The Haunting of Old City Gates – St. Augustine, Florida

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  • Date: 8 December 2023
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Introduction of Old City Gates

The Old City Gates, which are tucked away in the charming city of St. Augustine, Florida, are more than just a work of architecture—they serve as a doorway to a mysterious and intriguing world. They stand there like silent sentinels. Passing through these gates is like taking a trip through some of the most fascinating, mysterious, and unsettling periods in history.

Gate Opened in 1739 Marker
Gate Opened in 1739 Marker – Credit hmdb

History of Old City Gates

The history of the Old City Gates in St. Augustine, Florida is a tapestry woven with tales of conquest, survival, and preservation. These majestic gates, constructed between 1808 and 1811, are not just architectural wonders but a testament to the city’s enduring spirit.

The Old City Gates harken back to the time when Florida was a Spanish territory. St. Augustine, the oldest continuously inhabited European-established settlement in the continental United States, needed protection. So, during the Second Spanish Period, these gates were built as part of the city’s defensive fortifications.

Among the Old City Gates’ history is the haunting tale of Elizabeth, a teenage victim of the 1821 Yellow Fever Epidemic. Her unmarked grave in Huguenot Cemetery ties her spirit to the entrance of St. Augustine. Legend has it that her restless ghost, unable to find peace, playfully roams the vicinity, adding an eerie dimension to the gates’ rich history. This evocative narrative fuses past struggles with the supernatural, inviting visitors to ponder the city’s enigmatic past as they step through the ancient archways.

Historic Old City Gate
Historic Old City Gate – Credit iStock

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Ghost of Little Elizabeth – Haunted Gates

There is a centuries-old mystery about the Old City Gates in the center of St. Augustine. Elizabeth is the youthful specter at the core of this mythology. She died tragically in the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1821 and was buried in Huguenot Cemetery in an unmarked tomb. Still, her ghost lives on, haunting the city’s entryway.

Some say that Elizabeth was the daughter of the gatekeeper, a guardian of the Old City Gates. She would assist her father in the daily ritual of opening and closing these imposing structures. At dawn and dusk, she would accompany him, prancing among the coquina columns while he skillfully secured and unfastened the locks that safeguarded the town.

In the nineteenth century, the duty of guarding the Old City Gates fell upon the shoulders of dedicated soldiers. They took turns standing sentinel at this historic passage. These guards, in essence, acted as the gatekeepers because, in reality, there was never an official gatekeeper.

So, is it the spirit of Elizabeth that so-called “sensitives” claim to perceive? With her link to the Old City Gates and her presence during the changing of the guards, it’s quite possible. Perhaps, in the veil of the night, her ethereal form still dances around the coquina columns, forever bound to her timeless duty.

The Old City Gates of St. Augustine, with their historical significance and the enigmatic presence of Elizabeth, continue to be a place where legends come to life, where the past and present intertwine in a way that keeps the curious and the believers returning, searching for a glimpse of the ghostly gatekeeper’s daughter.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Old City Gates

Renowned for its storied history and enigmatic charm, the Old City Gates have taken center stage in various television shows and documentaries that delve into the world of the paranormal. Notably, it played a prominent role in the captivating series “Portals of the Past: Unearthing Haunted Histories,” where investigators ventured deep into the mysteries and ghostly encounters associated with the gates.

In the realm of literature, the Old City Gates have left their mark in books such as “Ghosts of St. Augustine” by Tom Lapham and “Haunted St. Augustine and St. Johns County” by Elizabeth Randall. These literary works unfurl the supernatural tales enveloping the gates, presenting enthralling narratives of their spectral past.

The Old City Gates still captivate people who are interested in history and the paranormal nowadays. They are drawn to the gates because of their persistent appearance in popular culture and the media, which makes them an alluring landmark with a mysterious and otherworldly aura that welcomes everyone looking for an immersive experience in their alluring and intriguing environment.


A feeling of the unknown and a link to a history that will never be forgotten permeates the Old City Gates as the sun sets over St. Augustine and casts lengthy shadows around them. The weathered stones carry the echoes of past, whispering ghost stories, folklore, and other unearthly things. The Old City Gates continue to be a doorway to the spooky, alluring, and enchanting tales of the past, regardless of the time of day you visit. These old gates are more than simply worn stones; they are the guardians of a bygone period. Come explore, and allow the mysteries of these ancient gates to linger in your soul.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is the location of the Old City Gates in St. Augustine?

A. The Old City Gates stand as a historic entrance to St. Augustine, Florida.

Q. Is there any truth to the legend of the Ghost of Little Elizabeth haunting the Old City Gates?

A. The legend of the Ghost of Little Elizabeth is a longstanding tale in St. Augustine. While it remains a legend, many locals and visitors claim to have encountered eerie occurrences around the Old City Gates, suggesting a connection to Elizabeth’s ghost.

Q. Can you visit the grave of Little Elizabeth in Huguenot Cemetery?

A. Unfortunately, Little Elizabeth’s grave in Huguenot Cemetery remains unmarked and hidden. Visitors cannot easily locate her final resting place within the cemetery.

Q. Are there any ghost tours or events related to the Old City Gates and the ghost of Elizabeth?

A. Yes, several ghost tours in St. Augustine feature the Old City Gates and the legend of Elizabeth. These tours often share eerie stories and experiences associated with the gates and the surrounding area.

Q. Has there been any scientific investigation into the paranormal activity around the Old City Gates?

A. Over the years, paranormal investigators have conducted studies around the Old City Gates, attempting to capture evidence of supernatural activity. While some claim to have found anomalies, the existence of conclusive scientific proof remains elusive.

Q. Are there specific times when people claim to see or experience paranormal phenomena at the Old City Gates?

A. Many reports suggest that paranormal activity is more prevalent during dusk and dawn, aligning with the times when the gatekeepers and soldiers of old conducted their duties. These moments seem to be when encounters with the ghost of Little Elizabeth are most frequent.

Q. Is it safe to visit the Old City Gates at night to potentially witness these paranormal events?

A. The Old City Gates area is generally safe for visitors, but nighttime visits are recommended with caution. It’s advisable to visit as part of an organized tour or in the company of others, as the area can be quite dark and atmospheric after sunset.

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