Summerwind Mansion – West Bay Lake, Wisconsin

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Introduction of Summerwind Mansion

The mysterious Summerwind Mansion, a haunted residence of paranormal mystery, is located in Wisconsin’s serene West Bay Lake area. The line between the physical and ghostly blurs in this picturesque location, and the very air seems to hum with a foreboding expectancy. An ominous presence lurks amid the tranquil beauty of nature. History and mystery are intertwined in this place like spreading vines that won’t let go of the past.

Historic Picture of Summerwind Mansion
Historic Picture of Summerwind Mansion – Credit wxpr

History of Summerwind Mansion

Summerwind Mansion, originally known as the Lamont Mansion, stands as a silent sentinel to a bygone era of opulence and intrigue. Constructed in the early 20th century by Robert P. Lamont, a former Secretary of Commerce under President Herbert Hoover, the mansion was initially intended as a summer retreat for the Lamont family.

In the subsequent decades, Summerwind Mansion passed through various owners, each reporting inexplicable phenomena within its walls. These eerie occurrences included phantom footsteps, ghostly apparitions, and unexplained noises that left residents and visitors deeply unsettled.

Summerwind’s eerie renown grew over time, drawing paranormal enthusiasts. Owner Robert P. Lamont’s servants reported seeing a translucent woman, but he dismissed it. One night, a commotion near the basement prompted Lamont to investigate, firing two shots at a ghostly figure. Only bullet holes remained, leading the Lamonts to flee, leaving the mansion vacant for years.

In 1988, a fire destroyed the mansion. Local media cited a lightning strike, but debate persists. Summerwind Mansion, now in disrepair, holds an enigmatic past. Its eerie history is a testament to its enduring supernatural legacy.

1988 Mansion Fire – Credit 210015allan

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Basement Spirit

In the Victorian Era, circa 1918, the educated elite were captivated by the spiritual realm. They engaged in spiritual sessions in parlors, led by mediums, to connect with the departed. The idea that spirits could cross into our world was commonly embraced by the upper class. Among these believers were Mr. and Mrs. Lamont, owners of the mysterious Summerwind Mansion.

In the 1930s, at the heart of Summerwind Mansion, Mr. and Mrs. Lamont found themselves in the midst of a chilling encounter. It was a dark evening, and they were dining upstairs when an unsettling sound echoed through the mansion – the basement door was moving. Startled, Mr. Lamont decided to investigate, clutching his gun tightly. As he descended into the dimly lit basement, he believed he saw a figure lurking in the shadows and, without hesitation, he pulled the trigger. The deafening gunshot shattered the eerie silence of the mansion.

To his shock, there was no intruder to be found, only a battered door bearing two bullet holes as a testament to his fear-fueled actions. The Lamonts were certain they had encountered an apparition that fateful night, a presence from beyond the veil. Terrified and convinced that their mansion was haunted, they promptly abandoned the grand estate.

Photographic evidence of the damaged basement door with its two bullet holes served as a haunting reminder of that night. Yet, a different explanation emerged from the annals of history. Isolation, stories of spectral sightings from servants, and the limited electrical service of the time all played a role in the Lamonts’ unnerving experience.

Summerwind Mansion, situated in a time when electrical service was sporadic at best, relied on alternative sources of illumination – flickering candles and kerosene lamps. These sources cast shifting shadows and played tricks on the eyes. It’s likely that Mr. Lamont’s heightened anxiety, coupled with his readiness to protect his family, led him to misinterpret the interplay of light and shadow, convincing himself that an intruder was present.

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Lady In White Dress

There is a legend associated with spectral sightings and mystery that has surfaced in the records of Summerwind Mansion. This story describes the mysterious Lady in White and the unsettling occurrences that took place close to the mansion’s shoreline.

In days past, two teenage girls embarked on a serene canoe journey near the storied Mansion’s waters. To their astonishment, they spotted a lady draped in white on the shoreline, beckoning them to approach. With curious hearts, they guided their canoe to the shore and followed her as an impending storm loomed on the horizon.

Once inside the mansion’s grandiose halls, the woman they followed inexplicably vanished into thin air, leaving the girls bewildered and terrified. Hastily, they departed from the mansion, their hearts pounding with fear.

