The Haunting of Omni Mount Washington – Boston, New Hampshire

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Introduction of Omni Mount Washington

In the heart of the unknown, where the air grows thick with whispers and shadows weave tales of the forgotten, lies a place veiled in mystery—Omni Mount Washington. Boston, New Hampshire, becomes a portal to the supernatural as you step into the enigmatic embrace of this haunted haven. Here, time holds its breath, and the ethereal threads of the past intertwine with the present, inviting you to explore the chilling corridors where history and otherworldly forces converge.

History of Omni Mount Washington

Omni Mount Washington stands as a timeless sentinel, a witness to the ebb and flow of history amidst the breathtaking peaks of New Hampshire. Constructed in 1902, this architectural marvel initially bore the name “The Mount Washington Hotel” and quickly earned acclaim for its opulence and panoramic views of the surrounding White Mountains.

The unsettling story of Omni Mount Washington Hotel revolves around Joseph Stickney’s widow, Carolyn. Despite remarrying, Princess Carolyn’s ghost purportedly haunts guest room #314, her previous bedroom. There are many haunting sightings and spooky incidents, and Carolyn’s original bed is still in use. She persists, the most active spirit in the hotel, a spectral link to the magnificent home her first husband built.

Omni Mount Washington beckons with a multifaceted allure that resonates with the echoes of the past, the elegance of a bygone era, and the mysterious whispers of the paranormal, whether guests choose to explore the grounds that witnessed moments of historical importance or seek refuge in its luxurious accommodations.

Historic Omni Mount Washington
Historic Omni Mount Washington – Credit Wiki

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Haunting of Room 314 – Princess Carolyn

A spooky story that has crept over the years and clings to room #314 like a ghostly echo is hidden away in the heart of the Omni Mount Washington Hotel. Both visitors and employees have disturbing stories about the ghostly presence that lingers here; it’s a story that goes beyond the realm of the living and the dead.

As night falls and the notorious room comes to an end, many who have been there have told stories of strange experiences that make no sense. It is said that Princess Carolyn, a long-lost soul, appears as an apparition on the edge of the bed, a ghostly shape caught in the room’s everlasting dusk. Witnesses describe the spectral figure as having eyes that seem to possess a spectral melancholy that transcends time and hair that cascades like a waterfall.

Guests have been unnerved by inexplicable phenomena, with lights flickering on and off as if guided by unseen hands. Belongings, once carefully placed, vanish only to reappear in cryptic locations, creating an otherworldly puzzle that leaves visitors questioning the boundaries between reality and the ethereal. The air, thick with an unnaturally sweet aroma, becomes saturated with the unmistakable scent of a floral perfume, wafting through the room in the dead of night.

In the midst of these mysterious events, the ghostly presence of Princess Carolyn lingers, a spectral observer in the shadows of her former abode. Her apparition is said to emit a soft, mournful hum, an otherworldly melody that sends shivers down the spines of those unfortunate enough to witness the ethereal performance.

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Haunted Ballroom & Orchestra

In the late eighties and early nineties, during the Omni Mount Washington Hotel’s seasonal closures, strange occurrences unfolded in the ballroom. Witnesses recall events that transcended the ordinary, sparking eerie tales that persist to this day.

One autumn evening, a lone worker found themselves resetting the ballroom for a meeting. Heavy curtains, firmly closed, began swaying inexplicably, defying any logical explanation. Investigating all possible entry points, the worker found no cause for the disturbance. In a surreal moment, a woman in a hoop-style dress materialized. Startled, the worker retreated, only to feel a ghostly presence brushing past—a confirmation that this was no prank.

On another night, a different employee entered the ballroom to the faint strains of an orchestra. Expecting a rehearsal, they approached, only to find the space empty. As they moved away, the lights dimmed, and the music intensified. Racing to the light switch, they witnessed it moving on its own, leaving the ballroom enveloped in darkness. Security found no trace of music or technical issues, leaving a perplexing tale etched into the history of the Omni Mount Washington.

As the seasons changed and the hotel transitioned into its seasonal slumber, the legends of the ballroom persisted. Whispers of inexplicable events circulated among staff and guests. The playfulness of curtains and the haunting strains of a phantom orchestra became integral parts of the ballroom’s lore. The mysteries of the Omni Mount Washington Ballroom endure, inviting all who dare to witness the echoes of a spectral symphony that lingers within its walls.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Omni Mount Washington

Omni Mount Washington, renowned for its eerie mystery and rich history, has been the focus of numerous documentaries and television series devoted to learning more about the paranormal. The hotel was most famously involved in the suspenseful series “Whispers from the Peaks: Exploring Otherworldly Dimensions,” when the detectives explored the hotel’s ghostly past and terrifying experiences.

