Maltby Cemetery – Maltby, Washington

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Introduction of Maltby Cemetery

Maltby Cemetery is a mysterious and unsettling location in the center of Maltby, Washington. You can sense history weighing down on you as you enter its silent, unsettling environment. Long shadows are formed by the towering trees, and the stories of people who have rested here fill the air. The adventurous traveler is drawn to Maltby Cemetery by its promise of paranormal encounters and glimmers of the unknown.

History of Maltby Cemetery

Maltby Cemetery, located in the serene outskirts of Maltby, Washington, was established in 1889 during a period of rapid growth in the Pacific Northwest. This region was known for its booming lumber and agriculture industries, and the cemetery’s founding reflects its importance during that time.

Throughout its history, Maltby Cemetery has been the final resting place for a diverse array of people, including pioneer settlers who played a significant role in shaping the local communities. These early inhabitants contributed to the development of the Pacific Northwest and left their mark on the region.

Reports of apparitions, including women and children in ragged clothing, have added an element of intrigue to Maltby Cemetery’s history. Local legends also speak of an underground crypt that was said to exist within the cemetery, deepening its mystery. A haunting legend associated with the cemetery involves a set of stairs that led to an underground area. Teens who frequented the cemetery as a hangout spot claimed that when they reached the bottom of the stairs and turned around, they witnessed a terrifying vision of Hell.

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Thirteen Steps To Hell – Haunted Staircase

In Maltby Cemetery, there’s a famous legend that has intrigued locals for generations – the story of the “Thirteen Steps to Hell.” These steps were once located right in the middle of the cemetery, and they had a puzzling quality, seemingly leading into the ground.

Imagine yourself in the center of Maltby Cemetery and immediately noticing the Thirteen Steps to Hell. A mystery just waiting to be solved, they stood brazenly among the tombstones. Even though they had an unclear goal, people were drawn to them.

According to the legend, these steps led to an underground tomb that belonged to an elusive family. As you descended, the world above would gradually fade into silence, leaving only an unsettling quietness. Those who had the courage to turn around at the bottom claimed to catch a spine-chilling glimpse of Hell itself.

As with any good legend, tales spread of those who ventured down the Thirteen Steps to Hell and never returned. Their stories painted a grim picture of the unknown. Although time has erased the steps and their eerie presence, the legends remain, forever etched in the history of Maltby Cemetery.

The Thirteen Steps to Hell may be gone, but the legend lives on in the memories of Maltby’s residents. It reminds us that even in the most peaceful places, the human imagination can create tales of mystery. Whether the steps were a mere invention of the mind or a portal to another realm, the legend continues to cast a mysterious shadow over Maltby Cemetery, leaving us to ponder the secrets hidden beneath the earth’s surface.

Thirteen Steps to Hell
Thirteen Steps to Hell – Credit dbl

Wandering Spirits – Haunted Gravestones

Within the confines of Maltby Cemetery, another intriguing legend awaits, where the ethereal and the earthly collide. It is the tale of apparitions, forlorn women, and children, clad in tattered raiments, who wander the cemetery’s grounds. These restless spirits are said to not only appear but also to push away those who dare to draw near to their graves.

As one strolls through the hallowed grounds of Maltby Cemetery, it is not uncommon to be greeted by the spectral presence of women and children, their clothing in tatters and their eyes filled with sorrow. These apparitions, caught in an eternal limbo between this world and the next, have haunted the cemetery for as long as memory serves.

The restless spirits seem to seek solace among the tombstones, forever wandering, perhaps in search of closure denied to them in life. Witnesses have recounted their encounters with these otherworldly visitors, describing their tattered garb and the palpable sense of melancholy that surrounds them.

Yet, the legends of Maltby Cemetery do not end here. Some who have ventured too close to the graves of these spirits have felt an inexplicable force, a spectral hand, pushing them away. It is as though these souls, denied their rest, guard their final resting places with a fierce determination.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Maltby Cemetery

Maltby Cemetery, renowned for its rich history and eerie mystique, has garnered attention in various paranormal TV shows and documentaries. Notably, it played a central role in the gripping series “Unveiling the Unknown: Maltby’s Haunting Tales,” where investigators explored its ghostly legends and spine-chilling encounters.

In the realm of literature, Maltby Cemetery has left its mark in books such as “Spooky Washington” by S. E. Schlosser and “Haunted Washington: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Evergreen State” by Charles A. Stansfield Jr. These literary works delve deep into the supernatural narratives that envelop the cemetery, offering enthralling accounts of its spectral history.

Maltby Cemetery is still a fascinating stop for people who enjoy history and the occult today. All who desire an immersive experience are invited into its eerie, evocative embrace by its historical significance and enigmatic presence in popular culture.


You leave the mysteries and secrets that have pervaded Maltby Cemetery‘s revered grounds for ages as you exit the cemetery. You’ll carry with you the echoes of its spooky stories and the lingering sense of the paranormal, serving as a reminder that the strange and mysterious are still prevalent in some areas of today’s society. Maltby Cemetery in Maltby is still a site where the distinction between the living and the dead is hazy, which is evidence of the persistent fascination of the unexplained.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is Maltby Cemetery located?

A: Maltby Cemetery is situated in the heart of Maltby, Washington.

Q: Is it true that there were once “Thirteen Steps to Hell” in the cemetery?

A: Yes, that’s correct. The cemetery used to have a mysterious staircase known as the “Thirteen Steps to Hell,” which was believed to lead to an underground tomb.

Q: What’s the story behind the “Thirteen Steps to Hell”?

A: Legend has it that these steps led to a family’s underground tomb, and those who ventured down would experience an eerie silence and a glimpse of Hell when they turned around at the bottom.

Q: Are there any reported sightings of apparitions in Maltby Cemetery?

A: Indeed, there have been numerous reports of apparitions in the cemetery, particularly women and children dressed in tattered clothing.

Q: Have there been any strange encounters with these apparitions?

A: Yes, some visitors claim to have been pushed away from certain graves by these restless spirits, adding to the eerie reputation of the cemetery.

Q: Is it safe to visit Maltby Cemetery at night?

A: While the cemetery is open during the day and evening hours, visiting at night can be a spooky experience. Exercise caution and respect for the resting souls, and it can be an interesting visit for those who enjoy the paranormal.

Q: Can I take guided tours or join paranormal investigations at Maltby Cemetery?

A: Yes, from time to time, local groups and organizations offer guided tours and paranormal investigations. Keep an eye out for announcements and events to explore the mysteries of Maltby Cemetery with experienced guides.

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