Myrtles Plantation: Haunted Gem

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Situated in the enchanting town of St. Francisville, Louisiana, the Myrtles Plantation stands as a captivating historical landmark enveloped in an air of mystery and hauntings.

Known for its distinctive Southern charm and rich history, this plantation holds secrets that beckon both the curious and the paranormal enthusiasts.


Myrtles Plantation
Myrtles Plantation | Credit: goldentickettohistory

The history of Myrtles Plantation is steeped in rich Southern heritage, dating back to the early 19th century. The plantation’s story begins with General David Bradford, who acquired the land in 1796. He built a small wooden home on the property, which would later become the foundation for the grand mansion that stands today.

David Bradford, also known as “Whiskey Dave,” was a prominent figure in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791. Fearing arrest, he fled to Louisiana and settled in the St. Francisville area. Bradford purchased the land and expanded the original structure, creating a thriving plantation.

After David Bradford’s death in 1808, the plantation was sold to the Stirling family from Pennsylvania. Judge Clark Woodruff, a relative of the Stirling family, married Sarah Matilda Stirling and took over the plantation in the mid-1800s. Under Judge Woodruff’s ownership, the house underwent significant renovations, transforming it into the stately Greek Revival mansion that we see today.

During the Civil War, the Myrtles Plantation, like many other Southern properties, was impacted by the conflict. The Woodruff family faced financial challenges, and the plantation changed hands multiple times.

Tragically, Sarah Matilda Stirling Woodruff passed away in 1851, leaving Judge Woodruff and their children grief-stricken. This heartbreaking event marked the beginning of a series of misfortunes that would further add to the plantation’s haunting reputation.

Regardless of the historical accuracy of the Chloe legend, the plantation has had a long-standing reputation for being haunted. Visitors and residents have reported various paranormal encounters, such as ghostly apparitions, strange noises, and unexplained occurrences throughout the house and its grounds.

Paranormal Activities Encountered at the Myrtles Plantation

The Legend of Chloe

In the eerie embrace of Myrtle Plantation, a haunting legend comes alive—the chilling saga of Chloe, the tormented slave seeking retribution. Beyond the official records of Yellow Fever deaths, a darker truth lingers.

Abused and exploited by Clarke Woodruff, Chloe’s rage festered. Eavesdropping on sinister secrets, she hatched a malevolent plot. Her weapon? A cake infused with deadly poison. The results were catastrophic—Sara, James, and Africa Gale met a gruesome end, their lives claimed by the lethal treat.

But Chloe’s story didn’t end there. The enslaved community silenced her, hanging her and discarding her lifeless body like a broken doll. Yet, her spirit refused to rest. Guests at Myrtle Plantation feel her ghostly presence, a spectral figure lurking in the shadows, a green turban masking her tortured past.

The children’s spirits haunt the estate too, Africa Gale gazing mournfully from an upstairs window. Captured in eerie photographs, Chloe’s phantasmal form defies explanation. Legends are born at Myrtle Plantation, where the past refuses to stay buried, and the vengeful spirit of Chloe remains eternally bound.

The Tragic Tale of William Winter

Myrtle Plantation conceals a chilling enigma—a tale of financial ruin and a baffling murder. Seeking aid during the Civil War, Mrs. Striling enlisted attorney William Drew Winter to manage the plantation’s finances. Yet, post-war, they found themselves penniless, their assets worthless. Forced to sell, they later reclaimed their beloved estate, but fate had far more in store.

In 1871, a fateful gunshot resonated through the air, claiming Winter’s life on the plantation’s porch. Who was E.B. Webber, the elusive assailant? The mystery shrouds the reason for the brutal attack. In his final moments, Winter valiantly climbed the stairs, leaving a trail of phantom blood on the 17th step.

Myrtle Plantation echoes with Winter’s ghostly presence. Night after night, the haunting sound of stumbling footsteps ascends the stairs, vanishing into thin air upon investigation. Witnesses swear they’ve encountered Winter’s apparition, desperately crawling up the steps, seeking help from beyond.

The legend of William Drew Winter etched into the very fabric of Myrtle Plantation, where the past refuses to rest and the truth remains forever enigmatic.

The Haunting of the Voodoo Girl

Myrtle Plantation harbors a chilling tale of a young girl’s tragic demise in 1867. The cause of her death remains shrouded in mystery, but the attempts of a Voodoo priestess to save her through arcane rituals only added to the eerie aura. Guests claim to have encountered her vengeful spirit, practicing Voodoo on them as they slumber unsuspectingly in the very room where she took her last breath.

The echoes of the Civil War also resonate within these haunted walls. Three ill-fated Union soldiers ventured into the plantation to plunder its treasures, only to meet a grisly end at the hands of Confederate soldiers. Their bloodstains permanently etched onto the floor, defying any efforts to erase the haunting reminders of the past.

To this day, some have borne witness to the ghastly sight of their lifeless bodies, forever trapped in a spectral pool of blood on the house’s first floor.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Step into the eerie world of Myrtle Plantation with spine-chilling documentaries like “The Haunting of Myrtle Plantation.” Unravel the ghostly tales and unexplained phenomena that shroud this infamous estate. Get lost in the haunting narratives of “Ghosts Along the Mississippi: The Magic of Myrtle Plantation” by Harnett T. Kane. Discover the chilling history and restless spirits that linger within its walls.

Watch as Myrtle Plantation takes the spotlight in popular shows like “Ghost Adventures” and “Haunted History,” captivating audiences with its enigmatic allure. From Southern Living to Paranormal Underground, magazines explore the chilling allure of Myrtle Plantation, drawing readers into its haunted mysteries.

Prepare to be spellbound as you venture into the haunted past of Myrtle Plantation, where history and the supernatural collide in a mesmerizing blend of mystery and intrigue.


The Myrtles Plantation serves as a testament to the magnificence of the past and the enigmatic nature of the paranormal. Its compelling history, ghostly legends, and eerie encounters make it an irresistible destination for those seeking a brush with the supernatural.

As you step foot into the Myrtles Plantation, be prepared to be transported to another time, where the echoes of tragedy intertwine with the ethereal whispers of the present.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Myrtles Plantation

Q1: Where is the Myrtles Plantation located?

The Myrtles Plantation is located in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

Q2: Who originally built the Myrtles Plantation?

The Myrtles Plantation was originally built by General David Bradford.

Q3: What is the legend of Chloe at the Myrtles Plantation?

Chloe is an enslaved woman associated with the Myrtles Plantation. According to local legend, she poisoned members of the Woodruff family as an act of revenge for her mistreatment.

Q4: Are there other ghostly encounters reported at the Myrtles Plantation?

Yes, aside from Chloe, many other ghostly encounters have been reported at the Myrtles Plantation, including shadowy figures, phantom footsteps, and other unexplained phenomena.

Q5: Is the Myrtles Plantation open to the public?

Yes, the Myrtles Plantation is open to the public as a museum and historical landmark.

Q6: Can visitors take guided tours at the Myrtles Plantation?

Yes, guided tours are available at the Myrtles Plantation, allowing visitors to explore its history and learn more about its ghostly legends and paranormal activity.

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