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Hotel Monte Vista, a place where time seems to have taken on a ghostly presence, stands in the heart of Flagstaff, Arizona. Its grand façade stands as a testament to a bygone era, a time when whispers of the unknown and eerie mysteries permeated the air.


The Hotel Monte Vista is a historic landmark located in Flagstaff, Arizona, United States. The hotel’s story began in 1926 when a group of local investors recognized the potential of Flagstaff as a prominent tourist destination. The town’s location along the famous Route 66 and its proximity to the Grand Canyon made it an ideal location for a grand hotel. Designed by the prominent architect Charles Whittlesey, construction commenced in 1926, and the Hotel Monte Vista officially opened its doors on January 1, 1927.

In the 1930s, the hotel’s light functioned as Flagstaff’s emergency signal. Flashing, it would warn residents and local authorities about dangers and disasters in and around town. The hotel’s existing neon sign continues to entice both locals and visitors.

Moreover, beneath Hotel Monte Vista, mysterious tunnels allegedly built by Chinese immigrants wind into Flagstaff’s heart. Accessible to iconic businesses like Weatherford Hotel, and Babbitt’s Backcountry. After a devastating fire in the early 1900s, Chinese workers used the tunnels to move around discreetly. Today, these hidden spaces hint at a shady past – opium dens, moonshine distilleries, and relics discovered.

Hotel Monte Vista 1927
Hotel Monte Vista 1927- Credit hotelmontevistaflagstaff

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

The Meat Man

Hotel Monte Vista has a legend that revolves around Room 220. The room has a history of eerie happenings attributed to an unusual long-term resident known as the Meat Man, who lived there in the early 1980s.

The Meat Man’s strange habit of hanging raw meat from the chandelier puzzled everyone. After his death nearly 40 years ago, the room’s haunting incidents began. A maintenance worker, leaving the room briefly, returned to find chaos—a blaring television and torn bed linens, as if in a fit of rage.

Even after replacing the television, guests still report strange occurrences in Room 220, like the TV turning on by itself and feeling the touch of cold, raw hands. The legend of the Meat Man continues to bewilder and captivate those daring enough to stay in the infamous Room 220 at Hotel Monte Vista.

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The Rocking Chair – Room 305

The Hotel Monte Vista is a historic and captivating place, nestled among the mountains, and known for its mysterious allure. Room 305 in this hotel has gained a reputation over the decades for paranormal activity. Many reports about strange occurrences date back years, and the room has become a popular choice for those intrigued by the supernatural.

Room 305 has a legend associated with it that has been passed down through generations. According to numerous well-documented accounts, guests have often seen an elderly woman in a rocking chair by the window. The chair would move by itself, knocking against the closet, and some even claimed to have glimpsed the old woman gazing out the window longingly.

Hotel Monte Vista Room 305
Room 305 – Credit Fronteras Desk

The hotel’s stories speak of a resident, an elderly woman, who occupied Room 305 for an extended period. She was said to sit by the window every day, gazing out at the world, perhaps waiting for someone’s return. Even after her passing, some believe her spirit still lingers, searching for a connection.

Over time, the room’s reputation attracted people who loved the strange and unusual. Many came to experience the paranormal and were fascinated by the legend of the old woman in Room 305.

Ruthless Murder – Room 306

The Hotel Monte Vista has a history that includes both natural deaths and nefarious crimes, even murders. Back in the early 20th century, Flagstaff’s notorious Red Light District was just a few blocks away from the hotel.

In the 1940s, a chilling event unfolded when two female sex workers were picked up by a man staying in Room 306 at the Monte Vista Hotel. The women returned to his room, unaware of the horrors that awaited them. During their visit, they were brutally murdered and thrown from the third-floor window to the street below.

The tragic fate of these women seems to have tied their spirits to the room, haunting it to this day. Guests have reported feeling uneasy and watched while staying there, especially men who claimed to have experienced ghostly hands over their mouths or throats as they slept.

The legend of Room 306 continues to endure, a chilling tale of murder and restless spirits. The Hotel Monte Vista remains a place where the past lingers, and the memory of those unfortunate souls who met their end there lives on, forever a part of its history.

Ghostly “Good Morning” Call

In 1970, three men robbed a bank in a nearby town. During the heist, one of the robbers got shot and wounded by a bank guard who surprised them.

