Gold Brook Bridge – Stowe, Vermont

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At Gold Brook Bridge, a terrifying mystery is being revealed amid the gorgeous surroundings of Stowe, Vermont. The bridge calls to those who are eager to solve the puzzles that have long surrounded its venerable presence as the moonlight weaves its spell.


In 1844, master craftsman John W. Smith embarked on an architectural endeavor that would etch his name into history—the iconic Gold Brook Covered Bridge, affectionately known as Emily’s Bridge. Its purpose was clear: to provide passage for Covered Bridge Road over the Gold Brook river. This bridge, with its intriguing moniker, has become a cherished emblem of Vermont’s past.

Spanning a length of 48.5 feet and boasting a width of 17 feet, this wooden marvel stands as a testament to the artistry of its time. Unique among its peers, it showcases the Howe truss design, a defining feature that distinguishes it as Vermont’s oldest surviving covered bridge of this kind. Interestingly, only two other Howe truss bridges endure in Vermont—the Connecticut River Bridges in Lunenburg and the Rutland Railroad Bridge in Shoreman.

Embedded within the Gold Brook Bridge’s weathered timbers is a chronicle of an era long gone. Crafted by John W. Smith’s hands, this bridge not only facilitated practical travel but also carries the stories of generations past. It’s a reminder of the lasting legacy left by those who shaped the landscape and culture of Vermont. Today, Emily’s Bridge stands as an enduring link between history and the present, a testament to the craftsmanship and resilience that have defined the region’s character.

Gold Brook Bridge
Gold Brook Covered Bridge – Credit bramblefieldfarmhouse

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Ghostly Communication – Ouija Board

In the year 1968, a new chapter of lore unfolded around Gold Brook Bridge, when a high school student ventured onto its timeworn planks. The stories that followed would weave a tapestry of spectral intrigue.

As the story goes, this daring student engaged in an extraordinary act on that fateful day—using a Ouija board right atop the bridge’s weathered expanse. In the midst of this arcane endeavor, an otherworldly presence purportedly emerged. The spirit identified herself as Emily, reaching out from realms unknown. This enigmatic encounter ignited a spark, and soon, whispers spread like wildfire through the town. Others, captivated by the tale, ventured to the bridge themselves, drawn by the allure of connecting with the ethereal.

Subsequent visitors shared similar experiences—unearthly chills racing down their spines, the sensation of unseen hands brushing against their skin, and voices carried by the wind, faint yet undeniable. The bridge, once a mere structure of timber and iron, had now transformed into a threshold between the tangible and the intangible.

And so, through the passage of time, the legend of Gold Brook Bridge’s haunting took root and flourished. Each retelling added layers to the narrative, entwining fact and fancy into a tapestry of collective memory. Skeptics questioned, believers marveled, but none could deny the potent aura that clung to the bridge.

Gold Brook Bridge Tunnel
Gold Brook Bridge’s Tunnel – Credit treavormurray

Emily’s Tragedy

A story of love and grief that was carved into the history of Gold Brook Bridge long ago began to circulate through the generations. Through which it came to be affectionately known as Emily’s Bridge.

In the mists of time, emerges the figure of Emily—a young woman poised for matrimonial bliss. All was prepared in the village church, where the community gathered for her union. But destiny unraveled differently. The groom, present in body but absent in spirit, left Emily abandoned and heartbroken.

Her anguish transformed into desperation. Seeking an escape, Emily took the reins of the family wagon—a vessel of memories now tainted by sorrow. Urging the horses onward, she raced away, trying to outrun her pain. Yet, blinded by tears, Emily sped toward the road’s turn—a turn that led to Gold Brook Bridge. Momentum carried horses, wagon, and Emily towards a tragic end. They tumbled over the bank, crashing into the rocky brook below, sealing their fate.

