McMenamins Edgefield: Spirits and Stories in a Haunted Hotel

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  • Date: 20 January 2024
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Introduction of McMenamins Edgefield

Welcome to McMenamins Edgefield, a place where the veil between the living and the supernatural grows thin located in Portland, Oregon.

Embrace the chilling aura that surrounds this historic property as we delve into the haunting mysteries and ghostly tales that have captivated visitors for generations. Step cautiously, for the spirits of Edgefield may just reveal themselves as you wander through its enigmatic corridors.

History of McMenamins Edgefield

Nestled amidst the tranquil landscapes of Portland, Oregon, McMenamins Edgefield holds a captivating history that spans over a century. Originally established in 1911, this expansive property began its journey as the Multnomah County Poor Farm. Its primary purpose was to provide shelter and care for society’s most vulnerable, including the indigent, mentally ill, and elderly.

In those early days, Edgefield served as a self-sustaining community, with residents engaged in farming, gardening, and various crafts. However, the somber reality of its role also led to a cemetery being established on the grounds, a final resting place for those whose stories were often forgotten.

In 1947, the property underwent a transformation, becoming the Multnomah County Home for the Aged. The elderly found solace within its walls, yet the echoes of the past never truly faded away. The building’s history seemed to seep into every corner, giving rise to tales of eerie encounters and ghostly apparitions. In the 1960s, the property took on yet another identity, this time as the Edgefield Manor Nursing Home. However, the passage of time only deepened its mystique, with employees and residents alike reporting strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena.

Decades later, in 1990, the McMenamin brothers breathed new life into Edgefield, transforming it into the captivating destination it is today. The property was lovingly restored, and its original buildings now house restaurants, bars, theaters, and cozy guestrooms.

McMenamins Edgefield
McMenamins Edgefield | Credit: edgefieldmcmenamins

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Step into the enigmatic world of McMenamins Edgefield, where the veil between the living and the paranormal grows thin.

Embrace the chilling allure of this historic property as we delve into the haunting mysteries and ghostly encounters that have left visitors mesmerized and spooked for generations.

Spirit Cleaning Of McMenamins Edgefield

In the haunting shadows of McMenamins Edgefield lies a chilling tale, whispered through the ages—a story of the property’s dark past as a poor house that sheltered countless souls. After the McMenamins acquired the estate, a sinister discovery came to light during a harrowing “spirit” cleansing. As the cleansing unfolded, an eerie revelation emerged in room 215—a gathering of animal bones meticulously arranged in the form of a large pentagram.

The strange energy that permeates the building comes as no surprise, for the echoes of the past still linger within its hallowed halls. The restless spirits of those who sought refuge within Edgefield’s walls seem to haunt the present, leaving guests and staff alike unsettled by their spectral presence.

McMenamins Edgefield
McMenamins Edgefield | Credit: edgefieldmcmenamins

Ghostly Mother & Her Baby

Deep within the mysterious grounds of McMenamins Edgefield, an unsettling legend emerges from the shadows—the enigmatic tale of unmarked graves that may just be true. Among these spectral whispers, one haunting story tells of a new mother, grief-stricken as her child succumbed to the cruel grip of chickenpox. Together, mother and child were laid to rest on the property, forever bound to Edgefield in both life and death.

An eerie presence pervades the upper floors, where guests have reported hearing the anguished mother’s voice, desperately trying to soothe her crying child. Each night, as the clock strikes midnight, staff members share chilling accounts of her spectral lullabies, nursery rhymes that weave through the air like an ethereal spell. The melodies are hauntingly soothing, yet they bear a sense of melancholy that touches the heart.

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Violent Ghosts

Within the shadowy confines of McMenamins Edgefield, a chilling legend unfolds—a tale of unwelcome spirits that lurk in the darkness. As tempestuous storm clouds gathered on a fateful night, a trembling guest alerted the management, gripped by an unsettling sensation of being watched within her room.

The manager responded promptly, accompanying the distressed woman as they ventured back to her chamber for a thorough search. Just as the manager prepared to depart, a disembodied voice pierced the air, sending shivers down their spines—a haunting command to “Get out!”

The uneasy guest’s discomfort was undeniable, prompting an urgent request for a room change. Even the experienced manager couldn’t shake the sensation that an unnatural presence had breached the realm of the living. As the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, he couldn’t help but wonder what malevolent forces lingered within the walls of McMenamins Edgefield.

