Haunting at Pythian Castle – Springfield, Missouri

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Introduction of Pythian Castle

Pythian Castle, located in the heart of Springfield, Missouri, is cloaked in mystery and intrigue. A ominous feeling pervades the air as you approach this medieval fortress, and you can’t help but sense the weight of its cryptic past. Prepare to venture into the depths of Pythian Castle, where echoes of the past reverberate and the boundary between reality and the supernatural blurs.

History of Pythian Castle

Built in 1913, Pythian Castle stands proudly in Springfield, Missouri. Originally constructed as a meeting place for the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal organization, the castle’s impressive Gothic Revival architecture is a testament to the craftsmanship of the time.

During World War II, Pythian Castle took on a new role as a prisoner of war (POW) camp for captured German and Italian soldiers. The castle’s walls bore witness to the comings and goings of these prisoners, creating an unexpected chapter in its history.

Intriguingly, Pythian Castle has been at the center of several ghostly legends. Rumors of paranormal activity within its confines have persisted for decades. Visitors and paranormal investigators have reported eerie encounters and unexplained phenomena, adding to the castle’s mystique.

Having undergone a painstaking restoration, Pythian Castle although privately owned is now available to the public for events, tours, and eerie investigations. It offers an engrossing glimpse into both its historical significance and the mysterious tales that surround it.

Historic Photograph of Pythian Castle
Historic Photograph of Pythian Castle – Credit ozarksfirst

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Wandering Ghostly Shadows – Haunted Tower

In 2007, the Booth Brothers released a documentary titled “Children of the Grave,” featuring Pythian Castle as a central location. During their filming, they encountered unsettling occurrences that have since become legendary.

As they explored the castle’s tunnels, the Booth Brothers noticed a mysterious man-sized shadow trailing them. This unsettling presence defied explanation and sent shivers down their spines. Inside the tunnels, they heard peculiar noises resembling pounding on pipes, as if water were flowing. However, they discovered that the pipes were disconnected, making it impossible for any substance to move through them, leaving them perplexed.

In the castle’s tower, they made a disturbing discovery—a large, wet-looking handprint on the windowsill that appeared to belong to an adult male. This chilling find added to the castle’s eerie reputation.

But the most bone-chilling moment occurred in the tower room. While filming, the Booth Brothers captured an unsettling EVP—a sinister voice uttering the words, “You Bastards.” The tower room had a dark history associated with child molestation, and even Tamara’s dogs refused to enter, highlighting the room’s sinister aura.

The legend of Pythian Castle, as documented by the Booth Brothers, remains a chilling testament to the unexplained phenomena within its walls, where the line between the living and the supernatural blurs.

Eerie Tunnel of Pythian Castle
Eerie Tunnel of Pythian Castle – Credit Melissa T

Restless Spirit – Jeff

A tale is created amid the unsettling confines of Pythian Castle. Tamara, a seasoned expert in the paranormal, explains the story surrounding a mysterious ghost and a skeptic visitor.

Within the castle’s ancient stone walls, there exists a ghostly presence believed to be named Jeff. However, uttering this name triggers an unsettling phenomenon—the fire alarms blare, as if rejecting the very mention of it. Tamara’s exhaustive research sheds light on a different truth—the ghost is more likely Jess, a man who battled throat cancer and tragically ended his life on the castle’s grounds. Jess is now the name associated with this mysterious apparition.

Amidst these spectral tales, we encounter Tim, a staunch skeptic. His first night within the castle proves to be restless as a spectral hand grips his arm, startling him awake. Although Tamara and her mother are absent, Tim believes it was M.J., Tamara’s mother, who urged him to action, saying, “Get up. The dog is on the roof.”

In a moment of inexplicable clarity, Tim follows the spectral voice’s command and discovers one of the greyhounds stranded on a small roof outside. The mysterious voice had alerted him to the dire situation, leading to the timely rescue of the stranded canine.

In the timeless realm of Pythian Castle, where Tamara’s expertise guides exploration of the supernatural, the legend of Jess and other ghostly inhabitants continues to intrigue. The unsettling response of the castle to the name “Jeff” adds an aura of mystery. Tim’s awakening, prompted by the spectral voice of M.J., serves as a testament to the inexplicable events that unfold within these ancient walls.

