Three Chimneys Inn – Durham, New Hampshire

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The Three Chimneys Inn, located in the center of Durham, New Hampshire, serves as a reminder of times gone by. This old building serves as a portal to a world where the line separating the known and the unknown is thin and frail. The grounds are frequently shrouded in ethereal mist, while candles mysteriously light up in empty spaces. It’s more than just an inn; it’s a mysterious adventure.

Three Chimneys Inn
Three Chimneys Inn – Credit ffrost Sawyer Tavern/Facebook


Three Chimneys Inn, which has a long history, serves as a living reminder of an earlier time. The inn, which was first built in the late 1600s as a private dwelling, has seen the tides of time come and go, its walls whispering mysteries that only the ages can understand.

During the Revolutionary War, the inn served as a crucial meeting point for local patriots, where whispered plans and revolutionary fervor found refuge under its roof. The echoes of those impassioned discussions seem to resonate within its timeworn chambers.

In the early 1800s, the inn transformed into a bustling stagecoach stop, welcoming weary travelers and offering respite from their arduous journeys. The clatter of hooves and the murmurs of travelers still echo faintly in the corridors.

The Three Chimneys Inn, with its foundations rooted in the American narrative, continues to beckon travelers to step back in time and experience the echoes of history that linger within its walls.

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Interior Three Chimneys Inn
Interior Of Three Chimneys Inn – Credit ffrostsawyertavern

Spirit Of Hannah

Legend has it that Three Chimneys Inn holds a spectral secret, embodied by a spirit known as Hannah. Believed to be the granddaughter of the inn’s original proprietor, Mr. Valentine Hill, her tale is woven into the fabric of the inn’s history.

Hannah’s story is one of tragedy. She was the granddaughter of the original owner, Mr. Valentine Hill, and her life ended abruptly when she drowned in the nearby Oyster river while playing. After her death, strange sightings began circulating among the townspeople. They reported glimpses of a young girl’s ghost by the river and around Three Chimneys Inn itself. The townspeople couldn’t help but connect these apparitions to Hannah. It seemed her spirit was unable to move on, forever lingering in the places she once enjoyed in life.

And so, the legend of Three Chimneys Inn lives on, intertwined with the tale of Hannah, the granddaughter of Mr. Valentine Hill. Her youthful spirit, tragically lost but never forgotten, continues to cast a spectral presence, a poignant reminder of the past. The inn stands as a keeper of both history and mystery, where the echoes of Hannah’s laughter and the whispers of her untimely departure remind us that some stories are woven into the very fabric of a place, lingering for those who listen closely amidst the rustling leaves and flowing waters.

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Hannah’s Playfulness

The stories of Hannah’s posthumous activities continue to flourish, offering a glimpse into her lively spirit. One incident involved Karen Meyer, the Innkeeper, and a member of her staff. On a particular night, they both attested to an extraordinary event: an empty glass defying gravity, lifting off the table before descending to the floor. Skeptics might find these stories exaggerated, yet the numerous witnesses to Hannah’s playful gestures leave little doubt about her presence.

Hannah’s mischievous character finds expression in various ways. Her fondness for playfully caressing people’s hair, particularly women’s, is a recurring theme. These interactions, however, exude an aura of warmth rather than fear.

Furthermore, she exhibits a penchant for rearranging objects according to her preference. This peculiar habit entails relocating individual items within a room or even transporting them to different parts of the building.

In the tapestry of Three Chimneys Inn’s history, Hannah’s thread remains vibrant. Her playful interactions, witnessed by many, validate the stories. Despite her unconventional spectral behavior, her friendly and familiar essence turns her into a charming and exceptional presence within the inn.

Electronics’ Malfunction

Hannah’s penchant for seeking attention takes an intriguing twist through her favored activity: interacting with electronics. Within the realm of Three Chimneys Inn, her affinity for engaging with gadgets, particularly phones and computers, stands as a distinct aspect of her spectral presence

The accounts of Hannah’s electronic escapades form a remarkable part of her ghostly legend. One of her preferred antics involves devices like printers persisting in printing even after being disconnected. Functional lights suddenly flicker without any logical explanation. Her electronic tampering ranges from calculators displaying numbers in reverse order to equipment abruptly refusing to function for brief periods. Strangely, her attention seems to be more focused on new electronics introduced to the inn, as they become prime targets for her mischievous activities.

Hannah’s love of playing with electronics is a notable thread in the complex tapestry of the Three Chimneys Inn stories. Her naughty encounters with technology, especially new technology, provide the inn’s past a sense of charm and intrigue. Her interesting presence is further cemented by these electronic shenanigans in the inn’s folklore.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its storied past and haunting magnetism, Three Chimneys Inn has garnered attention through various documentaries and shows delving into the supernatural realm. It gained prominence in the gripping series “Enigma Unveiled: Haunted Chronicles,” where investigators plumbed the depths of its spectral history and chilling tales.

In literature, Three Chimneys Inn has left an indelible mark, featuring prominently in works like “Haunted Places in New Hampshire” by Alex Mours and “Paranormal Investigation in New Hampshire” by Raate. These literary gems unwrap the otherworldly narratives woven around the inn, presenting enthralling accounts of its ghostly tapestry.

The Three Chimneys Inn is now a popular destination for those who enjoy history and the paranormal. Its mystical atmosphere never fails to enthrall, resonating in pop culture and popular culture. This ancient sanctuary exudes an air of enigma and the strange, welcome anybody who seeks an immersive experience within its phantom embrace.


The echoes of long-forgotten stories reverberate as you say goodbye to Three Chimneys Inn, and a subdued disquiet follows your exit. A continual reminder that the inn’s history is alive, breathing, and shrouded in a sense of eerie wonder, the creaking floors and the soft rustling of curtains will stay seared in your memory. The mystique of the inn and the tales it houses continue to whisper in your ear as you reenter the busy outside world—a eerie melody that leaves you forever inquisitive and disturbed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is the location of Three Chimneys Inn?
A. Three Chimneys Inn is nestled in the historic town of Durham, New Hampshire.

Q. Is Three Chimneys Inn really haunted?
A. Yes, the inn is known for its paranormal activity, with one of the most prominent spirits being Hannah, believed to be the granddaughter of the original owner, Mr. Valentine Hill.

Q. Can guests stay in rooms with reported ghostly encounters?
A. Absolutely, many guests choose to stay in rooms where these encounters have been reported, hoping for their own ghostly experience.

Q. What kind of paranormal activity has been witnessed at the inn?
A. Guests and staff have reported various occurrences, such as objects moving on their own, flickering lights, and the sensation of someone gently touching their hair.

Q. Is Hannah the only ghostly presence at Three Chimneys Inn?
A. While Hannah is the most famous, other subtle paranormal experiences have been reported by visitors and employees over the years.

Q. Are there any specific areas of the inn where ghostly activity is more pronounced?
A. Yes, the vicinity of the nearby Oyster river, where Hannah is said to have met her tragic end, and the rooms she’s believed to inhabit, often have more reported activity.

Q. Have there been instances of electronic disturbances attributed to Hannah?
A. Yes, Hannah is said to have a particular fondness for interacting with electronics, including phones, computers, and lights, creating eerie and unexplainable phenomena.

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