Still, to this day, Emily’s spirit is said to linger on Gold Brook Bridge, awaiting her groom. Witnesses, numbering numerous, have reported the full apparition of Emily’s ghost. They speak of glimpses into another realm, where Emily’s ethereal form becomes tangible. The bridge, once a simple structure, now stands as a spectral threshold, where the veil between the living and the departed grows thin.

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Chill Encounters – Ghostly Scream and Scratches

When you step onto Gold Brook Bridge, be prepared for the inexplicable. Visitors have shared spine-chilling encounters that defy logic. Footsteps echo where no one walks, while mysterious bangs resound from nowhere. Ropes tighten without a visible hand, as if the past reaches out.

A spectral girl’s scream pierces the night, a haunting reminder of forgotten sorrow. Cameras reveal floating orbs of light, leaving no doubt about the bridge’s unearthly nature. Strangely, scratch marks appear on vehicles and even on visitors’ skin, marking their connection to this cursed ground.

Gold Brook Bridge holds secrets—strange noises, ghostly apparitions, and eerie scratches—forcing all who cross its threshold to question the boundary between our world and the beyond. It stands as a silent witness to the unknown, inviting you to explore its mysteries and the enigmatic forces that reside there.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Gaining fame for its historic significance and eerie ambiance, Gold Brook Bridge has become a star in paranormal television and documentaries. Notably, it took the spotlight in “Spectral Enigmas Unveiled,” a gripping series where investigators delved into its ghostly tales.

The bridge’s spectral aura has also inspired captivating literature like “Vermont Haunted History” by William M. Alexander and “Haunted Vermont” by Charles A. Stansfield Jr. These reads peel back the layers of the bridge’s mysterious past, revealing spine-chilling accounts.

Today, history historians and adrenaline seekers alike must make the journey to Gold Brook Bridge. Its enigmatic attraction offers an immersive voyage into the world of the paranormal and the unknown, fueled by its media appearances and intriguing storylines.


A silent sentinel in the middle of Stowe, Vermont, the Gold Brook Bridge spins a web of mystery that extends past the world of the living. The bridge serves as a gateway to a world where the lines between fact and fantasy blur as night falls and the stars throw their eerie brilliance across its worn timbers. Here, the supernatural and the past collide, leaving a lasting impression on anybody who dared to look into its depths. Gold Brook Bridge serves as a somber reminder that some mysteries are destined to endure, casting their uncanny spell through the decades, even while Stowe prospers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the location of Gold Brook Bridge?
Gold Brook Bridge is situated in Stowe, Vermont.

Q: What are the legends associated with Gold Brook Bridge?
Gold Brook Bridge is steeped in legends, the most prominent being the tale of Emily—a jilted bride who met a tragic end on the bridge. Her spirit is said to linger, and visitors have reported seeing her ghost and hearing eerie cries in the night.

Q: Have there been reported paranormal experiences at Gold Brook Bridge?
Yes, many visitors claim to have witnessed paranormal activity. Strange noises like footsteps, banging, and the wail of a girl have been reported. Some have even captured unexplained floating orbs in photographs.

Q: Are there any specific occurrences that visitors have reported?
Visitors have shared experiences of footsteps echoing without a visible source, mysterious bangs resonating from nowhere, and ropes tightening as if moved by unseen hands. Some have even claimed to hear the ghostly scream of a girl in the night.

Q: Are there any physical signs of the supernatural at Gold Brook Bridge?
Indeed, some visitors have reported scratch marks appearing on vehicles parked on the bridge or even on their own skin after visiting. These enigmatic marks have left an indelible impression on those who have encountered them.

Q: Is Gold Brook Bridge considered cursed?
While the notion of a curse is steeped in legend, the bridge has certainly earned a reputation for unexplained phenomena. Its association with tragic stories and eerie occurrences has led to a sense of foreboding for some who venture there.

Q: Can I visit Gold Brook Bridge at night?
Yes, you can visit the bridge at night, but be prepared for an eerie experience. Many visitors have reported heightened paranormal activity after dark, adding an extra layer of mystery to the already haunted atmosphere.

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