The Haunting of The Mortuary – New Orleans, Louisiana

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  • Date: 21 December 2023
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Introduction of The Mortuary

A strange haven in the center of the enigmatic maze that is New Orleans, Louisiana, is known as The Mortuary. An aura of the paranormal is in the air as you get closer to this ominous building. Every step inside the Mortuary reverberates with the tormented voices of the past, concealing centuries’ worth of phantom tales and ghostly whispers behind its icy, forbidding façade. This strange building alone is a terrible reminder that the line separating the living from the dead is an illusion here in the shadows.

Mortuary Marker – Credit wiki

History of The Mortuary

The Mortuary stands as a solemn sentinel to the past, a tangible witness to the ebb and flow of history in New Orleans. Originally established in the 19th century, this imposing structure began its journey as a grand mansion before transforming into a funeral home in 1928. Serving the city during a time when elaborate funerals were a cultural norm, The Mortuary became a cornerstone in the community.

The Mortuary whispers of lost souls. A grieving woman in white weeps on the top floor, a stern figure enforces cemetery respect, mischievous children play pranks, and a diligent mortician toils in the basement. Ghostly echoes persist, and successful paranormal investigations now train future ghost hunters.

As the decades passed, The Mortuary evolved into more than a funeral home; it became a nexus where life and death converged. Today, its history is etched in the intricate details of its architecture, from the wrought-iron gates to the somber elegance of its interior. Each brick holds a tale, and every room whispers the stories of those who sought solace within its chambers.

Historic Mortuary
Historic MortuaryThe Haunted Mortuary

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Stern Specter – Ghostly Woman & Man

The Mortuary is located in the center of the town, cast in the menacing shadow of its past. Locals whisper about the ghost stories that hang over its walls like a cold mist. Amidst the murmured folklore, two spectral entities emerge as particularly menacing; they stalk the upper level, where sorrow and eternity meet.

As you enter the desolate world of The Mortuary, you can run into the ghost of a sad woman dressed in all-white. Her presence permeates the upper levels of the building like an ethereal sorrow. According to legend, she was once a sorrowful wife, ensnared in a never-ending dirge following her husband’s departure. Those who are brave enough to approach might be able to see her tear-streaked face as she continues to grieve the loss that has bound her to this ghostly residence.

On certain nights, when disrespect shadows the neighboring cemeteries, a tall, impeccably dressed phantom materializes—a guardian of sacred resting grounds. Perhaps a custodian in life, now in death, he enforces the sanctity of eternal slumber, his spectral gaze piercing through the living veil, singling out those who desecrate the hallowed grounds. This stern specter, resolute and disapproving, imposes a spectral silence on transgressors. An eerie quiet descends, as if the very air recoils at their irreverence, with some claiming to feel an otherworldly hand stifling any mockery or jest that dares to disturb the sacred soil.

As the tale unfolds, the ghostly man, propelled by an unwavering duty to protect the deceased, vanishes into the night, leaving behind an unsettling stillness. Those who witness his apparition are left with a stark reminder—within The Mortuary, the boundaries between life and death blur, and the echoes of anguish and retribution linger in every shadow.

Chilling Ghostly Pranksters

Going into The Mortuary shows more than just grief and guardians; it also introduces the pranks played by two spirit children, a girl and a boy, on the living. There’s a trail of unexplainable events, and their ghostly laughter reverberates through the halls. Employees are alarmed as they watch a former mortician carry out his unearthly tasks in the basement. Footsteps and voices reverberate unsettlingly through the vacant house, confounding the expectations of being unoccupied.

Yet, the terror reaches its zenith with poltergeist activity. Furniture, animated by unseen forces, moves independently, striking fear into those who dare to linger. The very fabric of reality seems to warp within The Mortuary’s walls, challenging the bravest souls.

When paranormal investigators descended upon the haunted abode, their success attracted a slew of others. The Mortuary transformed, not into a haunted house, but a training ground for the next generation of paranormal investigators and hunters. With each encounter, they sought to provide irrefutable evidence that ghosts exist, turning a place of eerie legend into a crucible of spectral discovery.

Thus, The Mortuary stands as more than an abandoned building—it is a crucible where the supernatural and the living intersect. The legend of the mischievous children, the dedicated mortician, and the poltergeist activity continues to captivate those who dare to explore its haunted corridors. It is a testament not just to fear but to the enduring quest to prove the existence of ghosts that lingers within The Mortuary’s unsettling embrace.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of The Mortuary

Known for its rich history and eerie atmosphere, The Mortuary has gained attention in various TV shows and documentaries exploring the paranormal. Featured prominently in “Ethereal Enigmas: Unmasking Haunted Realms,” the series delves into the chilling tales and encounters within The Mortuary.

In the realm of literature, The Mortuary has carved its niche, with titles like “Haunted New Orleans: History & Hauntings of the Crescent City” by Troy Taylor and “Haunted New Orleans: Southern Spirits, Garden District Ghosts, And Vampire Venues” by Bonnye Stuart. These literary works delve into the spectral stories surrounding this haunting establishment, offering enthralling narratives that peel back the layers of its ghostly past.

Presently, The Mortuary stands as a magnetic draw for history enthusiasts and aficionados of the supernatural alike. Its pervasive presence in popular culture and media serves as an irresistible invitation, beckoning all who crave an immersive journey into its mysterious and ghost-laden ambiance. This iconic landmark resonates with an aura of captivating intrigue and the uncanny, extending an invitation to those eager to explore its eerie and spectral embrace.


The spectral strands of The Mortuary’s eerie past cling to you like invisible ghosts as you unwillingly wish it goodnight. As you emerge from its dimly lit hallways, you bid farewell to the world where the paranormal and the physical merge. The sounds of phantom laughter and somber cries echoing behind you serve as a chilling reminder that The Mortuary’s eerie secrets don’t go away behind its ominous doors. You step out onto New Orleans’ nighttime streets bearing the permanent scars of a near-death experience. The murky murmurs of The Mortuary haunt you, a spooky memento from a trip into the mysterious depths of the embrace of the afterlife.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is The Mortuary located?

A: The Mortuary is located in the heart of our town, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Q: Who are the spectral children said to haunt The Mortuary?

A: Legends tell of a mischievous boy and girl, spectral children within The Mortuary, playing eerie pranks that defy explanation. Their laughter echoes through the haunted halls.

Q: Is it true that a former mortician still works in The Mortuary’s basement?

A: Yes, employees claim to have witnessed the spectral presence of a former mortician diligently continuing his otherworldly duties in the dark recesses of The Mortuary.

Q: Are the footsteps and voices reported in The Mortuary’s empty halls part of the legends?

A: Absolutely. Unsettling sounds of footsteps and voices persist within the abandoned halls, defying the logic of vacancy and adding to the chilling atmosphere.

Q: What is the scariest part of The Mortuary’s legends?

A: The pinnacle of horror lies in the reported poltergeist activity—furniture moving independently, striking fear into those who venture into The Mortuary.

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