Haunting of Adam Thoroughgood House – Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Introduction of Adam Thoroughgood House

Situated in the center of Virginia Beach, the Adam Thoroughgood House appears out of time like a spectral presence. This 17th-century colonial relic opens a door to a disquieting world where the line separating the living from the dead dissolves into a sinister dance. The weight of long-forgotten whispers hangs in the air, making it seem as though the house’s walls contain the secrets of restless souls unwilling to let the passage of time restrict them.

Adam Thorowgood Marker – Credit hmdb

History of Adam Thoroughgood House

Dating to the early 17th century, the Adam Thoroughgood House in Virginia Beach epitomizes Jacobean architecture, a relic of the region’s colonial history. Once the haven of the affluent Thoroughgood family, the estate has borne witness to Virginia’s evolution, standing as a testament to a bygone era.

In a chilling chapter of the house’s history, a scheduled tour took a haunting turn. Four glass candle domes, seemingly influenced by an unseen force, lifted themselves off their designated candles. The atmosphere thickened with an eerie energy as these ethereal manipulations unfolded before the wide-eyed gaze of a volunteer docent and her startled entourage of 30 visitors.

The Adam Thoroughgood House, which offers a glimpse into 17th-century colonial life, is still a crucial educational site in modern times. Visitors and supernatural aficionados are drawn to it because of the added mystery created by the purported ghostly activity within its walls. Standing tall in austere majesty, the mansion invites everyone to explore its historic hallways.

Historic Adam Thoroughgood House
Historic Adam Thoroughgood House – Credit nps

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Wandering Spectral Figures – Female & Male

Scents of a haunting presence reverberate through the corridors of the old Adam Thoroughgood House, an aging house that has existed for decades. Reports of phantom sightings bring the ethereal atmosphere to life; each one is surrounded by an enigmatic, time-traveling story.

In the silent corridors and dimly-lit rooms, witnesses share chilling encounters with two distinct spirits. A spectral female figure, adorned in an ethereal glow, roams the house carrying a flickering candle. Her ghostly silhouette glides through rooms, a silent keeper of the memories embedded in the very structure.

Adjacent to her haunting presence, a male entity, clad in a brown suit, traverses the halls, sending shivers down the spines of staff and visitors. Phantom footsteps reverberate, creating an unsettling ambiance. Some claim his ghostly gaze pierces through time, as if longing for a connection with the living.

The flickering candle grows more intense as darkness falls, illuminating the ancient walls with sinister shadows. All who enter the House are left with a lasting impression by the eerie atmosphere created by the masculine spirit dressed in period clothing. The weight of unspoken history thickens the air, giving the impression that the souls are stuck between the worlds of the living and the dead forever. Witnesses report feeling as though there is an invisible force, a ghostly energy permeating the place.

Chilling Encounter – Haunted Tour Guide

During a routine tour, as 30 visitors gathered, a startling event unfolded before their eyes. Four glass candle domes, seemingly propelled by an unseen force, detached themselves from their designated candles and descended to the floor. The volunteer docent, along with the mesmerized group, witnessed this spectral spectacle, a chilling reminder of the supernatural occurrences woven into the house’s fabric.

As the guided tour progressed, the incident lingered in the air, an unspoken testament to the unsettling powers within the ancient walls. The guests were taken aback when they witnessed a phenomenon that made it difficult to distinguish between the real and the paranormal.

The Adam Thoroughgood House, steeped in its mystique, continues to bewilder those who venture within. The inexplicable incident of the glass candle domes, a chilling testament to the spectral energies that reside within, leaves an indelible mark on the lore of the house—a living legend that echoes through time.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Adam Thoroughgood House

Enshrouded in its storied past and mystical magnetism, the Adam Thoroughgood House beckons with an aura of enigma. It has been a focal point in riveting documentaries and shows, including the gripping series “Ephemeral Whispers: Untangling the Threads of Haunted Histories,” where investigators plumbed the house’s ghostly narratives and spine-chilling encounters.

Within the realm of literature, the Adam Thoroughgood House has left its indelible mark, featured prominently in works like “Haunted Virginia Beach” by Alpheus J. Chewning and “Haunted Inns and Hotels of Virginia” by Susan Schwartz. These literary endeavors unfurl the supernatural tales surrounding the historic dwelling, narrating captivating stories of its spectral legacy.

