Timber Ridge Cemetery – Catoosa, Oklahoma

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Timber Ridge Cemetery is hidden in Catoosa, Oklahoma’s shadows. This sacred ground awakens with whispers of restless spirits as dusk falls over the landscape; it is a location where time and memory entwine in unnerving harmony.

Timber Ridge Cemetery Graves
Timber Ridge Cemetery Graves – Credit Heavenstye


Established in the late 19th century, Timber Ridge Cemetery stands as a testament to the connection between the living and the departed in Catoosa’s early settlement days. It preserves the stories of pioneers, families, and individuals who shaped the town’s history.

The name “Timber Ridge” has significance outside of Catoosa, it should be noted. The same-named historic Presbyterian church is located close to Lexington, Virginia. The church, which was constructed in 1756, underwent renovations in 1871 and again in 1899–1900. Its gable-roofed gray limestone building evokes the city’s former appearance.

The church’s property includes a cemetery, hosting tombstones dated as early as 1773. This historical significance led to its listing on the National Register of Historic Places in 1969, highlighting its enduring legacy. Exploring Timber Ridge Cemetery allows you to touch the threads of history, connecting a local cemetery with echoes of a distant church and a past that extends beyond time and space.

Timber Ridge Cemetery Church
Timber Ridge Cemetery Church – Credit Jetta Earhart

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Cycling Ghost

Deep within Timber Ridge Cemetery lies a place known as “Haunted Hollow.” The name originates from a tragic incident in 1989 when a Native American boy on his bicycle was fatally struck by a car along the roadside.

The legend speaks of the boy’s lingering spirit, forever tied to the site of his untimely death. Witnesses share tales of spotting the boy’s ghost, cycling as he once did in life. Some claim to have felt a jolt, as if hitting something with their car, only to discover a bloody handprint on their vehicle upon inspection.

As time has passed, Haunted Hollow’s reputation has attracted both the curious and the doubtful. Some hope to glimpse the spectral figure, while others aim to debunk the mysteries. The legend has embedded itself into Timber Ridge Cemetery’s history, blurring the lines between reality and the unexplained.

Regardless of belief, the Haunted Hollow legend has become an integral part of Timber Ridge Cemetery’s narrative. The memory of the boy and his bicycle, along with the eerie tales of his afterlife presence, persist as a timeless enigma. Through generations, this story remains an enduring thread in the tapestry of local lore.

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Chilling Encounters – Nosebleeds & Floating Orbs

As one approaches Timber Ridge Cemetery, an array of inexplicable occurrences has given rise to a peculiar legend. From sudden nosebleeds to the sight of ethereal orbs hovering above the graves, and even reports of the cemetery gate swinging open without human intervention, a tapestry of mysteries envelops this sacred ground.

Those who have walked past Timber Ridge Cemetery have recounted strange happenings that defy easy explanation. Some have experienced unexpected nosebleeds, their presence near the graves seemingly triggering an inexplicable bodily response. Others have reported witnessing luminous orbs that defy the laws of the natural world, casting an otherworldly glow above the resting places of the departed. Additionally, the cemetery’s entrance gate has gained notoriety for its tendency to swing open of its own accord, as if beckoning both the living and the beyond.

These unexplainable events have given rise to an air of intrigue around Timber Ridge Cemetery. Visitors and locals alike have shared their encounters, each story weaving a larger narrative of the uncanny. The enigmatic nature of these phenomena fuels discussions and debates about the boundaries between our reality and the realm of the supernatural.

Mysterious Hog Creature

Within the shadows of Timber Ridge Cemetery, one individual’s experience stands as a testament to its enigmatic aura. The witness recalls a fateful encounter with a peculiar creature that defies explanation. Described as a hog-like entity, its legs shattered and twisted, the sight was a haunting blend of the unnatural and the horrifying. The mere memory of this apparition continues to evoke fear in the witness’s heart.

Moreover, this encounter is not an isolated incident. Amidst the silence and gravestones, other visitors have reported the presence of ethereal floating lights. These luminous orbs dance between the graves, casting an eerie glow that defies logical explanation.

Such encounters have cemented Timber Ridge Cemetery’s reputation as a site of intrigue and trepidation. The stories, passed down through hushed conversations, create a mosaic of the inexplicable, challenging perceptions of reality and the beyond.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Shrouded in an aura of mystery and history, Timber Ridge Cemetery has cast its enigmatic spell, attracting the curious and the intrepid alike. Notably, Timber Ridge Cemetery played a pivotal role in the gripping series “Whispers from Beyond: Haunted Chronicles,” where investigators peeled back the layers of its spectral past, unearthing chilling encounters and ghostly tales.

Beyond the screen, Timber Ridge Cemetery’s haunted reputation has also found its way into literature. Works like “The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide” by Michelle Belanger and “True Ghost Stories: Real Haunted Cemeteries and Graveyards” by Zachery Knowles delve into the spine-tingling stories and eerie phenomena that have woven themselves into the fabric of the cemetery’s history.

In the present day, Timber Ridge Cemetery beckons to both history enthusiasts and seekers of the supernatural. Its ethereal ambiance, coupled with its enduring presence in media and literary works, continues to draw those intrigued by the convergence of the tangible and the mysterious. As you step into its realm, remember that the boundary between the living and the unseen is thin, and the echoes of the past linger like whispers in the wind.


The past remains like a melancholy tune amidst Timber Ridge Cemetery’s eerie calm. The rustling leaves and distant creaks say you farewell as you leave, but the stories inscribed in this hallowed land will always be there, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to cross over into the realms of the dead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is the location of Timber Ridge Cemetery?
A. Timber Ridge Cemetery is nestled within Catoosa, Oklahoma, serving as a solemn resting place for departed souls.

Q. What is the legend associated with Timber Ridge Cemetery?
A. The cemetery has garnered a mystique, with tales of strange occurrences abounding. Among these legends, stories of a Native American boy’s ghost on a bicycle and eerie floating lights have captivated the community’s imagination.

Q. Can you elaborate on the legend of the Native American boy on a bicycle?
A. Certainly. According to local lore, in 1989, a Native American boy tragically lost his life in an accident involving a car while riding his bicycle near the cemetery. Witness accounts claim that his spirit and bicycle can be seen along the roadside.

Q. Are there any reported paranormal experiences at Timber Ridge Cemetery?
A. Yes, indeed. Visitors have reported unsettling encounters, including inexplicable nosebleeds, sightings of eerie orbs above graves, and even tales of a hog-like creature with broken legs. These stories contribute to the aura of mystery surrounding the cemetery.

Q. Is there any documentation of the floating lights mentioned in the legend?
A. While there is no scientific proof, numerous witnesses have shared their experiences of witnessing ethereal floating lights that seemingly defy natural explanations. These accounts have persisted over time.

Q. What about the cemetery gate opening on its own? Is there any evidence of this phenomenon?
A. Witnesses have indeed reported instances of the cemetery gate swinging open without apparent human interaction. While no definitive evidence exists, these anecdotes have contributed to the unsettling reputation of the cemetery.

Q. How has the legend impacted Timber Ridge Cemetery’s reputation?
A. The tales of the Native American boy’s spirit, the unusual creature, and the floating lights have embedded themselves in the collective consciousness. Timber Ridge Cemetery has become a site of curiosity, drawing visitors who seek to experience or debunk its mysteries.

Q. Are there any tours or events centered around Timber Ridge Cemetery’s legends?
A. While the cemetery itself may not officially organize tours or events, its eerie reputation has sparked interest among paranormal enthusiasts, historians, and those intrigued by the unexplained. Local tours occasionally include stops to share the cemetery’s legends and stories.

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