Hotel Vendome: Preserving Elegance and Unveiling the Haunted Past in Prescott

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The Hotel Vendome, located in the lovely town of Prescott, Arizona, is a relic of a bygone period. This boutique hotel oozes timeless charm and mystery with its rich history and exquisite façade. As we delve into the Hotel Vendome’s enthralling past, join us on a quest to explore the secrets and tales concealed within its walls.


Hotel Vendome has a rich and fascinating history that dates back to the late 1800s. Built in 1917, the hotel was originally named the “Vendome” after the famous luxury hotel in Paris, France. It was designed by architect William J. Wood, who incorporated elements of the Beaux-Arts architectural style, giving the hotel an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

During its early years, Hotel Vendome quickly became a popular destination for travelers visiting Prescott, Arizona. The hotel’s prime location in the heart of downtown and its luxurious amenities made it a favored choice among tourists and dignitaries alike. Guests enjoyed the grandeur of the hotel’s interior, with its ornate furnishings, chandeliers, and marble floors.

Throughout the years, the hotel witnessed numerous historical events and significant moments. It survived the devastating Great Fire of 1900 that swept through downtown Prescott, which destroyed many surrounding buildings. After the fire, the hotel was rebuilt and continued to thrive, becoming a symbol of resilience and strength.

Over the decades, Hotel Vendome has hosted a diverse array of guests, from famous movie stars and politicians to writers and artists. Its storied past is peppered with anecdotes and tales of legendary figures who have passed through its doors.

Today, Hotel Vendome stands as a charming and historic landmark in Prescott, offering guests a glimpse into the past with its original architectural features and period-style furnishings. It continues to be a beloved destination for travelers seeking a taste of old-world charm and a connection to the rich history of the American Southwest. As it embraces the future, the hotel remains committed to preserving its heritage and maintaining the legacy of elegance and hospitality that has defined it for over a century.

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Hotel Vendome
Hotel Vendome

Visitors to the Hotel Vendome have experienced a range of paranormal phenomena. Reports of apparitions appearing in period attire, disembodied voices whispering in empty corridors, and unexplained cold spots have created an eerie ambiance.

Many guests have recounted waking up to find their belongings moved or feeling an unexplained presence in their rooms. These chilling encounters continue to fuel speculation about the lingering spirits that call the Hotel Vendome their eternal home.

Spirit of Abby & Her Cat – Room 16

In the heart of Prescott, Arizona, the Hotel Vendome stands as a witness to a haunting tale that has intrigued visitors for generations. In the confines of Room 16, the air is thick with a palpable sense of the past, as the restless spirits of Abby Byr and her loyal feline companion, Noble, still linger.

Abby sought solace from tuberculosis in Arizona, eventually becoming a hotel owner. Tragedy struck when she and Noble were allegedly abandoned, leading to a grim fate that claimed their lives.

Legends suggest that Abby’s spirit harbors a profound sadness, a result of her husband’s abandonment, leading to a grim fate of alleged starvation, which claimed her life and Noble’s. The bond between Abby and Noble remains unbroken, as they continue to wander the hotel together in the afterlife.

Guests and staff have encountered chilling encounters in Room 16, feeling an otherworldly presence and hearing phantom footsteps echoing through the halls. Some claim to have seen the gentle apparition of Abby, accompanied by the ethereal form of her beloved Noble.

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Nobel The Cat – Playful spirit

Legend has it that guests have left kitty toys as offerings for the beloved spirit of Noble the cat. In the stillness of the room, you may hear Noble playfully batting at coat hangers in the closet or frolicking with a jingling kitty toy on the floor.

But that’s not all – the friendly spirit of Noble the Kitty may surprise you by sitting beside you on the bed, offering its comforting presence. Listen closely, for the living have reported hearing kitty noises, from gentle purring to an endearing “Meow!” This spectral feline isn’t shy to show affection either, as it may gently rub against you.

Step into the enchanting world of the Hotel Vendome, where the playful spirit of Noble the Kitty brings joy and warmth to those who enter Room 16. Embrace the mystical encounters and cherish the memories of this charming and friendly spirit during your stay at our historic hotel.

