Castle House – Brumley, Missouri

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Introduction of Castle House

Castle House is a mysterious and unsettling mansion situated in the sleepy Missouri town of Brumley. This massive building has witnessed innumerable ghostly stories while guarding against the passage of time. .This is a location where reality and the paranormal merge, leaving you with a sensation of dread and amazement. There are ghostly apparitions and unexplainable events here.

Castle House Marker
Castle House Marker – Credit Haunted Castle House

History of Castle House

Castle House, an enduring presence in Brumley, Missouri, holds a history steeped in both opulence and mystery, stretching back to its construction in 1885 by the industrialist Frederick Brumley. This architectural marvel, a testament to the grandeur of the Victorian era, boasts intricate Gothic details and a commanding facade that once graced the town.

Behind the mansion’s imposing presence, two graveyards have been discovered in the backyard. One is a “pioneer” graveyard, a testament to the area’s early settlers, while the other is a mass grave shrouded in mystery. These graveyards add a haunting layer to Castle House’s history, raising questions about the lives and events that unfolded on this hallowed ground.

Over the years, a tapestry of ghostly activity has been weaved within these weathered walls. Visitors have described paranormal occurrences such as lights that mysteriously flicker on and off, sudden cold spots that send chills down one’s spine, ghostly footsteps that reverberate through the hallways, and strange whispering and whistling noises that defy explanation.

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Haunted Corridors And Hospital Room

Castle House stands as an invitation to those in search of otherworldly experiences. On one fateful night, a guest at Castle House settled in, ready to partake in the chilling legends that enshrouded this ancient bed and breakfast.

As the guest occupied the Martha Dixon room, the night unfurled with eerie events. In the hushed stillness, ghostly footsteps resounded in the corridor just beyond the room’s threshold. These spectral footfalls endured for several disconcerting seconds, an unsettling testament to unseen presence.

Later, while the guest lay in the Martha room’s bed, attention was captivated by the enigmatic sounds originating from the Hospital room, notorious for its spectral occurrences. For nearly a minute, objects seemed to stir of their own accord, all within an eerie silence.

Summoning courage, the guest ventured into the Hospital room. To their astonishment, nothing appeared amiss. It was as though the supernatural activity had receded, concealed within the shadows. Perhaps, the spirits had wearied due to the relentless provocations of a prior paranormal group.

Castle House endures as a mysterious sanctuary, beckoning those with a thirst for the spectral and unexplained. The ghostly tales persist, leaving visitors to ponder the concealed enigmas within the age-old walls. A night spent at Castle House is an invitation to partake in the haunting legends that linger within this enigmatic abode.

Spirit of a Little Girl

An eerie rumor still exists deep inside Castle House. There is a spirit believed to reside in the upper back chamber; it is that of a young girl who perished in a fire. This is her spectral story.

In the dimly lit back room, visitors attempted to communicate with the ghostly girl. They closed the door, turned off the lights, and tried to capture her presence in photographs. However, their efforts were met with silence. Then, a call from downstairs signaled their departure.

As they were about to leave, something strange happened. The guest tried to open the door, but it refused to budge. They realized this might be the paranormal experience they were seeking, so they switched their phone to video mode to capture the eerie moment.

Their friend, who had been recording, joined in the effort. They tried to lock and unlock the door, thinking it might be a prank. But the door remained stubbornly closed, no matter the lock’s position. In frustration, their friend screamed for help, and at that moment, the door finally relented, allowing them to escape.

When they shared their story with the owners of Castle House, they were surprised to learn that all locks on the doors had been disabled to prevent such incidents. The guest’s father, who had called them from downstairs, claimed he hadn’t heard their cries, despite the small and quiet house It appeared that the spirit of the little girl in the room had sought their company, unwilling to let them leave. This chilling encounter would forever be etched in their memories, captured in the enigmatic recordings of that fateful night.

Ghostly Room Door
Ghostly Room Door – Credit dailyyonder

Ghostly Radio Communication

As travelers passed by Castle House on two distinct occasions, they stumbled upon an unsettling legend. Each time, while driving near the enigmatic mansion, their car radios fell silent, and an eerie voice emerged, speaking words that sent shivers down their spines. This is the haunting tale of these inexplicable encounters.

On separate journeys, two sets of travelers found themselves in the vicinity of Castle House, captivated by its aura of mystery. As they drove past, the tranquility of the countryside was abruptly interrupted. First, the car radio ceased to function, and a chilling voice, unmistakably that of a woman, uttered a single word: “horrible.” The experience left the occupants bewildered, their hearts racing with fear.

Later, another traveler, this time a daughter, embarked on the same route. Her iPod, too, succumbed to the eerie phenomenon. The device abruptly fell silent, and the same haunting voice, that of a woman, pleaded for assistance, uttering the word “help.” The daughter, like those before her, was left in a state of profound unease.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Castle House

Renowned for its storied history and eerie mystique, Castle House has garnered attention in various television programs and documentaries dedicated to the realm of the supernatural. Most notably, it played a prominent role in the gripping series “Mysteries Unveiled: Exploring the Haunted Enigmas,” where intrepid investigators delved deep into the chilling tales and ghostly encounters within its walls.

Within the realm of literature, Castle House has left an indelible mark, making appearances in works such as “The Big Book of Missouri Ghost Stories” by Troy Taylor  and “Haunted Missouri: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Show Me State” by Troy Taylor. These literary endeavors unveil the spectral narratives and paranormal stories woven into the fabric of the mansion, offering captivating accounts of its haunted past.

Today, Castle House stands as an irresistible destination for history enthusiasts and paranormal aficionados alike, drawn by its enigmatic presence in popular culture and the media. This historic manor radiates an aura of intrigue and the supernatural, extending an open invitation to all who seek an immersive experience within its captivating and ghostly ambiance.


As your journey through Castle House comes to an end, remember that its chilling stories and ghostly encounters will linger in your thoughts long after you leave. The mysteries of this place will continue to haunt your imagination, serving as a testament to the enigmatic world that lies beyond our understanding. Castle House, with its dark and eerie allure, will forever leave an indelible mark on those who dare to explore its shadowy depths. Until we meet again, may the spirits of Castle House remain etched in your memories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is Castle House located?

A: Castle House is located in Brumley, Missouri.

Q: What is the legend of Castle House?

A: Castle House is steeped in eerie legends. One tells of a little girl who met a tragic end by fire, her restless spirit believed to linger in a back room. Another legend involves mysterious voices that interrupt car radios, uttering chilling words like “horrible” and “help.”

Q: Can I spend the night at Castle House?

A: Yes, Castle House operates as a bed and breakfast, welcoming guests who are intrigued by its paranormal reputation. You can experience the legends firsthand by staying overnight.

Q: Are there any documented paranormal experiences at Castle House?

A: Yes, there have been documented encounters with the supernatural at Castle House. Guests have reported hearing ghostly footsteps, experiencing objects moving on their own, and encountering unexplained voices.

Q: Can I visit the haunted room mentioned in the legends?

A: Yes, you can request to stay in the room where the little girl’s spirit is said to linger. It’s a chilling experience for those brave enough to spend the night there.

Q: Have there been any investigations by paranormal groups at Castle House?

A: Yes, there have been investigations by paranormal groups that have yielded intriguing results, adding to the mystique of the place. These investigations have included attempts to communicate with the spirits that are believed to inhabit Castle House.

Q: Can I see the recordings and photographs of the supernatural encounters?

A: Yes, Castle House has a collection of recordings and photographs capturing some of the eerie experiences witnessed by guests. You can inquire about viewing these during your stay for a spine-tingling experience.

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