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Ferry Plantation, located on the outskirts of Virginia Beach in Virginia, where mist intertwines with moonlight, stands as an enigmatic relic of the past. With its ancient walls veiled in mystery and tragedy, time seems to waver within this eerie mansion. Whispers of the past resonate within its timeworn halls, creating an air of eerie foreboding at every turn.


Ferry Plantation has a long and storied history that dates back to 1735, making it one of the oldest surviving structures in the region. Originally built as a humble farmhouse, the plantation’s fate took a significant turn when it became the site of a ferry crossing, linking two bustling settlements on opposite sides of the river. This strategic location played a crucial role in facilitating trade and travel, contributing to the region’s growth.

The plantation went through numerous hands over the decades, observing historical events unfold. The site rose to prominence as a major strategic point during the American Revolutionary War, serving as a meeting place for both patriot and loyalist forces. The sounds of these turbulent times may still be heard within the mansion’s walls, as though the ghosts of those involved in the war linger on, forever connected to the grounds.

However, the grandeur of the plantation was soon overshadowed by a series of unfortunate events. Tragedy struck when a devastating fire engulfed a large portion of the mansion, leaving scars that are still visible to this day. The blaze claimed lives and valuables, leaving a sorrowful mark on the once-thriving residence. Since that fateful event, numerous accounts of apparitions, unexplained phenomena, and hauntings have been reported by visitors and residents alike.

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Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Witch of Pungo – Grace Sherwood

Explore the tale of the Witch of Pungo, where a haunting legend of Grace Sherwood unfolds—a story of incredible happenings that defy explanation. Authorities convened on a momentous day to decide her destiny, but they had no idea what odd twists awaited them.

In an unusual twist of fate, Grace Sherwood was not intended to die. Authorities handled the issue with extreme caution, having five ladies inspect her on the beach to verify her escape was impossible. She was placed in a boat, bound from her thumbs to her big toes, and rowed far into the river. A 13-pound Bible tied around her neck attempted to sink her, but she battled her way to the surface.

As she was rescued from the water, the women noticed two black marks on her body, suspiciously deemed “witches teets”. Combined with her uncanny ability to float, it sealed her fate. Locked away in jail, Grace’s life hung in the balance, her destiny entwined with the mysteries of the past.

The legend of Grace Sherwood reverberates through the walls of Ferry Plantation, an enduring testament to survival and the chilling specter of injustice. Her haunting trial serves as a reminder of a bygone era when the innocent faced the trials of the unknown.

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Ghost of Sally Walke & Thomas Williamson

Sally Rebecca Walke, forever bound by love and loss, roams the property, waiting for her long-lost love. The year 1751 saw the birth of the Walke Manor on the plantation, and since then, Sally’s ghostly figure has been spotted wandering the gardens, haunting the memories of a love torn apart by war.

But that’s not all; the enigmatic aura of Ferry Plantation House doesn’t end there. Thomas Williamson, a 19th-century artist and son of Thomas and Ann Walke Williamson, still paints in spectral form. Witness accounts place him at the top of the stairs, passionately engrossed in his artistry. His devotion to the place is so profound that his spirit remains tied to the property, even after all these years.

As the sun dips below the horizon, these haunting tales come alive. Sally Rebecca Walke and Thomas Williamson, two souls caught in the timeless embrace of the afterlife, share their stories with those brave enough to venture into the realm of the unknown.

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Spectral Children – Eric

Within the enigmatic walls of Ferry Plantation, a chilling legend unfurls—the eerie tale of two spectral children. Witnesses report seeing a boy and a girl on the 2nd-floor landing, their ghostly forms pressed against the wall. The mansion’s haunted reputation attracts the curious and the brave.

Paranormal investigators lean towards the theory that the little boy is none other than Eric, a tragic figure from the past. In around 1850, he fell from a low window, and now his apparition may roam the staircase landing, forever trapped in the afterlife. Meanwhile, the presence of the little girl at the top of the stairs tugs at heartstrings, with a heartrending tale linking her to former owners Charles and Isabella McIntosh. In 1860, they lost their 5-year-old daughter, and her spirit may now linger in the place she once called home.

