Stone Lion Inn – Guthrie, Oklahoma

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Step into the quaint town of Guthrie, Oklahoma, and you’ll find yourself standing before the formidable Stone Lion Inn. Its weathered façade exudes an unsettling charm, inviting you to uncover the secrets that have seeped into its very foundations.


Stone Lion Inn stands as a testament to Guthrie, Oklahoma’s rich history, its roots tracing back to the late 19th century. In 1907, merchant F.E. Houghton constructed the inn as a family home, a beacon of architectural charm.

The inn’s narrative took intriguing twists, evolving from a residence to a funeral parlor during the 1920s, and later embracing its role as a cozy bed-and-breakfast. Amid these transitions, Stone Lion Inn held onto the echoes of its past, a living archive of whispers that reverberated within its walls.

A highlight of the inn’s history lies in its association with Guthrie’s prominent past as the first capital of Oklahoma. This connection adds layers to its character, intertwining tales of pioneers, the bustling boomtown era, and the legacy of generations.

Over time, the inn’s allure expanded, captivating visitors and enthusiasts who were drawn not just to its architectural elegance, but also to the tales of inexplicable occurrences. In the present day, Stone Lion Inn stands as a conduit to history, an embodiment of an era both distant and uncannily alive, as evidenced by the creaks and murmurs that inhabit its chambers.

Stone Lion Inn
Stone Lion Inn – Credit skasgaard

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Little Augusta Houghton

Stone Lion Inn harbors a spectral secret—a tale that unfurls with the name Little Augusta Houghton. Amid the hallowed corridors of the inn, a mysterious presence arises—the ghostly footsteps of Little Augusta Houghton, echoing her journey up and down the stairways.

During a time around 10:00 pm, the Luker boys kept their toys in a storage closet. No matter how neatly they tidied up, each night witnessed the return of childish footsteps on the back staircase, leading to the third-floor playroom. Upon investigation, the toys would be strewn across the playroom floor. Not even a lock could halt this nightly ritual.

Little Augusta’s enigmatic activities don’t stop there. Her playful gestures include patting sleeping guests’ faces and tugging on their feet. On occasion, she even takes a rest on one of the beds, her presence a poignant search for a maternal figure.

Little Augusta Houghton injects an eerie charm into the narrative of the Stone Lion Inn. Her spectral footfalls and playful interactions form an indelible chapter in the inn’s history. In the quiet embrace of the night, her mischievous spirit roams freely, embodying the unbreakable bond between mother and child, even in realms beyond the living.

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Haunted Basement – Man In Black Suit

Deep within the inn’s basement, a spectral male figure materializes, captivating the attention of witnesses. Dressed in an archaic black suit and a towering top hat, this mysterious entity casts an eerie shadow that lingers in the memory.

Maids working within the inn have recounted unsettling sightings of this male apparition, often glimpsed behind the heating system. His presence, though unseen, leaves an undeniable sense of unease. Despite strict no-smoking policies, the supernatural defies convention. An entity, cloaked in the past, indulges in a spectral cigar. The scent of smoke fills the air, a haunting reminder of his ethereal presence.

One particularly unsettling encounter involves a guest’s experience. Wrestling with a persistent ceiling fan light, she retired to bed, leaving it on. Yet, a heavy presence settled upon her, as an unseen force switched off the light. A silent intervention from beyond, providing an inexplicable twist to her night.

Guest Chilling Encounters

As guests ventured into the realm of the Stone Lion Inn, a tapestry of haunting tales began to unfurl—stories that left an indelible mark on those who crossed its threshold.

From the moment guests set foot inside the Stone Lion Inn, whispers of eerie encounters began to circulate like ripples in water. These haunting experiences took various forms. Among the most curious, the apparition of a child or children frolicking in the rooms, their laughter and play echoing in the air. Strangely, these spectral figures appeared even in the absence of living children within the inn’s walls.

Mummy of the House - Stone Lion Inn
Mummy of the House – Credit beca1031

Guests reported a peculiar phenomenon of items being moved—personal belongings left in rooms seemingly shifting of their own accord. This unexplained occurrence added to the enigmatic aura that permeated the inn.

A particularly chilling tale involves guests who claimed to have been tucked into bed by unseen hands. The sensation of being embraced by an invisible presence left them both unnerved and intrigued, especially when they discovered that no one else was present.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its storied history and chilling magnetism, the Stone Lion Inn has taken center stage in a myriad of TV shows and documentaries delving into the enigmatic world of the supernatural. Notably, it commanded attention in the captivating series “Unveiling Shadows: Haunting Chronicles,” where investigators delved deep into the inn’s spectral narratives and spine-tingling encounters.

In the literary realm, the Stone Lion Inn has left an indelible mark through works like “Haunted Oklahoma: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena” penned by Jeff Provine and “Ghosts of Guthrie” by Lara Bernhardt. These literary pieces unravel the ghostly tales associated with the inn, weaving compelling accounts of its mysterious past.

Even today, the Stone Lion Inn beckons history enthusiasts and seekers of the supernatural, allured by its captivating presence within pop culture and media. A destination steeped in history and imbued with an eerie ambiance, this legendary inn offers an immersive journey into the realms of the unknown and the spectral.


As you bid farewell to the mystique of Guthrie, the enigma of the Stone Lion Inn remains etched in your memory. The whispers of forgotten voices and the phantom footsteps that echo down its corridors serve as a reminder that some stories are never truly extinguished. The inn stands as a testament to the mysterious forces that linger in the shadows, a place where past and present intertwine in an eerie dance that continues long after you’ve departed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where Is Stone Lion Inn Located?
The Stone Lion Inn is located in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Q. Are the eerie tales of spectral children in the rooms true?
Indeed, numerous witnesses have reported glimpses of childlike apparitions at the Stone Lion Inn, their laughter and playful activities echoing through the chambers, even when no living children are present.

Q. Have guests really experienced their belongings moving on their own?
Yes, guests have shared baffling accounts of items shifting inexplicably within their rooms at the Stone Lion Inn, leaving them with a sense of the uncanny.

Q. Is it true that unseen hands tuck guests into bed?
Absolutely. Several guests have recounted a peculiar sensation at the Stone Lion Inn—feeling as though they were being tucked into bed by an invisible presence, a haunting experience that defies explanation.

Q. What kind of apparitions have been sighted at the inn?
Apart from childlike figures, a male entity wearing a tall top hat and an old-fashioned black suit has been witnessed in the basement area of the Stone Lion Inn, adding to its eerie reputation.

Q. Are there documented instances of guests encountering cigar smoke?
Yes, despite a strict no-smoking policy, the scent of cigar smoke has been detected by visitors at the Stone Lion Inn, a manifestation attributed to a spectral entity’s enjoyment of a cigar.

Q. Have there been any investigations into the paranormal phenomena?
Indeed, the Stone Lion Inn has garnered attention from paranormal enthusiasts and investigators alike, drawn by the compelling stories of ghostly encounters and unexplained events.

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