or on the sixth floor to experience the paranormal activity?

A. Absolutely, you can request these rooms for your stay. Some guests seek these rooms for the thrill, while others may prefer a more conventional experience.

Q. Is it safe to stay in Room 1120 or on the sixth floor if I’m not a fan of paranormal encounters?

A. If you’re not keen on ghostly encounters, it’s best to avoid Room 1120 and the sixth floor. Our other rooms provide a comfortable and ghost-free experience.

Q. Are there any documented instances of paranormal activity captured on camera at the Mayflower Park Hotel?

A. Yes, some guests have claimed to capture mysterious “spirit images” on their cameras during their stay, adding to the lore of our haunted legends.

Q. Have there been any recent reports of guests experiencing the sixth-floor specter or other paranormal phenomena?

A. While we don’t actively track such reports, our guests occasionally share their eerie experiences with us, ensuring that the legends of our hotel continue to thrive.

Q. How can I ensure a peaceful night’s sleep if I’m concerned about encountering any paranormal activity during my stay?

A. If you’re concerned about paranormal activity, we recommend booking a room on a different floor or requesting a room away from Room 1120. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in choosing a room that aligns with your preferences.

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