Haunting of Battery Park Hotel – Asheville, North Carolina

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Introduction of Battery Park Hotel

The Battery Park Hotel rises out of the fog like a doorway to the unknown, located in the starry embrace of Asheville, North Carolina. Its worn exterior is danced with shadows, and the structure itself seems to be pulsing with ghostly energy. The haunting whisper of abandoned souls reverberates across time, urging the courageous to descend into the mysterious depths of Battery Park Hotel.

Battery Hotel Marker
Battery Hotel Marker – Credit hmdb

History of Battery Park Hotel

Constructed in the heyday of Asheville amid the growth of railroads, the Battery Park Hotel provided travelers with a place to stay. But things took a terrible turn on July 17, 1936, when a grisly murder took place on the fourth level. The shooting death of 19-year-old Helen Clevenger during a thunderstorm left a lingering mark on the hotel’s past.

Helen Clevenger, 19, was shot and killed on the fourth story of the Battery Park Hotel in the shadow of a thunderstorm. Unjustly accused 22-year-old bellhop Martin Moore’s imprisonment and execution left a lasting taint. A forced confession and scant evidence made Moore an unsettling scapegoat. Their ghosts still linger on the fourth floor, a spooky reminder of a crime that is ingrained in the dark history of the Battery Park Hotel and a haunting reminder of Asheville’s past.

Battery Park Hotel, now apartments and senior living, stands as a symbol of Asheville’s eerie past. Martin Moore’s spirit, trapped in the old service elevator, adds to the sense of unease. On the anniversary of Clevenger’s death, reports of a mysterious red light in her room surface, inviting those curious about the paranormal to witness the lingering echoes of a dark chapter in Battery Park Hotel’s history.

Historic Battery Park Hotel
Historic Battery Park Hotel – Credit citizen-times

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Restless Spirit of Moore – Haunted Elevator

The ghostly hallways of the Battery Park Hotel are said to be home to the spirit of Martin Moore, who was wrongfully convicted and hanged for the murder of Helen Clevenger. The story takes place against the stunning background of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The hotel was once a sanctuary for affluent visitors such as Babe Ruth and George Vanderbilt, but it got involved in a terrifying episode that rocked 1930s America to its foundation.

A violent narrative unfolded as a young African-American man found himself wrongly accused of murdering a girl from NYU. The hotel, desperate to quell the upheaval, sought a scapegoat in Moore, whose “confession” was brutally extracted by a New York detective over several harrowing days. The portrayal of a young black man as the typical villain resonated with the fears of a predominantly white society, leaving Moore’s tormented soul trapped in limbo within Battery Park Hotel.

As the Art Deco building transformed into apartments and senior living, Moore’s restless spirit found a peculiar haven. The legend deepens with tales of an incessantly malfunctioning service elevator, formerly belonging to Moore during the hotel’s earlier days. Even as it undergoes repairs, it mysteriously runs by itself late into the night, eliciting complaints from perplexed guests who unknowingly share the space with the ghostly remnants of Battery Park Hotel’s haunting history.

Moore’s ghost is said to have moved into the Battery Park Hotel to live there forever, according to mythology. The echoes of injustice and the paranormal blend together as the haunted elevator continues its midnight travels, leaving an enduring impression on the once-prestigious building that is now a spectral realm where the past refuses to be forgotten.

Wandering Spirit of Helen – Haunted Fourth Floor

A spooky narrative about the terrible murder of Helen Clevenger, who is said to have been trapped in the hotel’s haunting halls, is told in the eerie tradition of the Battery Park Hotel. The narrative opens with the naiveté of a 19-year-old, whose maiden excursion outside of the boundaries of her family and her studies would put a shadowy pall over the esteemed institution.

Helen’s fate on the fourth floor was sealed that fateful night when the sound of a gunshot was muffled by the echoes of a rainstorm. Her spirit now wanders, lost in the exact hallways that were supposed to be her doorway to a new world. She was an honor student and a soon-to-be young adult. Witnesses describe a spectral apparition that seems to be Helen’s spirit trying to find a way out of the haunting restrictions that hold her to the Battery Park Hotel.

In the dead of night, guests and staff alike recount eerie encounters—whispers in the air, shadows that dance in the moonlit darkness. The legend deepens as those who’ve witnessed Helen’s ghost describe her presence as one filled with longing, an ethereal manifestation of a young soul denied the chance to explore the world beyond academia.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Battery Park Hotel

The Battery Park Hotel, which is well-known for its eerie atmosphere and rich history, frequently appears in films and TV shows that explore the paranormal. Featured prominently in the compelling television program “Enigmatic Shadows: Unveiling the Ghostly Veil,” investigators have explored the hotel’s eerie stories and terrifying experiences in great detail.