As summer persisted, curiosity got the better of the girls, and they resolved to seek out the Lady in White once more. Paddling towards the mansion on their canoe, they indeed glimpsed her figure once more. Yet this time, her ethereal message was clear: she waved them away, a gesture laden with warning. Respecting the eerie omen, the girls decided not to approach the mansion. In time, a chilling revelation came to light. An elderly woman, in her last days of life, recounted a harrowing tale: a menacing servant within the mansion who had threatened others with violence.

Haunting Skull In The Wall

A strange narrative of a skull hidden beneath Summerwind Mansion’s walls is told amid the rumors and mysteries that surround it.

During a renovation project, Arnold Hindshaw enlisted his daughter to investigate a hole nestled within the mansion’s aging walls. Her piercing scream reverberated through the mansion as she claimed to have seen a head of hair inside the aperture. However, perplexingly, neither the head nor the hair could be found. Oddly, they chose not to involve the authorities, an action that might seem unusual by today’s standards but was more in line with the norms of 1969.

A plausible explanation emerged later, suggesting that a furry creature had taken refuge within the wall space. When the girl screamed, it likely startled the creature, causing it to scurry away. This could clarify why the mysterious hairy head remained elusive.

This legend of Summerwind Mansion, where secrets and odd occurrences intertwine, leaves us with a peculiar mystery. While the true nature of the hidden skull may never be known, it serves as a cryptic reminder of the mansion’s enigmatic history, where even the inexplicable was met with a hushed silence rather than the expected call to the authorities in the year 1969.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Summerwind Mansion

Summerwind Mansion has gained widespread recognition for its rich history and eerie mystique, thanks to its prominent appearances in documentaries and television series focused on the paranormal. One notable instance is its featured role in the documentary series “Eternal Enigmas: Unveiling Haunted Histories,” where investigators explored the mansion’s ghostly tales and spine-tingling encounters.

In the world of literature, Summerwind Mansion has been a central theme in books such as “Haunted Summerwind: A Ghostly History of a Wisconsin Mansion” by Devon Bell and “Wisconsin’s Most Haunted” by Craig Nehring. These books delve deep into the mansion’s supernatural lore, offering captivating narratives of its ghostly history.

The Mansion still draws those who are interested in history and the paranormal. For those looking for an immersive experience in its eerie and spectral atmosphere, it is an unavoidable destination because to its pervasiveness in popular culture and the media.


As we say goodbye to the eerie ghost of Summerwind Mansion, it is impossible to ignore the lasting impression this mysterious house has had on everyone who has dared to enter its abandoned walls. This Wisconsin mansion, with its fading splendor and echoing hallways, stands as an everlasting tribute to the unexplainable. It is tucked away among the lovely West Bay Lake. The spooky stories and unnerving events that have taken place within these walls will never cease to intrigue the mind and serve as a chilling reminder of how thin the line is between our world and the ethereal realm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is the location of Summerwind Mansion?

A. Summerwind Mansion, also known as Lamont Mansion, was located on West Bay Lake in Vilas County, Wisconsin, USA.

Q. What is the legend of the Lady in White at Summerwind Mansion?

A. The Lady in White is a mysterious figure said to have been sighted near the mansion’s shores. She once beckoned two teenage girls to enter the mansion, only to disappear, leaving them terrified. Upon their return, she waved them away, sparking curiosity and apprehension.

Q. Tell me about the Skull in the Wall legend. What’s the story behind it?

A. During renovations, a skull-like object was believed to have been spotted inside a wall by Arnold Hindshaw’s daughter. Yet, they couldn’t find it afterward. Some suggest it might have been a furry creature, but the mystery remains unsolved.

Q. Can you explain the tale of the Basement Spirit at Summerwind Mansion?

A. In the 1930s, Mr. and Mrs. Lamont heard noises in the basement, and Mr. Lamont shot at what he believed was an intruder. Later, they attributed the incident to an apparition. The legend revolves around the bullet-ridden basement door.

Q. What’s the story behind the legend of the Servant’s Violence at Summerwind Mansion?

A. An old lady claimed there was a servant within the mansion who threatened people with violence. However, this story remains unverified, adding to the mansion’s mystique.

Q. Are there any accounts of paranormal activity at Summerwind Mansion?

A. Yes, many have reported strange occurrences, from unexplained sounds to apparitions. The mansion is known for its haunted reputation.

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