Vermont Police Academy – Pittsford, Vermont

Introduction of Vermont Police Academy

Located in the sleepy Vermont village of Pittsford, the Vermont Police Academy. Beneath its attractive façade and demanding training regimens, there’s a town steeped in history and surrounded by ghost stories. As recruits set off on their adventure within these sacred walls, they enter a world where the past and present collide, creating myths that linger in the academy’s fields and hallways.

Vermont Police Academy Marker
Vermont Police Academy Marker – Credit VTDigger

History of Vermont Police Academy

The Vermont Police Academy has a unique history that traces its origins back to its days as a state hospital for tuberculosis patients. Established in the early 20th century to combat the tuberculosis outbreak, the facility provided care and treatment during a critical period in public health.

One notable figure from this era is Nurse Mary, a dedicated healthcare professional who contracted TB while working at the hospital. Her story has become intertwined with the academy’s history, adding a poignant layer to its past.There are still traces of the hospital era today, including the call buttons that used to be in the recruits’ rooms. Rumor has it that by pressing these buttons, the ghost of Nurse Mary—who is rumored to visit recruits at night—may be called upon.

The Vermont Police Academy stands as a testament to adaptability and resilience, echoing the dedication and sacrifices made by those who served within its walls. The lingering presence of Nurse Mary adds a unique and intriguing aspect to the academy’s storied past.

Historic Vermont Police Academy
Historic Vermont Police Academy – Credit vcjc

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Spectral Visitor – Ghost of Nurse Mary

There’s a ghost story from a bygone period that lingers in the sacred corridors of the Vermont Police Academy, where cadets now learn under the watchful eye of discipline. The ethereal presence of a nurse named Mary evokes the academy’s past as a haven for tuberculosis patients. Rumor has it that her kind soul still prowls the hallways, constantly keeping an eye on the newcomers.

With its transformation from a state hospital housing tuberculosis patients to a police training academy, the Vermont Police Academy carried with it more than simply the vestiges of its history. Old call buttons from the recruits’ rooms were among the artifacts that remained, reminders of a period when sick patients found comfort in the nurturing of devoted nurses. Mary was one such nurse, whose kind presence is rumored to haunt the academy’s corridors.

As the night descends upon the academy, daring recruits sometimes succumb to curiosity, reaching out to the ancient call buttons that have stood the test of time. The legend claims that, with a gentle push, these recruits invite the ghostly presence of Nurse Mary. A spectral visitation, shrouded in the mystery of the past, unfolds as the recruits find themselves under the ethereal gaze of the compassionate nurse who once tended to those afflicted by the ravages of tuberculosis.

With a flicker of unseen presence, Nurse Mary is said to check on the recruits, her spectral footsteps echoing through the quiet corridors. Some claim to feel a soothing presence, a phantom touch of reassurance in the stillness of the night. Others share whispered tales of encounters with a friendly apparition, whose only purpose seems to be a spectral extension of care to those who now tread the halls she once walked in corporeal form.

Chilling Encounter – Woman In a White Tunic

In the archives of the Vermont Police Academy, a tale surfaces from about thirty years ago. A teacher, present near the firing range with a couple of students on a rainy, foggy night, became an unwitting witness to a mysterious incident.

On that particular evening, rain fell steadily, and thick fog enveloped the academy grounds. Down by the firing range, a teacher stood with a couple of students, all keenly aware of the eerie atmosphere. In the midst of these conditions, an otherworldly encounter unfolded. Emerging from the dense fog, about a hundred yards away, was the figure of a woman. Dressed in a white tunic with straps over her shoulders, she seemed to float towards them, defying the natural order.

As raindrops adhered to the spectral form, the figure engaged in an odd lateral movement, reminiscent of floating. The teacher and students observed in silent fascination as the mysterious presence moved with an uncanny grace, untouched by the elements. The ethereal woman disappeared gracefully behind two training trailers, leaving no trace behind. The rain continued, erasing any evidence of the mysterious visitation.

The legend of that foggy night persists in the annals of the Vermont Police Academy. Retold by the teacher who observed the inexplicable, it remains a part of the academy’s history – a story of a spectral figure in a white tunic, navigating the foggy landscape with an otherworldly elegance. In quiet moments, the academy seems to retain the essence of that night, where the line between reality and the supernatural briefly blurred, leaving behind an enigma that endures in the mists of time.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Vermont Police Academy

The Vermont Police Academy, which is well-known for its historical significance and alluring mystique, has gained prominence in a number of television shows and documentaries that delve into the mysterious world of law enforcement training. It was particularly prominent in the engrossing television series “Guardians of Justice: Unveiling Training Legacies,” in which researchers explored the demanding courses and intensive experiences of the academy.

In the realm of literature, the Vermont Police Academy has left an indelible mark in works like “Haunted Vermont: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena” by Charles A. Stansfield Jr. and “Vermont Haunted History” by William M. Alexander. These literary pieces unravel the professional and personal stories surrounding the academy, presenting engaging narratives of its demanding training and the commitment to upholding justice.

Today, the Vermont Police Academy stands as a must-visit destination for those passionate about law enforcement history and training methodologies, drawn by its significant presence in popular culture and media. This institutional landmark exudes an atmosphere of dedication and professionalism, welcoming all who seek an immersive experience in its informative and empowering ambiance.


The whispers of the past reverberate as the sun sets over Pittsford, Vermont’s rolling hills and the academy grounds enter a quiet silence. The eerie presence of Nurse Mary and the stories of phantom people near the firing range have persisted and been ingrained in the history of the Vermont Police Academy. The institution exists as a tribute to the valor of those who serve as well as the secrets that shroud its illustrious past in the shadows and where the unknown beckons. As new recruits advance, they enter a world where the material and the spiritual collide and contribute to a legacy that goes beyond the ordinary. This atmosphere is extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the Vermont Police Academy located?

A: The Vermont Police Academy is situated in Pittsford, Vermont.

Q: Are there any legends associated with the Vermont Police Academy?

A: Indeed, the academy boasts intriguing legends. One recounts a spectral figure, clad in a white tunic, observed near the firing range on a foggy night. Another involves the ghostly presence of Nurse Mary, said to roam the halls, responding to recruits’ call buttons.

Q: Can you provide more details about the spectral figure near the firing range?

A: Certainly. Approximately thirty years ago, on a rainy and foggy night, a teacher and students witnessed a woman in a white tunic gliding through the mist, displaying an eerie lateral movement before disappearing behind training trailers.

Q: Tell us more about Nurse Mary and her haunting presence.

A: Nurse Mary is a legendary figure associated with the academy’s past as a tuberculosis hospital. It is said that her ghost continues to watch over recruits, responding to the old call buttons in their rooms during the night.

Q: Have there been recent sightings of Nurse Mary or the spectral figure near the firing range?

A: While accounts vary, some claim to have experienced eerie encounters, feeling the presence of Nurse Mary or witnessing unexplained phenomena near the firing range. These legends persist among the academy community.

Q: Are there any specific locations within the academy associated with these legends?

A: Yes, the firing range and recruits’ rooms, marked by the old call buttons, seem to be focal points for these eerie encounters. The trailers near the firing range hold particular significance in the spectral figure legend.

Q: How does the Vermont Police Academy acknowledge or address these legends?

A: The academy acknowledges the historical context of its location and the associated legends. While not officially endorsed, these stories contribute to the rich tapestry of the academy’s history, fostering a unique atmosphere among recruits and staff.

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