The Haunting of Seul Choix Point Lighthouse – Gulliver, Michigan

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  • Date: 8 December 2023
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While most lighthouses are beacons guiding sailors safely home, Seul Choix Point Lighthouse in Gulliver, Michigan, harbors a more mysterious calling. Known as one of the Great Lakes’ most haunted lighthouses, its stoic structure stands as a sentinel over a history replete with tales of the supernatural. ‘The Haunting of Seul Choix Point Lighthouse’ invites you to a journey into the heart of these ghostly legends. Here, the comforting glow of the lighthouse often intertwines with eerie occurrences and unexplained phenomena, challenging the bravest of souls. From untraceable footsteps echoing along its corridors to inexplicable shadows that dance in the night, every element of Seul Choix whispers secrets of a past refusing to be forgotten. Join us as we delve into the haunted legacy of this iconic Michigan landmark, where the line between the natural and the supernatural seems intriguingly blurred.

Seul Choix Point Lighthouse Board
Seul Choix Point Lighthouse – Credit bluegrady


The history of Seul Choix Point Lighthouse is a tapestry woven with tales of isolation, resilience, and the eerie echoes of the past. Standing sentinel on the remote shores of Lake Michigan, this lighthouse began its journey in 1895 when it was first illuminated to guide ships through treacherous waters. The name “Seul Choix” translates to “only choice” in French, a nod to the lighthouse’s critical role in providing a lifeline to mariners navigating the unpredictable Great Lakes.

Seul Choix Point Lighthouse, however, has a darker past than just serving a practical purpose. During The Prohibition era, its isolated position made it a sanctuary for smugglers, and rumors of underground tunnels and safe rooms still circulate today. The reputation of the lighthouse has been permanently stained by these covert operations, which have only served to heighten its air of mystery and intrigue.

The lighthouse has seen its share of disasters over the years. Sailors were killed by Lake Michigan’s unforgiving weather, leaving a legacy of ghost stories and eerie whispers in their wake. The idea that the past still clings to this ancient site was only reinforced by reports of spectral apparitions and unsettling noises inside the lighthouse’s walls.

Historic 1913's Seul Choix Point Lighthouse
Historic 1913’s Seul Choix Point Lighthouse – Credit lighthousefriends

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Captain’s Tragic Demise – Haunting Kitchen

The old lighthouse, which is tucked away on Seul Choix Point’s windswept shoreline, serves as a nautical beacon and a repository for fascinating lore. One of these legends mentions Captain Townsend, an English mariner from Bristol. He settled inside the lighthouse’s sturdy walls in 1901, but in 1910, he passed away in an upstairs chamber from consumption, an archaic name for tuberculosis.

His passing occurring in the dead of winter, when the land was frozen solid, created an unusual circumstance. His body lay unburied for a number of months in the basement of the lighthouse. Due to this strange condition, a rumor has spread among the locals that Captain Townsend’s ghost is still bound to the lighthouse. His delayed burial, according to paranormal researchers, could be the cause of his persistent presence.

Additionally, a curious detail emerges surrounding table settings. In England, the proper arrangement involves placing the knife and spoon on the left, while forks occupy the right side. Interestingly, the captain’s spirit seems to object to the American convention of reversed silverware placement. Reports indicate that the tableware shifts inexplicably when set in the American style, even without human intervention.

Seul Choix Point Lighthouse, a maritime sentinel with a history etched in its walls, holds more than just tales of navigational guidance. Captain Townsend’s narrative adds an otherworldly layer, underscoring the enigmatic ties between mortality and the unknown. His story, intertwined with delayed rest and an odd manifestation involving table settings, prompts contemplation on the intricacies of existence beyond life’s horizon.

Ghostly Cigar Scent

The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse has a fascinating history filled with eerie occurrences. In the midst of these mysteries, a specific tale emerges, one that centers on the ethereal smell of cigar smoke.

Inside the lighthouse, an inexplicable occurrence takes place. Many guests and staff report catching the distinct aroma of cigar smoke. This is perplexing given the strict no-smoking policy within the premises, and the moments when this scent materializes often coincide with moments of isolation.

Linda, a custodian of the lighthouse’s past, sheds light on the origin of this spectral phenomenon. Captain Townsend, a figure plagued by health issues, was known for his fondness for cigars. This aspect of his earthly life seems to have transcended the boundary between life and death, as the scent of cigars continues to linger within the lighthouse.

