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Introduction of Cadillac Hotel

The Cadillac Hotel is a well-kept secret in Seattle, Washington, a city renowned for its thriving culture and chic appeal. This ancient location stands as a portal to a bygone period, where time itself seems to have left an unmistakable mark, beyond the busy streets and modern facades. Prepare to uncover the unique tales of the souls who have come and gone as you enter its enigmatic embrace and to face the unsettling mysteries that have made staying at the Cadillac Hotel such a memorable haunting experience.

Cadillac Hotel Marker
Cadillac Hotel Marker – Credit Aaron Hockley

History of Cadillac Hotel

Cadillac Hotel was designed by James W. Hetherington, this building initially opened its doors in 1890 as the Elliot House, offering fifty-six rooms. Over the years, it went through several name changes, briefly known as both the Derig Hotel and the Star Lodge. It wasn’t until 1906 that it settled into its final identity as the Cadillac Hotel, coinciding with an expansion that added three more rooms.

In its early days, the upper floors were primarily occupied by local workmen and laborers, who paid between twenty-five to fifty cents a night for their accommodations. On the ground floor, you’d find a variety of local businesses, including a lunch counter, a bar, a drugstore, and a few affordable restaurants.

The Cadillac Hotel’s history is a testament to the changing times and the diverse lives that passed through its doors. Today, it stands as a living relic, preserving its unique character while bearing witness to the city’s evolving story.

Historical Cadillac Hotel – Credit Historylink

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Ghost of Gold Rush

In the late 1800s, the Klondike Gold Rush turned Seattle into the “Gateway to the Gold Fields,” drawing in over seventy thousand hopeful prospectors. Many of these men vanished, either swallowed by the wilderness or victims of a ruthless society driven by greed and jealousy. Today, the spirits of these lost souls still haunt the Cadillac Hotel, where they once sought refuge.

The Cadillac Hotel served as a ray of hope for individuals looking for fame and fortune amid the bustle of Seattle’s heyday. Numerous gold rush prospectors came here to temporarily escape the harsh realities of their pursuit. They had no idea that the Cadillac Hotel would turn into a hub of paranormal activity and ghostly encounters.

The spirits of these ill-fated men, forever trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead, have left an indelible mark on the hotel’s history. Late at night, guests and staff have reported hearing disembodied voices, the faint echoes of long-lost conversations about striking it rich. Shadowy figures, cloaked in the attire of a bygone era, are said to wander the dimly lit corridors, their footsteps echoing like whispers of the past.

One chilling tale speaks of a guest who awoke in the dead of night to find a spectral miner standing at the foot of their bed, his eyes filled with a desperate longing for the riches that had eluded him in life. Another recounts the eerie sensation of icy fingers brushing against one’s skin in an otherwise empty room.

The Cadillac Hotel stands as a chilling reminder of the Klondike Gold Rush’s dark legacy. Its haunted corridors bear witness to the restless spirits of those who pursued riches and met tragic ends. As night falls, guests may find themselves face to face with these spectral remnants of the past, forever bound to a place where dreams turned to dust. The pursuit of gold may be history, but the ghosts it left behind endure.

Restless Spirits – Crying Baby & Mother

According to legend, a worried mother and her young child inhabit the spooky confines of the Cadillac Hotel. Their melancholy cries are said to reverberate throughout the establishment, especially at night. A single mother who was being forced out of her home at the beginning of the tragic story sought refuge at the Cadillac.

As the legend goes, life at the Cadillac Hotel offered little respite for the young mother. Her hardships only deepened, driving her to the brink of madness. Then, on one fateful night, the unthinkable occurred—the woman committed an unspeakable act, extinguishing the life of her own beloved child before taking her own.

From that moment on, the spirits of the tormented mother and her innocent child became eternally bound to the Cadillac’s haunted history. Their sorrowful cries, filled with an anguish that transcended the realms of the living, became a chilling presence within the hotel’s dimly lit hallways. Guests and staff alike would be awakened in the dead of night by the haunting sound of a mother’s lament and a child’s plaintive wails, the echoes of a tragedy that could never be forgotten.

To this day, the Cadillac Hotel remains a place where the past and the supernatural converge. The tale of the anguished mother and her innocent child serves as a haunting reminder of the inexplicable events that have left their indelible mark on the hotel’s history. As darkness descends and the hours grow late, those who dare to stay within the hotel’s unsettling embrace may find themselves face to face with the spectral remnants of a tragedy that defies comprehension.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Cadillac Hotel

The Cadillac Hotel has been featured prominently in numerous documentaries and television series examining the paranormal because of its rich history and spooky atmosphere. The intriguing television series “Eerie Echoes: Unveiling Haunted Secrets,” which explored the hotel’s eerie tales and terrifying encounters, featured it prominently.

In the world of literature, the Cadillac Hotel has left an indelible mark, featuring prominently in books such as “Spooked in Seattle” by Ross Allison and “Haunted Washington, DC” by Tom Ogden. These literary works unveil the supernatural stories that enshroud the hotel, weaving mesmerizing narratives of its spectral past.

Due to its enigmatic presence in popular culture and the media, the Cadillac Hotel is now a must-visit location for history buffs and those interested in the paranormal. This iconic location beckons anybody looking for an immersive experience in its captivating and eerie environment with its aura of mystery and the paranormal.


We leave the Cadillac Hotel with more than just memories; it feels as though the ghosts of its former visitors have smuggled their stories into our very beings. We have received a one-of-a-kind, customized experience from Seattle’s captivating mystery, this place of shadows and secrets. Long after we are gone, the echoes of its past, which is now entwined with our own, will continue. The Cadillac Hotel delivers on its promise of a disturbing experience that will stick with us forever and serve as an ominous reminder of our adventure into the unknown with every creaking floorboard and flickering light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is the Cadillac Hotel located?

A. The Cadillac Hotel is located in the heart of Seattle, Washington.

Q. Is the Cadillac Hotel really haunted?

A. Yes, the Cadillac Hotel has gained a notorious reputation for being haunted. Guests and staff have reported numerous eerie encounters, including ghostly apparitions and unexplained sounds.

Q. Can you share more about the legend of the grieving woman and her child?

A. Certainly. The legend tells of a single mother who sought refuge at the Cadillac Hotel during the Klondike Gold Rush era. Her life took a tragic turn, leading her to commit a horrific act within the hotel—taking the life of her own child and then her own. Their restless spirits are said to haunt the premises to this day.

Q. Have there been any recent paranormal experiences at the Cadillac Hotel?

A. Yes, paranormal experiences are still reported by guests and staff. These include hearing the cries of the grieving woman and her child, as well as encountering shadowy figures in old-fashioned attire.

Q. Can I request a specific room with paranormal activity at the Cadillac Hotel?

A. While we cannot guarantee specific paranormal encounters in any particular room, many guests have reported eerie experiences throughout the hotel. You may find that staying here increases your chances of encountering the supernatural.

Q. Are there any guided ghost tours available at the Cadillac Hotel?

A. Yes, the Cadillac Hotel offers guided ghost tours for those interested in delving deeper into its haunted history. These tours provide insight into the legends and eerie events associated with the hotel.

Q. Can I book a room at the Hotel if I want to experience its haunted reputation firsthand?

A. Absolutely! The Cadillac Hotel welcomes guests who are curious about its haunted history. You can book a room and experience the eerie atmosphere for yourself. However, be prepared for possible paranormal encounters during your stay.

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