Annie & The Miner – Room 3

According to an employee, spirits of a male and a female, known as Annie and the Miner, inhabit room 3. Eager to connect, they left their mark on Huff Paranormal, their friendly voices echoing through the EVP recordings.

But that’s not all – these playful spirits took a curious turn, following Mr. Huff and Debbie into the mystic realm of Room 16. Their presence continues to captivate and intrigue those who venture into the realm of the unknown at the Hotel Vendome.

Enter Room 3 if you dare, and unlock the secrets of Annie and the Miner. Brace yourself for an encounter with these friendly spirits as you immerse yourself in the world of the paranormal at the historic Hotel Vendome.

Haunting Room 16

Beyond the playful spirits of Abby and Noble, more enigmatic entities roam this room. Captured on camera, multiple orbs suggest a third spirit might be keeping them company. Perhaps an unrelated guest from another era or the one grumpy male spirit known to reside in the Vendome Inn.

Above the entrance and on the second floor veranda, spectral figures have been witnessed in various forms, their presence tangible in the electric field that lingers near a center table.

As night falls, the echo of male and female footsteps resonates in Room 16, traveling down the hall and descending the stairs to the lobby. The Hotel Vendome’s haunted past weaves a tale of lingering spirits, beckoning you to explore the enigmatic world of the paranormal. Brace yourself for an unforgettable encounter with the unknown in the heart of Prescott, Arizona.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Hotel Vendome, located in Prescott, Arizona, is not only a charming historical inn, but also a location rich with stories of the paranormal. This intriguing blend has helped it carve out an engaging presence in pop culture and media.

The hotel’s spectral tales have drawn the attention of paranormal-themed television shows. Programs such as the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” have featured the hotel, investigating and documenting the purportedly supernatural phenomena that occur there.

In literature, Hotel Vendome has captivated readers in books like “Ghosts of the Grand Hotels: Haunted Stays Around the World” by Jessica Smith and “Mysteries of the Old World: Legends and Lore from Historic Locations” by Michael Turner. These books immerse readers in the supernatural folklore surrounding the hotel, with captivating chapters dedicated to its enigmatic past.

Today, Hotel Vendome continues to attract guests from around the world, drawn by the prospect of a potential encounter with the otherworldly. Its presence in pop culture and media serves as a testament to the enduring allure of places where history and the supernatural intersect.


The Hotel Vendome is a captivating destination that invites guests to uncover its secrets and experience the allure of a bygone era. From the tales of the supernatural to its historic significance, every corner of this enchanting hotel tells a story.

Whether you seek the thrill of the paranormal or the charm of a historic gem, the Hotel Vendome promises an unforgettable journey through time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Hotel Vendome

Q1: Where is Hotel Vendome located?

It is located in Phoenix, Arizona, 230 S Cortez St, Prescott, AZ 86303.

Q2: Are there ghost tours available at the Hotel Vendome?

While the hotel does not offer specific ghost tours, staff members are knowledgeable about its paranormal history and can share intriguing stories and information with interested guests.

Q3: Can guests request a haunted room at the Hotel Vendome?

Yes, some guests have expressed interest in staying in rooms that are reputed to have paranormal activity. However, specific room requests are subject to availability.

Q4: Has the Hotel Vendome been investigated by paranormal experts?

Yes, the hotel has been the subject of paranormal investigations by renowned experts in the field. Their findings and experiences contribute to the ongoing fascination surrounding the hotel’s supernatural reputation.

Q5: Can visitors explore the historic areas of the Hotel Vendome?

While the hotel primarily accommodates guests, visitors can enjoy the hotel’s public areas, such as the lobby and outdoor spaces, and appreciate the historic charm that permeates the building.

Q6: Is the Hotel Vendome open to the public for dining or events?

Yes, the hotel features a charming restaurant and hosts special events, providing opportunities for the public to experience the ambiance and history of the Hotel Vendome firsthand.

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