Haunting of Albuquerque Press Club – Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Introduction of Albuquerque Press Club

The Albuquerque Press Club is tucked away in the energetic city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and calls with a seductive aura from another planet. Beyond its modest exterior, a ghostly atmosphere descends, a whispering witness to the innumerable stories woven into the fabric of its life. A further depth of mystery is added by the high desert environment.

Albuquerque Press Club Marker
Albuquerque Press Club Marker – Credit codypolston

History of Albuquerque Press Club

Built in 1903 as The Whittlesey House, the current home of the Albuquerque Press Club started as a family residence. With a Norwegian Villa-inspired design featuring low pitch roofs and rustic log facades, it offered unmatched views of the Sandias, the river, and the volcanoes. Originally standing in isolation, it presented a picturesque scene in contrast to its haunting reputation today.

Despite its scenic origins, the Club building is infamous as one of the state’s most haunted places. Locals share stories of ‘Mrs. M,’ a ghostly figure clad in a black shawl, said to inhabit the premises. From the mysterious sound of high heels to the piano playing on its own, the building’s eerie tales persist, creating an unsettling atmosphere within this historic structure.

Now a haven for journalists, the Albuquerque Press Club holds significance not just for its architectural charm but also for the spectral narratives that cling to its history. From a family home to a hub for creatives, it stands as a unique intersection of architecture, history, and the supernatural, drawing in enthusiasts eager to explore its haunted legacy.

Former Whittlesey House
Former Whittlesey House – Credit codypolston

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Wandering Spirit – Ghost of Mrs. M

Within the Albuquerque Press Club, a spooky mythology begins to emerge. It is a story that is whispered among regulars and discussed in low voices. Here, the former private club turned historic home is under the eerie influence of “Mrs. M’s” ghostly presence. She appears in the shadowy corners as an enigmatic figure wearing a black shawl that seemed to withstand the passing of time.

‘Mrs. M’ appears, her ghostly presence a terrifying reminder of a bygone period, moving fluidly between the ethereal and the concrete. Fans of the mysterious atmosphere of the club relate spine-tingling stories of high heels tapping on the floor, a disconcerting echo that echoes through the hallways when people should be sleeping. The piano, an inanimate observer of phantom performances, spontaneously produces eerie tunes through the manipulation of its keys by invisible hands. A haunting dance takes shape, enthralling onlookers with every mysterious tone and resounding step.

The story goes that ‘Mrs. M’ intertwines her haunting history into the very fabric of the Albuquerque Press Club. She transforms into an ethereal guardian, her presence audible in the ghostly echoes of piano keys and heels, as well as felt in the flickering shadows. The club, once a home away from home for families, is now a sanctuary for more than the living, with the paranormal antics of a woman from another era witnessed within its doors.

Moving Items – Haunted Pool Table

There is a haunting rumor in the maze of stories that reverberate through the Albuquerque Press Club. It is a ghost story that is whispered among those who have experienced the touch of the unknown. Make your way down to the club’s basement levels, where a spooky story that blends the real and the strange centers on a pool table.

The tradition begins with murmurs from the living and moves on to ghostly echoes, weaving a tale of mysterious happenings in the room below. The once-vibrant pool table turns into a paranormal stage. Strange stories of ghost voices chatting in the dark and the atmosphere thick with ghostly presences are told by witnesses. Normal pool balls turn into haunting instruments, rolling and colliding with an unseen hand as if a ghostly game is being played in the shadows.

But the strange story doesn’t end there. According to reports, the pool balls set out on their own ghostly trip in minutes without being noticed by humans. When no mortal eye is on the table, a ghostly musician reorganizes them, a quiet dance in the eerie embrace of the Albuquerque Press Club.

