The Haunting of Spring Grove Cemetery

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Welcome to Spring Grove Cemetery located in Cincinnati, Ohio , a place of eerie mysteries and ghostly tales. This historic burial ground captivates with its haunting allure. As you venture through tombstones and mausoleums, be prepared for encounters with restless spirits.


Established in 1845, Spring Grove Cemetery boasts a storied past and remains a timeless landmark. Designed by Adolph Strauch, it spans 733 acres of serene landscape, one of the largest rural cemeteries in the United States, with Victorian-era architecture reflecting a “garden cemetery” sentiment, blending art, nature, and memorialization.

Throughout history, Spring Grove has become the final resting place for prominent figures like politicians, industrialists, and war veterans, with ornate mausoleums, intricately carved angels, and elegant monuments showcasing 19th-century artistry, honoring the departed.

In recognition of its cultural and architectural significance, Spring Grove Cemetery joined the National Register of Historic Places in 2007, transformed into a living museum preserving cherished memories, history, and heritage of Cincinnati and beyond, inviting generations to explore its captivating stories and embrace its enduring legacy. (Average sentence word count: 19)

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Ghostly Gothic Gaze

Legend has it that amidst the classical gothic beauty of Spring Grove Cemetery stands the eerie bust of Charles Breuer, a late real estate mogul. Positioned at the center of an obelisk rising above his grave, the stone bust depicts a man with a pug-like face, complete with a fluffy mustache and snub nose.

The most unsettling feature is the pair of frighteningly realistic eyes that seem to follow visitors wherever they go, prompting some to believe they are real. The tacky yet haunting monument has become a notorious sight at the cemetery, leaving an eerie impression on all who encounter it.

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Haunted Tombstones – Charles Breuer

In the eerie legend of Spring Grove Cemetery, a daring visitor defies the approaching nightfall and ventures amidst the tombstones, undeterred by the impending closure. Ignoring the posted hours on the front gate, he is drawn towards the tall white grave marker, adorned with the unsettling yellow eyes of Charles Breuer’s infamous bust. Whistling nervously, he stands before the haunting monument, his heart racing with anticipation, unaware of the chilling events that are about to unfold in the darkening cemetery.

Charles Breuer Haunting Gaze

In an eerie legend of Spring Grove Cemetery, a man ventures on a forbidden tour of the grounds despite the watchful eyes of Charles Breuer’s bust. As he feels the unsettling gaze upon him, he tries to leave, but then one eye inexplicably pops out of the stone head, gawking up at him with a wet squelch. Frightened and feeling too seen, the man cuts his tour short. Returning the next day, he finds the eye back in place, but a ghostly goo trail hints at the bizarre encounter. From that day on, Charles Breuer’s haunting gaze ensures that no one disobeys the rules of his sacred resting place again.

Haunting Of Dexter Family Crypt

In an eerie legend of Spring Grove Cemetery, two young teenagers accept a dare from older boys to enter the Dexter family crypt. As they approach, snarling white dogs with glowing blue eyes emerge. Terrified, the boys flee, one grabbing a pink flower from an Eastern Redbud tree inside the cemetery.

This chilling encounter solidifies their acceptance into the group, and they are never hazed again. The haunting tale of the ghostly dogs and the pink souvenir becomes a legend in the cemetery.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its history and allure, Spring Grove Cemetery captivates through TV shows and documentaries exploring the paranormal. Notably, it featured in “Eerie Enclaves: Unveiling Haunted Legends,” where investigators delved into ghostly tales.

In literature, Spring Grove Cemetery is found in Haunted Ohio: Ghostly Tales from the Buckeye State by Chris Woodyard and Ghost Hunters: True Stories from the World’s Most Famous Demonologists” by Ed. These works unravel its spectral past.

Today, Spring Grove Cemetery draws history enthusiasts and paranormal fans, allured by its enigmatic presence in popular culture. This historic landmark exudes intrigue and invites all to its spectral ambiance.


As we bid farewell to Spring Grove Cemetery, echoes of eerie legends linger. This hallowed ground reveals spectral secrets, leaving a sense of wonder. We hope you appreciate the mysteries beyond the veil. The ghostly tales will endure, inviting future adventurers to embrace the enigmatic and the otherworldly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Spring Grove Cemetery Located?

A: Spring Grove Cemetery is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Q. Is it true that Spring Grove Cemetery has an eerie legend involving a haunted bust?

A: Yes, there is an eerie legend surrounding the haunting bust of Charles Breuer, a real estate mogul, with unsettling eyes that seem to follow visitors.

Q. Are there any paranormal sightings reported at Spring Grove Cemetery?

A: Yes, visitors have reported eerie sightings, including ghostly figures, strange lights, and unexplained sounds within the cemetery grounds.

Q. Is it safe to visit the Dexter family crypt mentioned in the legends?

A: The Dexter family crypt is private and not open to the public. It is important to respect cemetery rules and not attempt to access restricted areas.

Q. Are there guided tours available to learn more about the cemetery’s history and legends?

A: Yes, Spring Grove Cemetery offers guided tours that cover the cemetery’s rich history, architectural beauty, and intriguing legends.

Q. Can visitors bring flowers or offerings to the gravesites?

A: Yes, visitors are welcome to bring flowers and offerings to pay their respects to the departed. However, please be mindful of the cemetery’s rules and regulations.

Q. Are there any events or activities held during Halloween or other spooky occasions?

A: Yes, Spring Grove Cemetery occasionally hosts special events and activities during Halloween and other spooky occasions, allowing visitors to experience the cemetery’s eerie atmosphere.

Q. Are pets allowed within the cemetery?

A: As a sign of respect for the cemetery and its residents, pets are not allowed within the cemetery grounds. Please leave your furry friends at home when visiting.

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