The legend of Eric and the young daughter of Charles and Isabella McIntosh lingers within Ferry Plantation, a poignant reminder of transcendent sorrow. These spectral children, forever intertwined with the mansion’s history, leave an indelible mark on all who encounter their ghostly apparitions.

Ghostly Slave – Henry

A terrifying legend about an old African-American ghost emerges deep within the heart of Ferry Plantation. This spectral figure emerges from the depths of the cellar, captivating all with his fascinating presence. Watch as he crosses the room gently, crouching in front of a mystery wall, presumably imprisoned in a long-forgotten job. Then, as swiftly as he emerged, he vanishes down the cellar, leaving an ominous aura behind.

Paranormal investigations have revealed the identity of this mystery apparition, Henry. Henry spent his whole life on the plantation, having lived on the third level in the slave quarters.

The legend of Henry, the old African-American ghost, reverberate across Ferry Plantation, serving as a melancholy reminder of the plantation’s terrible past. His spectral presence, reenacting a long-forgotten duty by a hidden hearth, provides insight into the lives of those who once worked on the plantation..

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its enigmatic history and ghostly allure, Ferry Plantation has taken center stage in various television shows and documentaries that delve into the world of the supernatural. Notably, it was prominently featured in the gripping series “Phantoms of the Past: Unraveling Haunted Mysteries,” where investigators explored the chilling encounters and ghostly tales surrounding the plantation.

In the realm of literature, Ferry Plantation has left an indelible mark, inspiring books such as “Haunted Virginia: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Old Dominion” by L.B. Taylor Jr. and “Haunted Virginia Beach” by Alpheus J. Chewning. These literary works bring to light the spectral legends and mysterious occurrences that shroud the mansion, captivating readers with haunting narratives of its past.

Today, Ferry Plantation continues to draw history enthusiasts and paranormal seekers alike, enticed by its enigmatic presence in popular culture and media. As a cherished historical landmark, it exudes an aura of intrigue and the supernatural, welcoming all who dare to immerse themselves in its eerie and compelling ambiance.


As the shadows lengthen and darkness envelops the Ferry Plantation, lingering questions about its secrets remain. The souls of the departed seem to stir, seeking solace in the fading twilight. As we bid farewell to this chilling abode, its enigmatic aura remains etched in our minds, forever shrouded in an air of the unknown. The Ferry Plantation, forever intertwined with the ethereal, leaves us with unanswered questions, reminding us that some mysteries are destined to stay entwined with the realms beyond our understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is Central State Hospital located?
A: Ferry Plantation is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States.

Q: Is Ferry Plantation really haunted?
A: Absolutely! Witnesses have reported eerie encounters with spectral children and the restless spirits of Grace Sherwood and others. The legends come to life within these haunted walls.

Q: What are the most famous ghostly encounters at Ferry Plantation?
A: Two spectral children, a boy, and a girl have been spotted on the 2nd-floor landing, pressed against the wall. Additionally, the haunting apparition of Grace Sherwood, the “Witch of Pungo,” continues to captivate visitors.

Q: Are there any historical events associated with the hauntings?
A: Yes, the paranormal investigators believe that Grace Sherwood was unfairly accused of witchcraft in the 17th century. Tragic events like the death of a little boy named Eric and the loss of Charles and Isabella McIntosh’s daughter add to the chilling lore.

Q: Can visitors experience ghostly encounters during tours?
A: Many visitors have reported feeling a sense of unease and witnessing unexplained phenomena during guided tours. However, ghostly encounters cannot be guaranteed.

Q: Can I take pictures during the ghost tours?
A: Yes, photography is allowed during the tours. Feel free to capture the mysterious ambiance and historic architecture, but please be respectful of other guests.

Q: Are there any special events or paranormal investigations at Ferry Plantation?
A: Yes, the plantation hosts occasional paranormal investigations and themed events that allow enthusiasts to explore the hauntings firsthand and delve deeper into the legends surrounding the place.

Q: Are there any recorded EVPs or ghost sightings from paranormal investigations?
A: While some paranormal investigators claim to have captured EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and ghostly sightings, experiences can vary, and their authenticity remains a matter of belief and interpretation.

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