Seul Choix Point Lighthouse, guardian of maritime history and guardian of enigmatic tales, stands as a testament to the mysteries that persist beyond the grasp of reason. The legend of the lingering cigar smoke serves as a reminder of the unseen threads connecting the past with the present, and the tangible with the ethereal. Captain Townsend’s enduring fondness, echoing through time, invites all who encounter it to reflect on the intricate interplay between the known and the mysterious.

Man In Blue Coat – Ghost of Captain Townsends

The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse is surrounded by a web of legends and strange events that weave together to envelop its ancient halls in a sense of mystery. In recent times, a explorer has recounted her journey which led her to Seul Choix Point Lighthouse, encapsulating an inexplicable moment from last year. Upon arrival, her attention was drawn to a man draped in a substantial blue coat, striding purposefully towards the lighthouse across the yard. With an amicable wave, she acknowledged him, only to be met with his silent indifference.

As time flowed, her journey reached its conclusion, her departure from the lighthouse marking the beginning of another chapter. Back in the comfort of her home, curiosity led her to delve into the annals of the lighthouse’s history. A revelation unfurled – the man she’d glimpsed, met with his silent demeanor, was none other than Captain Townsend.

Point Seul Choix as a guardian for marine traditions, the lighthouse captures tales that defy logic. The story of the woman and Captain Townsend is a testament to the mysterious interaction between the real and the unexplainable. Her quest for the truth embodied the spirit of those who work to uncover the mysteries of the lighthouse, linking the apparent and the unknown with each step into the domain of exploration.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse has been featured prominently in numerous documentaries and television series examining the enigmatic world of the paranormal. It is renowned for its colorful history and unnerving mystique. The investigation team went in-depth into the lighthouse’s spirit reports and spine-chilling experiences in the fascinating show “Shadows Unveiled: Haunting Chronicles,” where it was featured prominently.

In the literary realm, the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse has carved its own niche in works like “Spirits 2 at Seul Choix Point” by Marilyn S. Fischer and “Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses” by Dianna Higgs Stampfler . These literary endeavors unravel the uncanny legends surrounding the lighthouse, weaving narratives that recount its eerie history.

Even today, the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse stands as an irresistible pilgrimage for history devotees and those fascinated by the unknown. It casts a magnetic spell, drawing individuals who seek to immerse themselves in its eerie and captivating ambiance, forever intrigued by its enduring presence in popular culture and the media. This historic sentinel exudes an aura of curiosity and the supernatural, inviting all who dare to uncover the secrets it guards within its solemn walls.


You get a shudder as you walk away from the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse because of the horrific stories it has to tell. A lingering dread reminds you that not all riddles are meant to be solved as the light beam disappears behind you. The lighthouse’s position as a beacon and a cryptic riddle on the shores of Gulliver, Michigan, is assured by the reverberations of long-forgotten whispers and the traces of bygone times continuing to weave their spectral tapestry around it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse located?
The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse is located along the shores of Lake Michigan, near the town of Gulliver in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Q: Is the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse known for any paranormal activity?
Yes, the lighthouse has gained notoriety for various paranormal occurrences, including sightings of apparitions, unusual scents, and unexplained phenomena.

Q: Can you tell me more about the legend of Captain Townsend and the cigar smoke?
Certainly! The legend tells of Captain Townsend, an Englishman who lived in the lighthouse and was a heavy cigar smoker. Guests and staff have reported smelling cigar smoke despite a no-smoking policy, leading some to believe his presence lingers even after death.

Q: What’s the story behind the spectral aroma of cigar smoke?
The scent of cigar smoke has often been reported within the lighthouse, even though smoking is not allowed. Captain Townsend, a former resident known for his love of cigars, is believed to be the source of this lingering scent.

Q: Are there any accounts of encounters with Captain Townsend’s ghost?
Yes, there have been several reports of encounters with a man wearing a heavy blue coat, resembling Captain Townsend. Visitors have claimed to see him walking across the yard or within the lighthouse itself.

Q: Is the lighthouse open to the public for visits?
Yes, the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse is open to the public for guided tours. Visitors can explore its history, architecture, and even learn about the various legends associated with the lighthouse.

Q: Are there other paranormal phenomena at the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse?
Aside from the legend of Captain Townsend, reports include unexplained footsteps, shadowy figures, and instances of objects moving on their own, contributing to the lighthouse’s eerie reputation.

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