The Adam Thoroughgood House is still a fascinating place to visit today if you’re interested in history and the paranormal. Its attraction reverberates in popular culture and the media, beckoning those who dare to enter the intriguing and unsettling atmosphere of this legendary site, where ghosts and the paranormal mingle in a dance of whispers and shadows.

How can I visit Adam Thoroughgood House?

As the sun dips below the horizon, Virginia Beach transforms into a realm where the spirits of yesteryear awaken. Join the guided tour for an immersive journey into the supernatural, led by your expert guide, beginning at the iconic King Neptune statue—a symbol erected to appease an angered deity. Your experienced Adam Thoroughgood House tour guide awaits to lead you through seven haunting locations, unraveling tales of shipwreck victims, pirates, and accused witches that linger beneath the moonlit shores.

The chilling odyssey continues with the terrifying story of William Augustus Hodges and the enigmatic Cape Henry Lighthouse monster, skillfully narrated by your Adam Thoroughgood House tour guide. As you navigate through the night, the tour delves into the mysterious realm of Blackbeard’s ghost ship, lost at sea but not forgotten. Brace yourself for the investigation of the “mermaid’s bite,” a myth that lingers in the salty air. The crescendo of ghostly encounters culminates at the Adam Thoroughgood House, where spectral entities, including a female figure with a flickering candle and a male entity in a brown suit, add an extra layer of spine-tingling history to the tour, expertly recounted by your knowledgeable guide.

Book your guided tour today, and let your Adam Thoroughgood House tour guide weave together an evening of supernatural tales, haunted history, and the uncharted mysteries that await beneath the coastal moonlight.


The strange music of the past crescendos as the Adam Thoroughgood House is enveloped in an impenetrable blackness by the night. The spectral whispers of the remaining spirits seem to be waking up, resonating through the hallways like a melancholy tune. There’s something unearthly about the home, a mute witness to centuries of human drama, that remains in the air. The spirit of the Adam House lingers in the minds of those who grudgingly cross the historic doorway. The eerie legends of lost souls and the paranormal experiences that take place there are still weaving a troubling tapestry of Virginia Beach’s mysterious history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the Adam Thoroughgood House located?

A: The Adam Thoroughgood House is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Q: Are there any legends associated with the Adam Thoroughgood House?

A: Indeed, the house is steeped in eerie legends. Among them, the spectral presence of a female entity, gracefully carrying a candle, and a male figure in a brown suit haunting the halls, have been reported by numerous witnesses. These apparitions add an otherworldly dimension to the house’s mystique.

Q: Have there been reports of paranormal activity at the Adam Thoroughgood House?

A: Yes, visitors and staff have recounted various paranormal incidents. Items have been known to move of their own volition, and during a tour, four glass candle domes lifted themselves off their candles, creating a mesmerizing yet startling spectacle. Such occurrences contribute to the haunted reputation of the house.

Q: Can visitors experience the eerie ambiance mentioned in the legends?

A: Absolutely. The Adam Thoroughgood House offers guided tours that provide an immersive experience into its haunted history. Visitors often report feeling an unexplained presence and witnessing ghostly phenomena, adding an extra layer of intrigue to their visit.

Q: Are there specific times when paranormal activity is more likely to occur?

A: Reports suggest that paranormal activity is not confined to specific times; however, many witnesses claim that the eeriness intensifies during nighttime visits. The flickering candle carried by the female spirit casts haunting shadows, enhancing the supernatural atmosphere.

Q: Is there a specific area of the Adam Thoroughgood House that is considered more haunted?

A: While reports vary, the hallways and rooms seem to be focal points of paranormal activity. Witnesses often recount encounters with the male entity in the brown suit and the female spirit carrying the candle in these areas, adding an extra layer of spine-tingling mystery to the tour.

Q: What can I expect from the guided tour of the Adam Thoroughgood House?

A: Brace yourself for a captivating journey led by expert guides, including an Adam Thoroughgood House specialist. From the King Neptune statue to haunted locations, you’ll hear chilling tales of shipwrecks, pirates, and more—ensuring an unforgettable, supernatural experience.

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