The Haunting of Belcourt Castle – Newport, Rhode Island

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Introduction of Belcourt Castle

Belcourt Castle is a ghostly vision that rises out of the mists of time to adorn the charming coastal town of Newport, Rhode Island. This legendary home is a gateway to the paranormal and more than simply a reminder of the Gilded Age. It is a symbol of richness and grandeur. Cross the doorway and you enter a realm where ghosts of long-dead citizens still walk and the ghosts of the past and spooky present coexist. History’s echo may be heard whispering through the draughty hallways.

History of Belcourt Castle

Belcourt Castle is a magnificent estate in Newport, Rhode Island, with a rich history that combines tragedy, extravagance, and the paranormal. It was commissioned by well-known American socialite Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont and constructed between 1891 and 1894 with the intention of serving as an opulent vacation residence in the French chateau style.

Belcourt Castle hides a terrible secret; when it was being built, a man’s grave from a moved cemetery was unintentionally included into the foundation. The haunting stories about the castle talk of ghostly appearances and unexplainable happenings, which implies that the restless spirit might still be there, connecting the worlds of the living and the dead. This disturbing turn of events shows that history is never fully forgotten, leaving a lingering shadow over Belcourt’s past.

An enduring reminder of the Gilded Age, Belcourt Castle is a historic site today. Because of its mysterious past and convoluted past, it has become a must-visit location for history buffs and those who are interested in the paranormal. The opulent and unsettling past of the castle never fails to enthrall those who enter its mysterious embrace.

Historic Belcourt Castle
Historic Belcourt Castle – Credit Wikimedia Commons

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Spiritual Monk – Haunting Grand Halls

There is a legend that a German wooden carving of a monk has a secret inside Belcourt Castle. The Tinneys introduce us to this fascinating story, which begins with the presence of a monk who appears to be attached to the statue and is a mystery male spirit.

This enigmatic figure appeared in full monk attire, wearing a brown robe and hood, and began to wander around the castle wherever the wooden carving of the monk was placed. He first showed up in Donald and Harle’s bedroom, standing at the foot of their bed in a semi-solid state, dressed as a monk.

It seemed he was tied to the statue’s location, as when the wooden carving was put near the first-floor ladies’ room, the monk’s figure was seen walking from the nearby Grand Hall into the ladies’ room. It was as if the spirit was drawn to wherever his statue was.

The monk’s existence became even more intriguing when he chose to communicate through Virginia, expressing his desire to be moved to the castle’s chapel. After complying with his request and relocating the wooden carving to the chapel, a visitor had an astonishing encounter. They saw the monk’s solid form, dressed in his monk’s attire, making preparations for a mass within the chapel.

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Angry Knight’s Spirit – Haunting Ballroom

Belcourt Castle is home to a 16th-century Italian battle suit in the French Gothic Ballroom, which is tied to an angry spirit. This legend tells the story of a knight who tragically died when a spear pierced his helmet visor. His screams of agony continue to echo through the castle, mainly in March, the month he met his demise.

This tormented entity, connected to the ancient armor, endlessly reenacts his death. He suffered a gruesome fate when a spear pierced his helmet visor. The castle’s staff and the Tinney family have heard his anguished cries for many years, particularly during March, the month of his death.

Interestingly, the spirit found a way to communicate with Virginia. He revealed that he was abandoned by his fellow knights and died alone from his wounds. During tours of the French Gothic Ballroom, a peculiar occurrence is noted. The knight’s helmet inexplicably turns to observe the room’s occupants, particularly strangers.

And so, the story of the angry knight in Belcourt Castle endures, a haunting reminder of the castle’s past. The spirit’s unending agony and unsettling presence continue to captivate those who encounter it. The mysterious turning of the knight’s helmet serves as a constant reminder of the castle’s eerie history, piquing the curiosity of its visitors.

Replica Armor
Replica Armor – Credit belcourtofnewport

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Belcourt Castle

Belcourt Castle is well-known for its mysterious atmosphere and rich history. It has received a lot of media attention, especially when it is included in spine-tingling documentaries like “Whispers of the Past: Unveiling Belcourt’s Haunted Secrets.” Investigators delved into the secrets surrounding this haunting mansion in this spine-tingling series, uncovering ghost stories and unsettling encounters.

Within the realm of literature, Belcourt Castle has etched its mark in books like “The Ghosts Of Belcourt Castle” by Harle H Tinney and “Ghosts of Newport: Spirits, Scoundres, Legends and Lore” by John T. Brennan. These literary works unfurl the supernatural narratives that enshroud the castle, weaving captivating stories from its spectral past.

Due to Belcourt Castle’s captivating appearance in popular culture and the media, history buffs and paranormal experts are still drawn to it. With its eerie and alluring ambiance, this historical icon beckons anyone seeking an intense encounter with an air of mystery and the otherworldly.


At the intersection of history and the unknown, the ghosts of the past reverberate, each whisper bearing witness to lives lived, secrets buried, and spirits released. Beyond just an architectural wonder, Belcourt Castle is a place where time stops still and the lines separating the physical and the supernatural become less distinct. Our exploration into the mazy hallways and dark rooms has revealed a tapestry of spooky stories and mysterious encounters. This ancient estate calls out to those who are willing to accept the paranormal, enticing them to immerse themselves in a seductive blend of the past and present where the boundaries between the tangible and the intangible blur.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Belcourt Castle located?

A. Belcourt Castle is located in Newport, Rhode Island.

Q. Is Belcourt Castle haunted?

A. Yes, there are reports of paranormal activity in the castle. Legends tell of the ghostly Monk who roams the halls and the tormented Knight whose spirit lingers in the French Gothic Ballroom.

Q. Can visitors see the angry spirit of the Knight?

A. While there have been reports of his spectral presence, sightings of the angry Knight are unpredictable. Visitors might experience his eerie presence during tours of the French Gothic Ballroom.

Q. Tell me more about the Monk’s legend?

A. The Monk is said to be connected to a wooden carving that was brought into the castle by the Tinneys. He’s often seen in full monk attire and has been witnessed communicating through Virginia. His wish to be moved to the chapel was granted, and visitors have reported seeing him preparing for a mass.

Q. Are there any other ghostly legends associated with Belcourt Castle?

A. Yes, there is the legend of the Lady in White, who has been seen on the staircase. There are also reports of ghostly apparitions and strange occurrences throughout the castle, making it a hub for paranormal enthusiasts.

Q. Can visitors explore the entire castle?

A. While some areas of Belcourt Castle are open to the public during guided tours, not all parts of the castle are accessible due to preservation efforts and ongoing restoration work. However, you can still experience the rich history and eerie legends that make Belcourt Castle a fascinating destination.

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