What does the Bible say about Mediums?

  • By: Timothy Rose
  • Date: 4 August 2023
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What does the bible say about mediums

Throughout time, mankind has been mystified by mediums and their capacity to communicate with the spirit world. This piece investigates what the Bible says regarding this contentious question.

Historically, mediums were thought of as a bridge between the living and the dead. People often turn to them for solace and counsel from beyond. Nonetheless, what does the Bible say in regards to such practices? Investigating the scriptures reveals a web of references that bring to light a complicated picture.

The Bible warns against consulting mediums or participating in divination activities involving speaking to spirits. These activities were viewed as a sin to God and were strictly prohibited among the Israelites. Leviticus explicitly states, “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them” (Leviticus 19:31).

However, there are cases in the Bible where encounters with spirits occur. For instance, King Saul consults a medium prior to a battle, which ends up having dire repercussions and leads to his downfall. This serves as a lesson, signaling the peril associated with these activities.

Different Christian denominations have opposing views on the subject of mediums. Some think these restrictions were tailored to ancient cultures and don’t apply nowadays. While others believe these warnings are still applicable and should be heeded by believers.

Although there is no clear-cut answer, studying what the Bible has to say about mediums provides valuable knowledge on Christianity. At the end of the day, people must make up their own minds and search for wisdom from dependable religious leaders when facing this intricate terrain.

Definition of Mediums

Mediums are linked with activities such as divination, channeling, and necromancy. They use tarot cards, crystal balls, or seances to communicate with the spirit world. Some claim clairvoyance, while others look to spirit guides or entities for advice.

The Bible speaks against mediums. God’s word states that believers should only seek guidance from Him as this practice is an abomination. It also warns of severe consequences for those who employ mediums. Plus, there is a risk of being deceived by evil spirits pretending to be deceased loved ones or helpful entities.

Paranormal Communication and Bible

The Bible’s Perspective on Mediums

The Bible confirms the presence of mediums. But it does not approve of people consulting them for advice or communication with the spiritual world.

AspectMentioned in the Bible?
Source of TruthNo

It clearly tells us that consulting these mediums is not recommended. Instead, it encourages believers to get guidance from God.

It is noteworthy that the Bible does not suggest mediums as a source of truth. Rather, it is God’s Word and His Spirit that guide believers.

Fun Fact: King Saul consulted a medium called Endor to speak to the prophet Samuel in 1 Samuel 28:3-25.

Interpretation and Controversies

Interpretations of the Bible’s stance on mediums have been a source of debate among believers for centuries. Some view mediums as having supernatural abilities to communicate with spirits, while others believe that engaging with them is forbidden. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Interpreting the Bible, some think it does not explicitly condemn communication with spirits, but warns against seeking guidance from them.
  • There is a consensus among scholars that practicing occult activities such as divination or spirit conjuring are unanimously condemned.

Note that interpretations may vary beyond these points. Understanding the context and consulting reputable biblical scholars can provide further insights.

Throughout time, tales of mediums and their interactions with spirits have enthralled people. From the witch of Endor in King Saul’s time to modern-day psychic phenomena, stories of humans trying to bridge the gap between the earthly and spiritual realms continue to fascinate us. Examining both biblical text and cultural beliefs over different eras allows us to gain an understanding of how interpretations of mediums have changed over time.

Onwards to our next exciting topic: ‘The Role of Prophets.’

Paranormal Communication and Bible

Analysis of Various Views

When it comes to spirituality, the concept of mediums is a contentious one. To comprehend the different angles of this debate, let’s look at a table outlining the key ideas from every point of view.

View 1Mediums are able to communicate with spirits. They offer advice and knowledge from the other side.
View 2The Bible warns against seeking help from mediums. It is seen as going against God’s power.
View 3Some read the Bible as prohibiting all forms of mediumship. Others think it can be used in the right way.

By looking at the various perspectives, we can gain a better understanding of the complexity surrounding mediums. Throughout history, people have had differing opinions. Some see them as links between the spiritual world and us, while others see them as doing something forbidden.

As students of the world, we should approach this topic with an open mind. Evaluate the different views and decide which resonates with your own spirituality. Don’t be afraid to look into the different beliefs and discuss them. Take the opportunity to learn more about mediums and spirituality.


The Bible condemns mediums as practitioners of divination and necromancy. It’s seen as idolatry, as it involves turning to supernatural beings other than God. Plus, consulting mediums opens up to deception and spiritual harm.

The answer? Prayer, meditation and seeking counsel from trusted spiritual leaders. This aligns with a faith-centered life, without relying on external sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the Bible say about mediums?

The Bible clearly condemns the practice of seeking guidance from mediums or spiritists. In Leviticus 19:31, God warns against consulting mediums, stating that it defiles a person. It is also mentioned in Deuteronomy 18:10-12 that those who practice divination, witchcraft, or consult the dead are an abomination to the Lord.

2. Are all mediums regarded as evil in the Bible?

While the Bible strongly discourages seeking guidance from mediums, not all individuals who claim to have mediumistic abilities are necessarily evil or intentionally deceptive. However, the practice itself is considered sinful, as it involves seeking spiritual guidance from sources other than God.

3. Are there any instances of mediums mentioned in the Bible?

Yes, the Bible does mention instances where people engaged with mediums or sought supernatural guidance. One such example is when King Saul consulted the medium of Endor to summon the spirit of Samuel in 1 Samuel 28. However, this story highlights the negative consequences and strong disapproval associated with such practices.

4. Can Christians consult mediums or seek guidance from psychics?

No, Christians are advised against consulting mediums or seeking guidance from psychics. The Bible encourages believers to seek spiritual guidance from God alone, through prayer and the study of His Word. Relying on mediums can open the door to deception and lead believers away from the truth.

5. What should Christians do if they have previously consulted a medium?

If a Christian has previously consulted a medium, it is crucial to repent and turn away from such practices. Confession and seeking forgiveness from God is important in restoring fellowship with Him. It is wise to seek guidance from biblical pastors or mentors who can help provide spiritual guidance and support during this process.

6. Are there any biblical alternatives to seeking guidance from mediums?

Absolutely! The Bible encourages believers to seek guidance from God through prayer, reading His Word, and seeking wisdom from godly mentors or pastors. The Holy Spirit, who dwells within all believers, can provide guidance and direction in all areas of life.

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