In the literary realm, Omni Mount Washington has left an indelible mark, becoming the focus of works like “Haunted New Hampshire” by Thomas D’Agostino and “Myths and Mysteries of New Hampshire” by Matthew P. Mayo. These literary endeavors unravel the ghostly tales surrounding the hotel, weaving narratives that bring to life the eerie legacy entrenched within its walls.

Due to Omni Mount Washington’s compelling appearance in popular culture and the media, it is now considered a must-visit location for history fans and paranormal seekers. This medieval refuge exudes a sense of mystery and the paranormal, drawing everyone who yearns for an engrossing voyage into its eerie and captivating ambience.

How can I visit Omni Mount Washington ?

For those seeking an immersive encounter with the spectral legends of Omni Mount Washington, booking a room within this historic hotel promises a firsthand journey into the realm of the paranormal. From the famed room #314, haunted by the ghostly presence of Princess Carolyn, to the enigmatic ballroom with its eerie orchestra echoes, each overnight stay becomes an opportunity to become part of the hotel’s ghostly tapestry, where the whispers of its haunted history echo through the corridors, inviting guests to embrace the spectral mysteries that linger within.

Take a memorable day journey from Boston to the White Mountains along the charming Kancamagus Byway, which is highlighted by the recognizable Omni Mount Washington Hotel. A smooth hotel pickup will kick off the tour and create the ideal environment for an engrossing study of New Hampshire’s fall scenery. Take a breathtaking trip up into the mountains, where you’ll be accompanied by vivid red, gold, and orange foliage. Take a pleasant pause in the middle to enjoy a warm cider or coffee and be ready for the amazing things that are going to happen.

Guided by a knowledgeable tour guide, the expedition unfolds along the Kancamagus Byway, providing multiple stops to capture the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and the evolving autumn landscape. The journey includes two brief yet rewarding hiking excursions to historic waterfalls, each framed in the resplendent colors of fall. After the hikes, indulge in a leisurely 1.5-hour break in North Conway, a mountain town surrounded by awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks and rugged cliffs. The tour crescendos near the Omni Mount Washington Hotel, a grand finale where you can marvel at New Hampshire’s tallest and most extravagant mountain range.


Bidding farewell seems like saying goodbye to a ghostly confidant as the eerie murmurs of Omni Mount Washington linger in the air. The ethereal sanctuary is kept secret by Boston, New Hampshire, and as you leave, the spectral stories become an enduring part of your own narrative. The eerie past, enigmatic hallways, and spectral experiences make a lasting impression on your spirit, serving as a constant reminder that Omni Mount Washington is home to worlds beyond this one. However, as you leave this mysterious retreat’s eerie embrace behind, keep in mind that Boston is still infused with ghostly energy. Though invisible, the ghosts of Omni Mount Washington still swing in the wind and whisper to those who are sensitive to the paranormal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is Omni Mount Washington located?

A: The Omni Mount Washington Hotel is located amidst the scenic beauty of New Hampshire.

Q: Is there any truth to the legends surrounding room #314?

A: Yes, the haunting tales of room #314 have been recounted by both guests and employees. Many report witnessing the ghostly figure of Princess Carolyn, experiencing inexplicable lights, and encountering strange occurrences, making it a legendary and mysterious space within the hotel.

Q: Can you provide more details about the ghostly ballroom encounters?

A: Certainly. Employees have reported witnessing spectral movements in the ballroom curtains, as well as encountering a ghostly woman in a hoop-style dress. These chilling incidents have become integral parts of the Omni Mount Washington’s haunted legacy.

Q: What’s the story behind the haunted orchestra in the ballroom?

A: The haunted orchestra tale involves an eerie night where phantom music emanated from the ballroom. Despite no visible performers, an employee experienced the lights dimming and the music intensifying. The unexplained phenomenon left an indelible mark on the hotel’s supernatural history.

Q: Have there been other documented paranormal experiences at Omni Mount Washington?

A: Yes, aside from the well-known room #314 and ballroom legends, guests and staff have reported various paranormal encounters throughout the hotel. These experiences contribute to the hotel’s reputation as a site of mysterious and unexplained happenings.

Q: Are there any guided tours or events that explore the hotel’s haunted history?

A: Absolutely. The Omni Mount Washington offers guided tours that delve into its haunted history, exploring the legends surrounding room #314, the ballroom encounters, and other paranormal phenomena. These tours provide a spine-chilling journey through the hotel’s spectral past.

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