The Haunting of Conjuring House – Burrillville, Rhode Island

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Introduction of Conjuring House

Tucked away in the sleepy little village of Burrillville, Rhode Island, is a spot that holds secrets related to the paranormal. The Conjuring House, a place of residence whose history is cloaked in mystery and whose walls have witnessed strange and mysterious happenings. This modest house, which seems like it was taken straight out of a ghost story, has a reputation for being among the most haunted locations in the country. Come along on an adventure as we explore the terrifying past and eerie experiences that make the Conjuring House a location where the paranormal and the real world collide.

History of Conjuring House

The Conjuring House’s history is a chilling tale etched with the uncanny. Dating back to the early 18th century, this unassuming structure in Burrillville, Rhode Island, appeared tranquil amid the New England countryside. Yet, it foreshadowed the horrors that would one day unfurl within its walls.

In the 1970s, the Perron family’s stay here inspired the 2013 horror film, “The Conjuring.” Their ordeal was marked by eerie phenomena—disembodied voices, nocturnal footsteps, and malevolent spirits. In the 19th century, the Arnold family resided here, their saga encompassing unsettling tales of demonic entities, mysterious deaths, and possessions. These accounts cast a lingering shadow over the house’s sinister reputation.

Over time, the Conjuring House has lured paranormal investigators and the curious, with countless reports telling of apparitions, poltergeist activity, and disembodied whispers that continue to haunt those who dare to enter. The Conjuring House stands as an enduring emblem of the unexplained, beckoning those willing to confront the eerie and the supernatural. This house is more than a mere structure; it has borne witness to the legacy of generations.

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Chilling Witchcraft – Spirit of Bathsheba

A rumor about a woman named Bathsheba has persisted for decades in the gloomy halls of the Conjuring House. She and her spouse moved into this house in 1844 after she was born in Rhode Island in 1812. This is the original location of the ghostly whispers and witchcraft stories.

In this house, Bathsheba and her husband started their family. Tragedy struck when three children died at birth. The house’s dark reputation grew when a child under Bathsheba’s care was found fatally stabbed, sparking witchcraft rumors. Townsfolk feared and suspected her.Even after Bathsheba was found not guilty at trial, her name continued to carry the stigma of witchcraft. The whispers continued, adding to the dark stories that surrounded her. When it was rumored that Bathsheba hanged herself in 1885, severing her link to the hereafter, the narrative took on its darkest hue. The Conjuring House developed into a site of eerie curiosity where people thought there was little separation between the living and the dead.

As the years passed, the legend endured. Locals and visitors alike spoke of eerie occurrences within the house’s walls. Many claimed to have seen a spectral figure, a woman who seemed to guard the home, her presence both unsettling and sorrowful. Bathsheba’s spirit, it was believed, had not found rest. She continued to roam the house, perhaps seeking redemption or retribution for the rumors and accusations that had plagued her.

Basement of Conjuring House
Basement of Conjuring House – Credit allthatsinteresting

Paranormal Events – Perron Family

The chilling legend that served as the cornerstone of “The Conjuring” began with the Perron family. In 1970, they embarked on a seemingly ordinary journey when they moved into the infamous Conjuring House with their five daughters. Little did they know the horrors that awaited them.

The Perron family’s paranormal journey began almost instantly. Once safely hanging on the walls, pictures defied gravity and fell to the ground, defying common sense. Brooms moved around as if they were being led by invisible hands, as if they had a life of their own. The family’s kids were fascinated by these strange happenings at first, but before long they were conversing with ghosts from another world.

The paranormal activity darkened considerably as the days gave way to nighttime. The air started to smell foul and rotten, overwhelming the senses and never going away. The children were afraid and sleep deprived when their mattresses began to shake violently in the middle of the night, upsetting their calm sleep. Roger Perron, the patriarch of the family, had an incident that was possibly the most terrifying of all. Every time he went down into the basement to fix the furnace, he felt as though someone cold and evil followed him around, enveloping him in a spooky atmosphere of fear.

The Conjuring House, through the nightmarish experiences of the Perron family, stands as an unsettling symbol of the inexplicable. It serves as a stark reminder of the supernatural forces that can grip an ostensibly ordinary residence and plunge it into a realm of unexplained horrors. The Perrons’ detailed encounters with the unknown continue to send shivers down the spines of those who dare to delve into the mysteries that persist within the Conjuring House to this day.

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Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Conjuring House

The Conjuring House, known for its mysterious past and unsettling aura, has been featured in several paranormal investigations, films, and chilling broadcasts. It was the focal point of the terrifying television series “Unearthly Echoes: Chronicles of the Supernatural,” in which daring investigators set out on a terrifying expedition to uncover the dark truths that lie beneath its shadowy walls.

Within the realm of literature, the Conjuring House has left an indelible mark, serving as a haunting muse for authors like Thomas D’Agostino in “Haunted Rhode Island” and Matthew Clark in “Most Haunted Places in America“. These literary works delve deep into the phantasmal chronicles that enshroud the house, weaving compelling narratives of its eerie and haunted past.

Both history buffs and occult enthusiasts find the Conjuring House to be an enticing place to visit nowadays. Drawn to its menacing presence in the annals of the unexplained, it beckons to those who dare to descend into its terrifying depths, providing an immersive experience in its cryptic and spooky aura that remains.


One thing is clear as we conclude our investigation of the Conjuring House in Burrillville, Rhode Island; the eerie atmosphere and paranormal activity that evoke fear in this location endure and defy logic. Whether you think the paranormal is real or not, the stories, lore, and eyewitness reports that surround this mysterious house are a chilling reminder that we are closer to the unknown than we would like to think. The Conjuring House is a tribute to the unexplainable and the paranormal; it serves as a terrifying reminder that sometimes the past won’t go away and the ghosts of the past keep echoing through time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the Conjuring House located?

A: The Conjuring House is situated in Burrillville, Rhode Island.

Q: What’s the story behind the legend of Bathsheba at the Conjuring House?

A: The legend of Bathsheba, a former resident, revolves around accusations of witchcraft and her association with sinister events in the house.

Q: Can you tell me about the Perron family’s experiences in the Conjuring House?

A: The Perron family, who lived in the house in the 1970s, reported eerie encounters, including objects moving on their own, ghostly apparitions, and unexplained odors.

Q: Is the Conjuring House linked to the famous Annabelle doll?

A: While not directly connected, the Warrens, famous paranormal investigators, did investigate the Conjuring House and later housed the Annabelle doll in their occult museum.

Q: Are there any stories of demonic possession in the Conjuring House?

A: The Conjuring House has stories of alleged possession and intense supernatural disturbances, contributing to its reputation as a paranormal hotspot.

Q: What are the most common sightings in the Conjuring House?

A: Frequent sightings include shadowy figures, eerie voices, and apparitions believed to be the spirits of past residents, including Bathsheba.

Q: Can visitors explore the Conjuring House?

A: The Conjuring House has, at times, hosted guided tours and events for paranormal enthusiasts, allowing them to explore and experience its mystique.

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