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Hassayampa Inn, situated in the heart of Prescott, Arizona, where history meets mystery. From its establishment in 1927, this historic hotel has seen the passage of time like a silent observer. The essence of the past lingers within its walls, whispering forgotten tales and unsettling secrets.


The Hassayampa Inn, constructed in 1927, stands as a testament to Prescott’s storied past. Originally envisioned as a luxury hotel, it swiftly became a gathering spot for prominent figures, including President Calvin Coolidge. The inn’s Spanish Colonial Revival architecture evokes timeless elegance. Over the decades, it has witnessed historical events, including the Prohibition era, where its secretive speakeasy buzzed with activity.

During World War II, the Hassayampa Inn played a significant role in supporting the war effort. It was transformed into a naval hospital, providing care for injured servicemen and serving as a place of solace for soldiers returning from the frontlines. The inn’s staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure the well-being of the wounded, and its halls echoed with stories of bravery and resilience.

This chapter in its history further solidified the inn’s place as a symbol of strength and community in times of adversity. Even after the war, the inn continued to honor and remember those who had sacrificed, creating a lasting legacy of patriotism and compassion within its walls.

Hassayampa Inn 1927 Building
Hassayampa Inn 1927 – Credit thehassayampainn

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Suicide In Room 426

In the dimly lit halls of the historic Hassayampa Inn, an eerie legend lurks, haunting the memories of its past. Back in 1927, shortly after the grand opening, a couple named Faith Summers and her husband embarked on a fateful honeymoon night that would forever alter the hotel’s history.

They arrived at the inn, seeking a night of seclusion and passionate romance in the enchanting Grand Balcony Suite, room 426. The suite, known for its opulence and splendor, seemed the perfect setting for their dreams of love and togetherness.

Alone and abandoned, Faith’s hope dwindled with each passing moment. Her mind spiraled into darkness as she waited, three agonizing days feeling like an eternity. On that third day, consumed by desperation and sorrow, Faith made a haunting decision – she hung herself within the confines of the grand suite. The hotel staff, unaware of Faith’s tragic act, finally stumbled upon her lifeless body on the fourth day. A sorrowful sight, her form was visible to passersby on Gurley Street just below, casting a pall over the once vibrant atmosphere of the inn.

Haunting of Room 426 – Faith Summer’s Ghost

Faith Summer never left the inn, and guests and visitors have encountered her spectral form throughout the building, with room 426 being her haunting ground of choice. Faith is said to drift gracefully around the hotel, clad in a pink dress, perpetually awaiting her long-lost lover.

From the moment guests step foot in the inn, whispers of Faith’s ghostly apparitions circulate among them. Many have witnessed her fleeting manifestations, as she briefly materializes before vanishing into thin air. The most frequent sightings occur in room 426, the very same suite where her tragic tale began.

Inexplicably, some guests have awoken to find Faith at the foot of their beds, clutching her bridal bouquet while shedding ethereal tears. Upon spotting her, some kind-hearted souls have attempted to offer assistance, but she vanishes like mist, leaving behind only the lingering echoes of her sorrow. One man, feeling an enigmatic presence as he dozed off, awoke to find a spectral woman embracing him. Though he felt no malevolence, he recognized her as Faith, her haunting gaze full of longing and heartache.

Hassayampa Inn hall way – Credit urbane_mongrel

Wandering Little Boy – Laundry Room

A chilling narrative about the ghost of a small East Asian kid, no older than six years old, who prowls the shadows of the laundry room is told within the ancient hallways of the Hassayampa Inn. His ghostly presence tugs on the shirts of women, restless and searching, as if looking for solace in a mother’s embrace.

Within the inn’s walls, the legend of the young East Asian boy’s ghost reverberates through the hallowed halls. In the depths of the laundry room, guests and staff have felt his presence, a sorrowful energy that seems forever in search of maternal warmth. Women visiting the laundry room have experienced a gentle pull on their shirts, a poignant reminder of the boy’s yearning for his lost mother.

It remains a mystery how this innocent spirit came to inhabit the laundry room, a realm where the echoes of the past weave an enigmatic tapestry. Yet, his presence persists, as if caught in a perpetual quest for solace and companionship.

