Mission Point Resort – Mackinac Island, Michigan

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The hauntingly alluring Mission Point Resort is located on the mysterious shores of Mackinac Island, Michigan. A sense of mystery permeates the serene surroundings and soft breezes, luring you into a world where mystery and history meet. Prepare to be immersed in an unsettling tapestry of the past and present as you enter this island hideaway, where the beauty of nature hides tales just waiting to be discovered.

Mission Point Resort
Mission Point Resort – Credit Liza Lagman Sperl


Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island, Michigan, is steeped in history dating back to the 19th century and stands as a testament to the passage of time. The area was originally devoted to education and spiritual enlightenment when it was still known as the Mackinac College in the late 1800s. This laid the groundwork for a location that would later develop into a haven for those looking for both recreation and the paranormal.

In the early 20th century, the resort transitioned into the Missionary College Hotel, offering a retreat for those seeking solace and reflection. Over time, it evolved further into Mission Point Resort, a charming destination that blended its historical legacy with modern amenities.

However, it was during the mid-20th century that the resort gained an aura of mystery. Whispers of paranormal encounters began to circulate, with guests and staff sharing tales of unexplained footsteps, eerie apparitions, and spectral laughter echoing through its corridors. These reports solidified Mission Point Resort’s enigmatic reputation and made it a fascinating subject for paranormal enthusiasts.

Mackinac College – Credit missionpoint

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Prankster Henry – Murder Victim

There is a mythology tucked away in Mission Point Resort’s past that centers on the ghostly apparition of a man by the name of “Henry.” His naughty exploits and unsettling incidents have contributed significantly to the resort’s personality and fascinate both tourists and locals.

The tale transports us back to the bygone era of Mackinac College, a brief chapter in the island’s past spanning from 1966 to 1970. A student named Henry, whose true identity remains veiled, emerged as a key figure in this story. Amid the academic hustle, he fell deeply in love with a fellow student, giving rise to a story tinged with both passion and sorrow.

Tragedy struck during a winter as Henry mysteriously disappeared. When spring arrived, the heart-wrenching truth emerged – his lifeless body was found in nearby woods, seemingly a result of suicide. However, not everyone accepted this explanation.

Henry’s spirit persisted at Mission Point Resort. His playful pranks became a hallmark, letting guests encounter the supernatural. Beds meant for one became sites of spectral amusement. Mattresses would bounce as if under an unseen weight, and at times, visitors felt the sensation of an invisible presence beside them.

The resort’s theater, known for being haunted, turned into Henry’s preferred spot. His mischievous antics thrived, especially when female guests were present. His trademark became gentle pinches, pokes, and light disturbances – a mix of laughter and a touch of unease.

Ghost of Lucy – Sick Ghost

There is a spooky tale of a young ghost named Lucy that is tucked away in the history of Mission Point Resort. Her unforeseen and tragic fate, intertwined with the island’s past, has irrevocably changed the vibe of the resort.

The tale harks back to a time when Mackinac Island was the backdrop for a heartrending event. Lucy, a young girl, fell seriously ill while on the island. Urgent matters necessitated her parents’ departure to Detroit, leaving Lucy in the care of others. Tragically, fate moved swifter than their return, and Lucy’s life was extinguished before her parents could be by her side.

The essence of Lucy’s spirit lingered on at Mission Point Resort, where her presence defied the boundaries of the mortal realm. Both locals and tourists have shared encounters with an apparition – that of a little girl – often spotted on the resort’s balcony. Eerie echoes of a youthful voice resound, calling out for her absent mother and father.

Ghostly Sounds & Other Restless Spirits

A terrifying mythology of lingering ghosts is intertwined with the history of Mission Point Resort. Tragedies such as drownings in lagoons, pools, and cliff jumps have stained the history of the land, leaving behind an ethereal presence that still haunts the location.

The story takes us to the unsettling aftermath of various incidents that unfolded on the resort’s grounds. Drownings in serene lagoons, within pools that once mirrored laughter, and from cliffs that offered a breathtaking view. Each life lost imprinted an indelible mark on the site.

As time flows on, the ethereal realm intertwines with the tangible. Guests of today find themselves privy to inexplicable phenomena. Unexplained echoes of gunshots slice through the air, leaving an eerie imprint. Mysterious humming’s reverberate, seemingly carried by the wind. These are the whispers of spirits that never found peace.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Mission Point Resort, renowned for its extensive history and captivating aura, has attracted attention as a result of documentaries and TV programs delving into its mysterious past. The resort was notably featured in the series “Unveiling Secrets: Journey into the Unknown,” which explored its eerie legends.

In the literary world, Mission Point Resort is highlighted in books such as “Haunts of Mackinac” by Todd Clements and “Ghosts of Mackinac Island” by Jeffrey Fisher. These books delve into the eerie tales that surround the resort, offering a glimpse into its spectral narrative.

Even today, history fans and anyone who are interested in the paranormal must go to Mission Point Resort. You are invited to experience an atmosphere that is both intriguing and tinged with the unknown because of its presence in media and society.


There are ghostly whispers and remnants of old tales in the air as your time at Mission Point Resort comes to an end. Every rustling leaf and secret passage on Mackinac Island leave an enduring impression, serving as a reminder that they conceal the mysteries of bygone periods. Your stay here is a chapter in the ongoing story of Mission Point’s eerie attraction, whether it be due to the resort’s magnificence or the secrets of the island.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is Mission Point Resort located?
A: Mission Point Resort is nestled on the picturesque Mackinac Island, offering a unique escape in the heart of Michigan.

Q: Are there any legends associated with Mission Point Resort?
Indeed, the resort is steeped in legends. One such legend tells of “Henry,” a mischievous spirit who met an untimely end on the island, leaving his playful presence to linger within the resort’s walls. Another legend involves Lucy, a young ghost with a heartrending story.

Q: What is the story behind Henry, the mischievous spirit?
Henry was a student at the short-lived Mackinac College. His passionate romance and mysterious disappearance led to speculations about his tragic fate. Some believe he met a darker end than initially thought, possibly at the hands of a jealous rival.

Q: Can guests experience any paranormal activities related to Henry?
Yes, visitors have reported encountering Henry’s playful spirit firsthand. Beds mysteriously bounce, and some guests have felt the sensation of an unseen presence lying beside them. The resort’s theater is also a hotspot for his antics, often delighting and surprising guests.

Q: Are there other spirits believed to inhabit the resort?
Yes, the resort’s history is marked by drownings and tragedies, leaving behind lingering spirits. Mysterious sounds like gunshots and humming’s have been reported, hinting at their continued presence. Lucy, a young girl who died suddenly, is another presence that’s said to linger.

Q: What is the story behind Lucy, the young ghost?
Lucy fell seriously ill on the island, and her parents had to leave for business in Detroit. Tragically, she passed away before they could return. Now, her apparition is often spotted on the resort’s balcony, and guests claim to hear her voice calling for her parents.

Q: How do these legends impact the resort’s ambiance?
The legends infuse the resort with an eerie charm, bridging the gap between the past and the present. The whispers of these spirits and their tales become a part of the atmosphere, inviting guests to explore a side of history beyond the ordinary.

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