After the daring bank robbery, the three men sought refuge at the Cocktail Lounge in the Hotel Monte Vista to celebrate their successful heist. Unaware of the severity of the wounded man’s injuries, they continued to drink, but he tragically bled to death at the bar. Since that day, strange occurrences have been reported in the hotel bar. Both patrons and staff have heard a disembodied voice saying “Good Morning!” upon arrival, and witnessed barstools and drinks moving seemingly on their own.

The legend of the wounded bank robber lives on in the Cocktail Lounge of the Hotel Monte Vista. The mysterious events of that day in 1970 have left an indelible mark, and the ghostly presence continues to intrigue those who visit the historic hotel. As people gather and share stories in the lounge, the spirit of the fallen robber may still linger, forever adding to the enigmatic allure of the Hotel Monte Vista.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its storied history and eerie allure, Hotel Monte Vista has captivated the spotlight in numerous television shows and documentaries exploring the realm of the paranormal. Notably, it was prominently featured in the gripping series “Enigmatic Shadows: Unveiling Haunted Histories,” where investigators delved into the hotel’s ghostly tales and chilling encounters.

In literature, Hotel Monte Vista has carved its legacy in books like “Sleeping With Ghosts!: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide To Arizona’s Haunted Hotels And Inns” by Debe Branning and “Haunted Flagstaff ” by Susan Johnson. These literary works unravel the supernatural stories surrounding the hotel, presenting captivating narratives of its spectral past.

Today, Hotel Monte Vista remains a must-visit destination for history aficionados and paranormal enthusiasts alike, allured by its enigmatic presence in popular culture and media. This historic landmark exudes an aura of intrigue and the otherworldly, inviting all who seek an immersive experience in its captivating and spectral ambiance.


As your stay at Hotel Monte Vista comes to an end, you can’t help but feel a shiver down your spine. The enigmatic aura that surrounds this place has left an indelible mark on your soul, making you question the boundaries between reality and the otherworldly. As you step back into the world outside, you carry with you the echoes of the hotel’s haunted history, forever intertwined with your own. The mysteries you’ve encountered here will continue to linger in your thoughts, drawing you back to the haunting charm of Hotel Monte Vista.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where Is Hotel Monte Vista Located?

A: The Hotel Monte Vista is located in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.

Q: Is Hotel Monte Vista really haunted?

A: Yes, Hotel Monte Vista has a reputation for being haunted, with several paranormal legends surrounding specific rooms, such as Room 305 and Room 306. Guests and staff have reported eerie experiences and unexplained occurrences over the years.

Q: Can I request to stay in a haunted room?

A: While we cannot guarantee room availability, you are welcome to request a specific room, including those with rumored paranormal activity. Keep in mind that the demand for these rooms is high among thrill-seekers and those intrigued by the supernatural.

Q: What is the story behind Room 305?

A: Room 305 is infamous for the legend of an elderly woman who was a long-term resident, often seen sitting in a rocking chair by the window. Guests have reported the chair moving on its own, and some have claimed to see the ghostly figure of the woman herself.

Q: Are there any other haunted rooms besides Room 305?

A: Yes, Room 306 is also known for its chilling history. The room is associated with a tragic event involving three bank robbers in the early 1970s, one of whom bled to death at the hotel bar after a daring heist.

Q: Have there been any ghost sightings in the hotel bar?

A: Yes, visitors and staff have reported unusual activity in the hotel bar, including hearing a disembodied voice saying “Good Morning!” and witnessing barstools and drinks moving on their own.

Q: Are ghost tours offered at Hotel Monte Vista?

A: Yes, we offer guided ghost tours for guests and visitors interested in learning about the hotel’s paranormal history and legends. These tours explore the most haunted areas of the hotel and share eerie stories from its past.

Q: Do you offer any special packages or events related to the hotel’s haunted history?

A: Yes, Hotel Monte Vista occasionally offers special packages and events that cater to those intrigued by the supernatural. These may include themed ghost-hunting nights, séances, and paranormal investigation experiences.

Q: Is it safe to stay in a haunted room?

A: The safety and comfort of our guests are our top priorities. While the hotel has a reputation for being haunted, we ensure that all rooms meet the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. Any paranormal activity is considered part of the hotel’s intriguing history, and our staff is trained to provide a welcoming and secure environment for all guests.

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