Haunted Basement

An ominous legend emerges in Pythian Castle. During visits, visitors to its spacious basement experience dizziness and nausea, are tormented by footsteps, and are overtaken by terrible sensations.

The castle’s basement is a realm of eerie phenomena. People experience sudden lightheadedness and nausea, while unexplained footsteps echo through the space. Batteries mysteriously drain, and light bulbs blow out without warning. During one visit, recorders that diligently recorded all night suddenly refused playback, only resuming normal function when their batteries were removed

Within these shadowy depths, temperatures fluctuate wildly, doors close by themselves, and furniture mysteriously shifts. The air is filled with haunting sounds—weeping from children, women, and even men. Mysterious mists materialize out of nowhere, and the spectral presence of a ghostly cat is heard running upstairs, meowing plaintively. During an EVP session, a child’s voice is captured, adding to the unsettling mystery.

The collision of the mundane and the supernatural occurs at Pythian Castle. Visitors encounter weird sensations, mysterious noises, and disturbing experiences in its basement. Batteries and light bulbs are destroyed by mysterious forces. The spooky atmosphere is heightened by temperature changes, shifting furnishings, and spectral sobbing

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Pythian Castle

Pythian Castle, known for its spooky aura and fascinating past, has taken center stage in a number of paranormal-themed television shows and documentaries. It was featured prominently in the tense series “Unveiling the Unseen: Pythian Castle’s Haunting Secrets,” in which investigators delved deep into the castle’s spectral tales and spine-tingling experiences.

Within the realm of literature, Pythian Castle has left an indelible mark in works like “Haunted Springfield, Missouri” by Edward L. Underwood and “Missouri’s Haunted Route 66” by Janice Tremeear. These literary pieces unveil the supernatural narratives that envelop the castle, offering captivating accounts of its spectral history.

Pythian Castle still draws both history buffs and those looking for the paranormal. Its mysterious presence in popular culture and the media weaves a web of mystery and the paranormal, luring anybody who yearns for an intimate contact within its alluring and haunting atmosphere.


The ghosts of history and the ominous atmosphere remain in your mind as you sadly bid farewell to Pythian Castle. The mysterious stories and unexplainable happenings will leave you feeling intrigued and curious. Pythian Castle, with its rich history and unsolved mysteries, is a haunting hug that will stay with you long after you’ve left. Until your next visit, the mystery of the castle will call, tempting you to discover its mysteries once more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is Pythian Castle located?

A: Pythian Castle is located in Springfield, Missouri.

Q: Are there any legends or ghostly stories associated with Pythian Castle?

A: Yes, Pythian Castle has a rich history of paranormal activity, including reports of unexplained footsteps, ghostly voices, and eerie sensations. The legends include the ghostly presence of Jess, unexplained phenomena in the basement, and even the haunting of a ghost cat.

Q: Can visitors explore the basement of Pythian Castle?

A: Yes, visitors can explore the castle’s basement as part of guided tours. However, be prepared for an eerie experience, as the basement is known for lightheadedness, unexplained sensations, and paranormal occurrences.

Q: Are there any documented instances of batteries draining or lights flickering inside the castle?

A: Indeed, Pythian Castle is known for strange phenomena like batteries draining unexpectedly and light bulbs blowing out without explanation. These occurrences are part of the castle’s eerie legend.

Q: Can visitors experience temperature fluctuations while inside the castle?

A: Yes, temperature changes are a common occurrence in Pythian Castle. Many visitors have reported sudden and unexplained shifts in temperature, adding to the unsettling atmosphere.

Q: Is there a specific area of the castle where paranormal activity is more pronounced?

A: The basement of Pythian Castle is known for being a hotspot of paranormal activity. Visitors often report footsteps, ominous feelings, and sensations of nausea while exploring this area.

Q: Are there any ghostly voices or EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recorded at Pythian Castle?

A: Yes, during paranormal investigations, voices and EVPs have been captured, including the voice of a child and unsettling messages. These recordings contribute to the castle’s haunted reputation.

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