Cherokee Strip Museum – Perry, Oklahoma

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The Cherokee Strip Museum is located amid Perry, Oklahoma’s windswept plains. A realm where time distorts and the creaking hallways are filled with echoes of lost souls. Be ready to meet the spectral remains of history as you enter; each artifact serves as a window into a bygone era. The mysteries of the past beckon, ready to be revealed.


The Cherokee Strip Museum boasts a history rich with transformation. Once the Alva General Hospital, established in 1911, it provided solace to the ailing and wounded during challenging times like the Spanish Flu and World War I.

Fast forward to a new era, the hospital evolved into the Cherokee Strip Museum. Within its walls, history takes center stage. Exhibits narrate the story of the 1893 Cherokee Strip Land Run, recounting the struggles and aspirations of early settlers.

The museum harmoniously marries its medical past with tales of pioneers. This unique blend of narratives invites visitors to explore a continuum of time – a tapestry woven with the threads of human experience.

Today, the Cherokee Strip Museum stands as a living testament, a bridge between the past and the present. Stepping into its embrace means traversing history itself, where the echoes of the hospital’s healing touch and the pioneers’ ambitions create a symphony of our shared heritage.

Old Cherokee Strip Museum
Old Cherokee Strip Museum – Credit Wikimedia

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Ghostly Piano Notes

At the heart of the Cherokee Strip Museum, a renowned legend has captured the attention of visitors and staff alike. This tale revolves around the museum’s reception area and its peculiar piano. The legend speaks of a mysterious occurrence: the piano plays by itself, but only when the room is empty.

In this chilling legend, the piano takes center stage, revealing its eerie secret. Numerous times, witnesses have recounted the eerie experience of hearing melodies emanating from the piano’s keys without any human touch. This strange phenomenon consistently happens when the room is devoid of any living soul.

Over time, the phenomenon has intrigued both skeptics and believers. The courageous souls who dared to investigate the source of the music would enter the reception area, only to find it utterly vacant. The music would fade, leaving behind a sense of wonder and a perplexing question: what could be responsible for this unexplained occurrence?

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Floating Orbs

This tale revolves around the sacred space that holds the Indian artifacts display. Here, tales of strange lights and mysterious orbs have stirred curiosity, yet the origin of these lights remains forever shrouded.

Transitioning into the realm of the unexplained, the legend unfolds, shedding light on the perplexing phenomena that envelop the Indian artifacts exhibit. Witnesses have recounted multiple instances of encountering inexplicable lights and orbs that weave a spectral ballet around the sacred relics. These manifestations appear without warning, captivating all who glimpse them.

Throughout the museum’s history, these occurrences have sparked awe and speculation among those who experience them. As courageous visitors step into the exhibit, they are enveloped in an ethereal ambiance, drawn to the mesmerizing play of lights. However, the true nature and purpose of these lights remain an unsolved riddle.

Spirits Of Patients

Embedded within the history of the Cherokee Strip Museum lies a captivating tale that has seized the attention of all who cross its threshold. This narrative revolves around the museum’s past as a hospital, and the lingering spirits that are believed to inhabit its rooms. While the hospital’s record doesn’t bear a sinister mark, the prevailing notion is that the spirits that haunt the museum today are those who experienced unsuccessful surgeries in a time when medical capabilities were limited.

There have been numerous complaints of icy cold spots since it was converted into a museum. These sudden manifestations of unexplainable coldness leave onlookers perplexed and trembling. Ghostly whispers have been heard coming from empty rooms, a strange phenomenon that only adds to the atmosphere of unease. The museum’s eerie reputation has come to be defined by these audio apparitions.

Over time, these tales of encounters have woven themselves into the fabric of the museum’s existence. Both visitors and staff have been drawn into the intrigue of these happenings, sparking speculation and awe. As they navigate the museum’s corridors, they become participants in a dance between the world of the living and the spectral unknown.

Cherokee Strip Museum Interior
Cherokee Strip Museum Interior – Credit Matt Howry

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its historical significance and uncanny mystique, the Cherokee Strip Museum has been a focal point in various television programs and documentaries exploring the enigmatic realm. Notably, it took center stage in the captivating series “Echoes of the Past: Unveiling Haunted Chronicles,” where investigators delved into the museum’s spectral narratives and spine-chilling encounters.

Within the realm of literature, the Cherokee Strip Museum has solidified its presence in books such as “Haunted Oklahoma: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Sooner State” by Jeff Provine  and “Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma” by Mike Ricksecker. These literary works unveil the eerie tales enshrouding the museum, presenting enthralling accounts of its otherworldly history.

Presently, the Cherokee Strip Museum stands as an essential destination for history enthusiasts and seekers of the supernatural alike. Its captivating resonance in popular culture and media infuses it with an aura of fascination and the uncanny, extending an invitation to all who yearn for an immersive journey through its spectral corridors.


As you exit the Cherokee Strip Museum, the echoes of history’s enigmatic whispers cling to your thoughts. The stories of bygone souls are etched into the very walls, a reminder that the past’s secrets never truly fade. The museum’s corridors may be left behind, but its spectral tales will forever linger, a haunting imprint on the fabric of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is the Cherokee Strip Museum located?
A. The Cherokee Strip Museum is situated in Perry, Oklahoma, right at the heart of the town.

Q. What is the history of the Cherokee Strip Museum building?
A. The Cherokee Strip Museum building has a rich history, originally serving as a hospital. This past has contributed to the intriguing legends and stories that surround the site.

Q. Are there any legends associated with the museum?
A. Yes, the museum is steeped in legends that have captured the imagination of visitors and staff. One notable legend speaks of a piano in the reception area that plays on its own when the room is empty. Another tale revolves around mysterious lights and orbs seen around the Indian artifacts display.

Q. What are the reported paranormal activities at the museum?
A. Visitors and staff have reported a range of eerie experiences, including sudden cold spots that defy explanation and ghostly whispers echoing in empty spaces. These phenomena add to the museum’s mysterious atmosphere.

Q. How do the legends impact the museum experience?
A. The legends and paranormal activities contribute to the museum’s unique ambiance. Visitors often find themselves drawn into the enigma, sparking curiosity and contemplation about the intertwining of history and the supernatural.

Q. Have there been investigations into the paranormal activities?
A. Yes, over the years, various paranormal investigators and enthusiasts have explored the museum’s mysteries. Their findings and experiences have further added to the allure of the museum’s legends.

Q. Can visitors experience the eerie phenomena firsthand?
A. While there is no guarantee of encountering paranormal activities, many visitors have reported witnessing the strange occurrences, from unexplainable cold spots to the sounds of whispered conversations in vacant areas. The museum offers a chance to potentially experience these enigmas.

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