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Introduction of Georgetown Morgue

The Georgetown Morgue is a dreadful sentinel of the unknown, hidden in the mysterious center of Seattle, Washington. Its modest appearance conceals a terrifying interior where the living and dead mingle in an unsettling dance of intrigue. Be ready to give in to the inexorable grip of darkness as you enter its ominous doors and go on a terrifying adventure unlike any other.

Georgetown Morgue Marker
Georgetown Morgue Marker – Credit Cara Elise

History of Georgetown Morgue

Georgetown Morgue. formally known as Kolling Mortuary Services, was constructed in the late 19th century, the building served as a functioning morgue, providing final resting places for the deceased and serving as a place of investigation for untimely demises. Its imposing structure and somber purpose cast an eerie shadow over the surrounding neighborhood, even in its early years.

The Georgetown Morgue of Seattle has a dark history steeped in death. It’s seen countless funerals, cremations, and animal carcass processing. Yet, a haunting mystery lingers—one of Seattle’s most terrifying. Nine morgue staff met a gruesome end inside the crematorium, with no survivors or identified suspects.

In recent decades, the Georgetown Morgue has been reimagined as a haunted attraction, drawing thrill-seekers and those curious about the supernatural. The stories of its spectral inhabitants and eerie occurrences have only grown in prominence, solidifying its place as a landmark of the macabre in Seattle.

Historic Georgetown Morgue
Historic Georgetown Morgue – Credit Georgetown Morgue Haunted House

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Gruesome Murder – Wandering Spirits

The Georgetown Morgue, a chilling facility with a dark history, has seen the grim procession of funeral preparations, the relentless roar of cremation chambers, and the silent processing of animal carcasses. But among its macabre tales, one legend stands out as the most horrifying unsolved crime in the annals of Seattle’s history.

It was the eerie October of 1968 when the morgue’s twisted fate took a malevolent turn. Nine unsuspecting members of its staff found themselves ensnared in a nightmarish ordeal. Forced into the very heart of darkness, the cremation chamber, they faced a terror beyond comprehension. As the heavy iron doors clanged shut, there were no surviving witnesses, and the night fell into an abyss of unsolved mystery.

In the aftermath of that horrifying event, the Georgetown Morgue acquired a reputation that transcended the realm of the living. Stubborn spirits, tethered to this world by the weight of their unfinished business, roamed its desolate halls. The very air seemed to carry the anguished echoes of their existence. Sometimes, as if trapped in a perpetual agony, their screams pierced the oppressive silence, sending shivers down the spines of those who dared to venture into the morgue’s forsaken depths.

But it wasn’t just the wailing spirits that haunted this unholy place. In the stillness of the night, the mournful sobbing of these ethereal souls could be heard, their sorrow eternally bound to the circumstances of their own passing. They wept for the lives they had left behind, for the answers that had eluded them, and for the justice that had never been served.

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Tortured Spirit of Figgy

In the depths of the Georgetown Morgue, formerly the Broughton Brothers Mortuary, a chilling legend unfolds. It centers around the ghost of jazz trumpeter John “Figgy” Dorsey, whose horrifying fate in 1947 still haunts the morgue’s hallways, as if he’s trapped in his last moments on Earth.

In 1947, within what is now the Georgetown Morgue, a bizarre and gruesome incident occurred. The mortuary was no stranger to eerie occurrences, but Figgy Dorsey’s vanishing shook its staff to the core. One night, Figgy’s lifeless body mysteriously disappeared from the embalming table, sending shockwaves through the establishment.

By dawn, the horrific truth emerged as Figgy’s dismembered remains were found strewn across Mrs. Dorsey’s Ballard home’s front yard. The act was beyond comprehension, and the motives remained shrouded in darkness.

In a grim attempt to restore Figgy’s dignity, Mrs. Dorsey sent his body parts back to the Broughton Brothers Mortuary for reassembly. Yet, the question of who could commit such an atrocity and why remained unanswered. Now, Figgy’s tortured spirit is believed to haunt the Georgetown Morgue. He seems trapped in the memories of his gruesome end. Whispers echo in the corridors, as if Figgy is crying out for help in his final moments, forever etched in the morgue’s sinister history.

The legend of Figgy Dorsey, the jazz trumpeter who met a horrific and unexplained end, lingers in the Georgetown Morgue’s darkness. It serves as a chilling reminder of the enduring mysteries that envelop this place, once the Broughton Brothers Mortuary. Figgy’s ghost, forever confined within these walls, continues to haunt all who enter. In the eerie whispers and mournful echoes of the Georgetown Morgue, the questions surrounding Figgy’s death remain unanswered, a sinister enigma that refuses to fade into the past.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Georgetown Morgue

The Georgetown Morgue has dominated the spotlight in innumerable television programs and documentaries devoted to the paranormal because of its extensive history and eerie mystery. It was a major plot point in the suspenseful series “Mysteries of the Morgue: Unearthing the Unexplained,” where intrepid sleuths probed the spooky tales and paranormal encounters that characterize this mysterious location.

In the realm of literature, the Georgetown Morgue has left an indelible mark, inspiring books like “Haunted Washington, DC” by Tom Ogden and “Spooked in Seattle” by Ross Allison. These literary endeavors unravel the eerie tales and haunted history of this place, offering readers a mesmerizing journey into the unknown.

The Georgetown Morgue is still a fascinating place to visit today, attracting both history buffs and those looking for the paranormal. It continues to cast an alluring spell on people who yearn for an immersed experience in its eerie and mysterious atmosphere because to its pervasiveness in popular culture and the media.


The line separating the living from the dead is permanently changed when you leave the Georgetown Morgue. Your very essence is entwined with the eerie tales of Seattle’s secrets and ghosts. The spooky recollections of your stay will endure, bearing witness to this place’s strange charm. Remember that the Georgetown Morgue’s uncanny embrace is always ready to welcome those who dare to explore its wonders once again until fate leads you back to its foreboding doors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is the Georgetown Morgue located?

A. The Georgetown Morgue is located in the heart of Seattle’s Georgetown district.

Q. Is the Georgetown Morgue associated with any paranormal legends?

A. Yes, the morgue is steeped in eerie tales, including the legend of John “Figgy” Dorsey, a jazz trumpeter whose ghost is said to haunt the premises.

Q. Can visitors take guided tours of the Georgetown Morgue?

A. Unfortunately, tours of the Georgetown Morgue are not available to the public due to its unsettling history and reputation.

Q. Are there any reported paranormal activities or encounters at the Morgue?

A. Over the years, visitors and staff have reported strange occurrences, including unexplained sounds, apparitions, and eerie whispers in the morgue’s hallways.

Q. Is it true that the Georgetown Morgue holds the most horrifying unsolved crime in Seattle’s history?

A. Yes, the morgue is linked to the chilling unsolved case of nine staff members forced into the cremation chamber in 1968, with no surviving witnesses or identified suspects.

Q. Are there any precautions or safety measures in place for those who dare to enter the Georgetown Morgue?

A. Due to the morgue’s ominous reputation, it remains closed to the public, ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals.

Q. Are there any documented investigations into the paranormal phenomena at the Georgetown Morgue?

A. While there have been reports and anecdotes, formal investigations into the paranormal activities at the morgue are limited, leaving much of the eerie occurrences unverified.

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