McMenamins Edgefield
McMenamins Edgefield | Credit: edgefieldmcmenamins

Haunted 215 Room – Elderly Ghost

Within the eerie confines of McMenamins Edgefield, a spine-chilling tale unfolds—one that warns of a spirit not to be taken lightly. As one brave staff member assisted a guest to their room, an unseen force dared to make its presence known. A slight push on her back sent a shiver down her spine, leaving her trembling with fear. This unnerving encounter would forever be etched in her memory as one of the “scariest” experiences of her life.

Many reports speak of an elderly woman who roams the halls, stirring the midnight air with her spectral presence. Guests have recounted being gently awakened by the feeling of a gentle tap on their shoulder. A flowery perfume often precedes her ethereal touch, serving as an ominous harbinger of her visit. Staff members warn that she is among the friendlier apparitions at Edgefield, but her unpredictable temper demands caution.

Room 215 is said to be her domain, and those who dare to displease her by leaving it in disarray will bear the brunt of her wrath. Flinging clothing about the room and even out the window, the elderly woman makes her displeasure abundantly clear. In the quiet hours of the night, guests may find themselves at the mercy of this formidable spirit, a reminder that not all ghosts at Edgefield are to be trifled with.

As you bid farewell to McMenamins Edgefield, the echoes of its spectral past linger in your mind. The property’s eerie reputation continues to intrigue and captivate those who venture into its historic embrace. Whether you seek spectral encounters or historical tales, the mysteries of McMenamins Edgefield will forever linger in the realms of the otherworldly.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of McMenamins Edgefield

Enveloped in an enigmatic past and shrouded in eerie allure, McMenamins Edgefield has captivated the attention of paranormal enthusiasts and history aficionados alike. The property has been a focal point in television shows and documentaries exploring the realm of the supernatural, with investigators delving into its ghostly tales and chilling encounters.

Its spectral reputation has also etched a lasting legacy in literature, with books like “The Haunting of Edgefield Manor: Book 2 of the Dreamist series”  by Kim Pooveyand and “Haunted Portland:: From Pirates to Ghost Brides” by Roxie J. Zwicker , delves into the mysterious stories surrounding the property. These literary works offer captivating narratives that leave readers questioning the boundary between the living and the departed.

Today, McMenamins Edgefield stands as a must-visit destination, luring intrepid souls with an insatiable curiosity. Its historic charm and the enigmatic aura of its past beckon visitors to embrace an immersive experience within its haunted embrace. The property’s timeless allure continues to cast a spell, drawing all who dare to explore the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.


As your time at McMenamins Edgefield comes to a close, the echoes of its spectral past linger in the air. The mysteries and unexplained phenomena that shroud this historic property continue to perplex and thrill those who dare to explore its haunted history.

As you depart, the lingering question remains: did you truly walk alongside the living, or did the shadows conceal spectral companions who roam this otherworldly domain?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is McMenamins Edgefield located?
A: McMenamins Edgefield is located in Troutdale, Oregon, United States. The address is 2126 SW Halsey St, Troutdale, OR 97060.

Q. Is McMenamins Edgefield haunted?
A: Many guests and staff members have reported eerie encounters and unexplained occurrences, leading to widespread belief in the property’s haunting. The mysterious history of Edgefield only adds to the allure of its spectral reputation.

Q. Is McMenamins Edgefield known for its haunted history?
A. Yes, McMenamins Edgefield has a chilling reputation for its haunted history, stemming from its past as a poor house and the restless spirits of those who sought refuge there. Guests and staff have reported eerie encounters and unexplained phenomena within the property’s hallowed halls.

Q. What is the significance of room 215 at McMenamins Edgefield in the haunting tales?
A. Room 215 holds a mysterious past, where a spirit cleansing revealed an arrangement of animal bones in the form of a large pentagram. Additionally, the room is associated with the presence of an elderly ghostly woman who is known to roam the halls and demonstrate her displeasure by flinging objects if the room is left untidy.

Q. Are ghostly encounters limited to room 215, or do they occur throughout McMenamins Edgefield?
A. Ghostly encounters have been reported throughout McMenamins Edgefield, not limited to room 215. Guests and staff have experienced chilling encounters with restless spirits, unexplained sounds, and unsettling sensations throughout the property.

Q. Are there guided ghost tours or events at McMenamins Edgefield for those interested in exploring the haunted history?
A. McMenamins Edgefield may offer guided ghost tours or events for those interested in delving into the property’s haunted history. Visitors can inquire with the staff about any scheduled ghost tours or activities to explore the spectral tales and legends surrounding the estate.

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