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The Union Station Hotel, located in the center of Nashville, Tennessee, is a magnificent reminder of a bygone era. Visitors are enticed to enter a realm where the past and the unknown are intertwined by the gorgeous architecture and rich history of the area.


Union Station Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, boasts a remarkable history dating back to its inception in the late 19th century. Constructed in 1900, it originally served as a bustling railway terminal, a vital link during the peak of the railroad era.

Designed by architect Richard Montfort, the hotel’s architecture combines Romanesque and Gothic Revival styles, featuring intricate carvings and captivating stained glass windows. The grandeur of its exterior echoed the prosperity of the era.

Earlier, this hotel served as a train station. The structure was designed to serve as a rest area for the train personnel. Union Station Hotel evolved with the times. With the decline of rail travel, the railway terminal closed in the 1970s. A transformation occurred through extensive renovations in 1986, reimagining the space as the luxurious and modern Union Station Hotel.

Union Station Hotel Nashville
Renovated Railroad Station – Credit Kathleen Tyler Conklin

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Spirit of Abigail and The Soldier

Within the historic Union Station Hotel, an unsettling legend has taken root, entwining the living and the ethereal in a mysterious tale that lingers like a whisper in the corridors.

On a solitary evening, a woman stood on the hotel’s aged platform, drawn to the solitude and her cigarette’s embrace. Her unwavering gaze fell upon an apparition – a woman draped in vintage garb. The observer held her breath, watching as the figure dissolved momentarily, only to reappear with a daring leap over the platform’s edge. The woman plummeted to the tracks below, the distance substantial. Shock gripped the witness, convinced she had witnessed a tragic end.

Collecting herself, she glanced downward, anticipating the worst. Yet, on the tracks where the spectral woman had fallen, stood a soldier, his uniform unmistakable. He exuded an air of patient expectation, a sentinel from beyond, waiting for someone. This phantom soldier, as the tale goes, is none other than the spirit of a U.S. soldier, forever confined to the terminal as he searches for a reunion with Abigail.

Their stories seemed locked in an unending loop. Abigail’s ghostly descent was swiftly followed by the soldier’s arrival, forever near yet tragically apart. The specters were trapped in a dance of separation, bound by an unbreakable thread of longing and misfortune.

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Haunted Room 711

Abigail’s restless spirit is the heart of this tale – forever in search of her lost love, her presence lingering in the corridors. Among the rooms, she favors one – room 711, where her spectral touch is most keenly felt.

Inside, guests have encountered a series of eerie events. Phones ring without source, lights flicker as if by unseen hands, and one daring lodger even heard furniture moving above them, despite no explanation. Once adorned with mirrors, this corridor added to the intrigue. Captured images revealed Abigail’s spectral outline beside those who posed, a lasting testament to her lingering essence.

Within these walls, Abigail’s story lives on, offering a glimpse into the unexplainable. Through flickering lights, mysterious phone calls, and her weightless steps, her presence adds an air of mystery to the hotel’s history, reminding us that there’s more to this world than meets the eye.

Restless Ghosts of The Past

Once, in the era when Union Station Hotel thrived as a railroad junction, a somber story emerged. It speaks of tormented souls who, consumed by their anguish, chose to end their lives by leaping onto the unforgiving tracks below. These spirits, restless and trapped, are believed to still roam within these walls.

As night casts its somber veil, the station seems to awaken with the eerie symphony of wails and moans. The very air appears to carry their sorrow, a haunting chorus that transcends time. Echoes of their anguish resonate, a haunting soundscape etched into the essence of the building itself.

Amidst these echoing cries, the platform itself remains a focal point of this spectral legacy. Here, the spectral footsteps and despair-filled whispers linger, an unending reminder of the tragedy that unfolded in this very space.

hotel rooms at Union Station
Train Adopted Rooms – Credit Erica Fischer

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its Enigmatic Past and Eerie Charisma, Union Station Hotel has Stepped into the Limelight in Countless TV Shows and Documentaries Exploring Paranormal Realms. Notably, it Took Center Stage in the Riveting Series “Spectral Enigmas: Unraveling Haunted Histories,” Where Investigators Plunged into the Hotel’s Ghostly Chronicles and Hair-Raising Encounters.

In the realm of literature, Union Station Hotel has etched its legacy in works like “Nashville Haunted Handbook” by Donna Marsh  and “A Thousand Voices: The Story of Nashville’s Union Station” by Joe Sherman. These literary treasures divulge the otherworldly narratives encompassing the hotel, weaving captivating tales of its spectral past.

Presently, Union Station Hotel stands as an irresistible destination for history aficionados and seekers of the supernatural, allured by its enigmatic prominence in both culture and media. This historical landmark emanates an aura of mystery and the uncanny, beckoning those who crave an immersive encounter within its spellbinding and ghostly ambiance.


Nashville’s Union Station Hotel is surrounded by darkness as the weight of untold tales and unsolved mysteries fills the air. The past clings to its opulent halls and gloomy passageways, obscuring the present with a spectral cloak. One can’t help but feel that history is ever-present as they leave this historic site, lingering just beyond the limits of reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Union Station Hotel located?
A. The Union Station Hotel is situated in Nashville, Tennessee.

Q. What eerie stories surround Union Station Hotel?
A. Union Station Hotel is steeped in chilling legends, including tales of Abigail’s restless spirit searching for her lost lover and the haunting sounds of souls who jumped onto the rails in despair.

Q. Is there a specific room with ghostly activity?
A. Yes, room 711 is renowned for strange happenings – from phantom phone rings to flickering lights and even the sensation of furniture moving on the ceiling.

Q. Are there any reported encounters with the ghosts?
A. Guests have reported encountering the spectral presence of Abigail, feeling her touch or hearing wailing sounds throughout the corridors.

Q. What about paranormal experiences on the old platform?
A. Witnesses have described witnessing apparitions dressed in vintage clothing and experiencing inexplicable sounds, like footsteps and mournful cries.

Q. Are there any documented incidents involving the soldier’s ghost?
A. While not documented, some visitors claim to have glimpsed a U.S. soldier’s apparition waiting on the tracks, perpetually seeking the presence of Abigail.

Q. Do the mirrors on the haunted floor play a role in the legends?
A. The corridor once adorned with mirrors is said to amplify the paranormal, with photographs capturing Abigail’s spectral silhouette alongside those in the shot.

Q. What can visitors expect from these legends?
A. Visitors may feel an eerie atmosphere, hear phantom sounds, and perhaps catch glimpses of Abigail or the soldier’s apparitions, leaving them with an unforgettable and spine-tingling experience.

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