Haunted Restaurant – Peacock

One mysterious figure sticks out among the ghost stories that swirl around the old Hassayampa Inn: Faith Summers. Both the inn’s restaurant, the Peacock, and room 426 have reported seeing her ethereal figure. However, people who come across her there are advised to exercise caution because it is reported that Faith has an odd effect on the kitchen and bar, playful altering various items as she pleases.

Faith’s ethereal presence comes to life in the menacing setting of the Peacock restaurant. The kitchen staff has seen strange things happen and sensed her alien presence. The radio starts up, the lights start to flicker, and the faucets in the nearby bar and the kitchen strangely turn on and off. Most notably, the once-flaming stove burners extinguish themselves in the continued presence of Faith.

However, an air of caution surrounds discussions of Faith’s story. The restless spirit seems to disapprove of being spoken of or her tale being read. Some guests have experienced strange happenings while researching her tragic suicide or simply mentioning her name. One woman found her coffee inexplicably leaping from her cup as she delved into the details of Faith’s story, coincidentally standing before the very suite where Faith’s life came to a tragic end.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its rich history and enigmatic charm, Hassayampa Inn has captured the attention of numerous television shows and documentaries delving into the mysteries of the paranormal. Featured prominently in the captivating series “Enchanting Enigmas: Unveiling Haunted Histories,” this iconic inn became the focal point for investigators exploring its ghostly tales and chilling encounters.

In the realm of literature, Hassayampa Inn has left an indelible mark in books like “Haunted Inns of the Southeast” by Sheila Turnagen and “Sleeping With Ghosts!: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide To Arizona’s Haunted Hotels And Inns” by Debe Branning. These literary masterpieces unravel the supernatural stories surrounding the inn, presenting enthralling narratives of its spectral past.

To this day, the Inn remains an irresistible destination for history enthusiasts and paranormal aficionados alike, allured by its mysterious presence in popular culture and media. This historic landmark exudes an aura of intrigue and the otherworldly, beckoning all who seek an immersive experience in its captivating and spectral ambiance.


As you depart from the Hassayampa Inn, leaving behind the enigmatic charm of Prescott, Arizona, one thing remains certain – the memories etched in this historic place will linger in your mind long after you’ve bid farewell. The ghostly echoes of a bygone era and the chilling mysteries that shroud the inn will forever be a part of your journey. So, whether you seek solace in the haunted corridors or find comfort in the unexplained, the Hassayampa Inn will continue to beckon those who dare to venture into the realms of the unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where Is Hassayampa Inn Located?
A: Hassayampa Inn is located in the historic downtown area of Prescott, Arizona, United States.

Q: Are the ghostly legends of Hassayampa Inn real, or just folklore?
A: While some may dismiss them as folklore, countless witnesses have reported eerie encounters, making the legends a chilling reality.

Q: Which areas of the inn are known to be haunted?
A: The Grand Balcony Suite (room 426), the Peacock restaurant, and the laundry room are among the haunted spots where ghostly activity is often experienced.

Q: Has anyone witnessed the ghost of Faith Summers in the Grand Balcony Suite?
A: Yes, guests have reported seeing her ethereal form, and some even claim to have heard her soft weeping within the suite.

Q: What is the story behind the young East Asian boy haunting the laundry room?
A: The origins of this spectral boy remain a mystery, but visitors have felt his presence and experienced the tugging of their shirts, as if seeking his mother.

Q: Are there any other restless spirits rumored to haunt Hassayampa Inn?
A: Yes, some guests have recounted inexplicable encounters with various other apparitions throughout the inn’s historic corridors.

Q: Do the paranormal occurrences happen at specific times or randomly?
A: Ghostly encounters have been reported both during the day and in the dead of night, seemingly defying any pattern.

Q: Can guests request to stay in the haunted rooms or suites?
A: While some may be drawn to the mystique, all rooms are assigned on a random basis, and guests cannot specifically request haunted accommodations.

Q: Has the inn conducted any paranormal investigations?
A: Over the years, various paranormal experts and investigators have explored the inn’s ghostly mysteries, adding to its allure as a haunted destination.

Q: Are there any precautions for guests who may encounter ghostly activity?
A: The inn’s staff is trained to respect and handle any eerie encounters sensitively, ensuring guests’ comfort and safety during their stay.

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