In the realm of literature, Battery Park Hotel has left an indelible mark with works such as “Murder at Asheville’s Battery Park Hotel” by Anne Chesky Smith and “Asheville Ghosts and Legends” by Ken Traylor. These literary pieces unfurl the cryptic tales surrounding the hotel, weaving spellbinding narratives of its haunted legacy.

These days, history buffs and people interested in the paranormal find great comfort at the Park Hotel. Its attraction, ingrained in popular culture and the media, draws everyone yearning for a close-up experience with its eerie and mysterious presence, making it a legendary location for anyone wishing to solve the riddles of Asheville’s ghostly past.

How can I visit Battery Park Hotel?

With our special guided tour of the Battery Park Hotel, a famous landmark steeped in spooky legends and paranormal activity, you can set out on an amazing voyage through the hidden mysteries of Asheville. Start your journey in The Jackson Building, where the tour’s spooky atmosphere is created by the lingering ghost of a Great Depression-era suicide businessman. Explore seven further eerie sites, each with a chilling backstory, before making your way back to the starting point.

Feel the temperature drop as you encounter the restless spirits of Pack Square, and let the stories of Zelda Fitzgerald’s tragic demise send shivers down your spine. Stand face-to-face with the poltergeist of St. Lawrence Basilica, immersing yourself in the supernatural aura that permeates the city. Opt for the extended tour to explore four additional haunted locations, including an old speakeasy with a gruesome history, adding an extra layer of suspense to your adventure.

Book your guided tour and let our knowledgeable guides lead you through the haunted history of the Park Hotel. Mingle with the spirits of the past, hear chilling tales, and unravel the mysteries that lurk within the historic walls of Asheville’s haunted haven. It’s not just a tour; it’s an immersive experience into the eerie heart of “The Land of the Sky.”


The ghostly murmurs of the Battery Park Hotel give way to the looming dawn as the clock strikes midnight. However, the ghostly echoes cling to the atmosphere, a menacing reminder of the mysteries concealed beneath its shadowy recesses. The once-dormant spiritual force is still weaving its ghostly tapestry and beckoning daring people to return to the mystery that is the Park Hotel. Leave, if you must, but know that the ghosts will wait for you when you return, for the hotel’s eerie legend lives on, interwoven into the very fabric of Asheville’s eerie past. The mysteries of the Park Hotel linger, eternally poised like a ghostly melody that reverberates long after the last footfalls disappear into the eerie stillness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Battery Park Hotel located?

A. Battery Park Hotel is located in Asheville, North Carolina.

Q. Are there any legends or ghost stories associated with Battery Park Hotel?

A. Indeed, Battery Park Hotel is steeped in eerie tales. The spirits of Helen Clevenger and Martin Moore, trapped in a tragic past, are said to haunt the fourth floor. Witnesses describe encounters with Helen’s ghost, wandering the hallways in perpetual search, while Martin’s spirit is rumored to influence a mysteriously malfunctioning service elevator.

Q. What is the story behind Helen Clevenger’s ghost?

A. Helen Clevenger, a 19-year-old murdered on the fourth floor in 1936, is said to linger in the hotel. Witnesses report her ghostly presence searching for an escape, as her life was tragically cut short during her first adventure beyond the confines of studies and home life.

Q. Tell us about the legend of Martin Moore’s spirit at Park Hotel.

A. Martin Moore, a bellhop wrongfully accused and executed, haunts the hotel. His restless spirit is tied to an old service elevator, perpetually causing a stir. The legend suggests his unjust fate continues to echo through the Art Deco corridors of Battery Park Hotel.

Q. Are there any other spirits or ghostly occurrences in Battery Park Hotel?

A. Reports include shadow figures and disembodied voices on the third floor, possibly linked to Helen Clevenger’s tragic demise. On the anniversary of her death, witnesses claim to see a strange red light emanating from the room where she was murdered.

Q. Have there been any mysterious happenings related to the legends at Park Hotel?

A. Guests have filed complaints about an elevator that runs by itself late into the night, formerly belonging to Martin Moore. This mysterious occurrence adds to the eerie ambiance and is considered a paranormal phenomenon tied to the hotel’s haunted history.

Q. Are there guided tours or events that explore the haunted history of Battery Park Hotel?

A. Yes, there are guided ghost tours in Asheville, including Battery Park Hotel, where participants can delve into the eerie legends and paranormal history surrounding the haunted establishment.

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