The story of the club thus becomes entwined with the mythology of the haunted pool table. The sound of phantom chats and the invisible shuffle of the pool balls linger, luring patrons through the club’s hallways to witness an eerie show. The Press Club becomes a spectral arena—a haunting stage where the seen and the unseen dance endlessly—in the mysterious zone where the tangible and the ethereal converge, leaving a frightening legacy for those who go into its gloomy depths.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Albuquerque Press Club

Famous for its eerie mystique and rich history, the Albuquerque Press Club has been featured in a number of supernatural-themed television shows and documentaries. It was particularly important in the suspenseful series “Ephemeral Echoes: Unraveling Enigmatic Shadows,” in which detectives explored the spooky stories and terrifying experiences that took place within the mysterious club’s walls.

In the realm of literature, the Albuquerque Press Club has become the focal point of works like “Haunted Albuquerque” by Cody Polston and “Ghosts of Old Town Albuquerque” by Cody Polston. These literary creations meticulously peel back the layers of the club’s spectral past, weaving narratives that captivate and chill in equal measure.

The Club is still a fascinating place to go today for people who are interested in the paranormal and the fascination of history. Known for its intriguing and frightening atmosphere that reflects the ghost stories it tells, this historic site has a magnetic influence in popular culture that draws in history buffs and those who are interested in the paranormal.

How can I visit Albuquerque Press Club?

Embark on a captivating journey through New Mexico’s history with our guided walking tour in Old Town Albuquerque. Starting at the Hotel Albuquerque, explore centuries-old buildings, including the renowned Albuquerque Press Club, where chilling tales of ‘Mrs. M’ and ghostly echoes await. Wander through the Albuquerque Museum Sculpture Gardens, Old Town Plaza, and a preserved 1890s one-room schoolhouse.

But this isn’t your average tour – it’s a delve into Albuquerque’s haunted history. Beyond the Press Club, visit other haunted spots for an immersive experience in the supernatural. Conclude your adventure at the Sawmill Market, where cultures mingle, and ghostly stories unfold. Book your tour now to unravel haunted mysteries, savor local drinks, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Albuquerque’s past and paranormal.


The mysterious murmurs of the Albuquerque Press Club’s eerie past follow you into the starry night of the desert as you regretfully wish it goodnight. The ghosts appear to be bidding a phantom farewell, as the sounds of long-gone revelers and journalists reverberate through the air. The enigmatic force you’ve come into contact with within these walls is a persistent presence that seeps into your awareness. The line between the real and the supernatural becomes more hazy the farther you venture from this secret haven, and you are left with a lasting impression that the mysteries of the Press Club will always be revealed in the dark corners of your consciousness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the Albuquerque Press Club located?

A: Albuquerque Press Club is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Q: Are there any haunted legends associated with the Albuquerque Press Club?

A: Indeed, the club is shrouded in eerie tales. One legend speaks of ‘Mrs. M,’ a spectral figure in a black shawl, haunting the premises. Her ghostly presence has been reported by regulars, with echoes of high heels and phantom piano tunes adding to the supernatural mystique.

Q: Is it true that voices and movements are associated with the pool table at the Albuquerque Press Club?

A: Yes, the haunted pool table is at the center of chilling accounts. Witnesses have reported spectral voices and balls moving on their own accord. In moments unseen, pool balls mysteriously rearrange, creating an unsettling dance in the dimly lit room downstairs.

Q: Are there other ghostly encounters documented at the Albuquerque Press Club?

A: Beyond ‘Mrs. M’ and the haunted pool table, there are tales of unexplained phenomena throughout the club. Witnesses have reported eerie whispers, mysterious footsteps, and inexplicable cold spots, contributing to the overall haunted reputation of the venue.

Q: Is a guided tour available for the Albuquerque Press Club and the haunted locales in Old Town Albuquerque?

A: Absolutely! Immerse yourself in the intriguing history and supernatural tales of the Albuquerque Press Club with our guided walking tour. Led by knowledgeable guides, the tour not only explores the haunted halls of the Press Club, featuring the legendary ‘Mrs. M’ and eerie echoes, but also ventures to other haunted spots in Old Town.

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