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First Avenue is more than just a concert venue in the middle of Minneapolis, Minnesota; it’s a doorway to a place where music and mystery collide. Discover the fabled tales hidden behind First Avenue’s stunning façade and energetic performances, where history echoes with a sinister twist. As you step into the heart of this iconic venue, be prepared to journey through the shadows of its past.


First Avenue, originally a Greyhound Bus Depot built in 1937, was repurposed as a music venue in 1970. Its unique architecture, featuring the iconic black exterior adorned with silver stars, has become synonymous with Minneapolis’ music scene.

The venue’s transformation into a music space marked the beginning of an era that would see the likes of Prince, The Replacements, and Hüsker Dü grace its stage. These legendary performances helped establish First Avenue as a pillar of the American music scene.

First Avenue has developed a reputation for eerie events throughout its musical history. It is said that a tragic incident—a suicide that took place inside these walls—has left a restless ghost behind. The venue’s frightening mythology has added to its mystery, with some people claiming to have experienced paranormal occurrences.

In 2006, First Avenue was added to the National Register of Historic Places, recognizing its enduring cultural significance and contribution to the arts in Minneapolis. First Avenue stands as not only a historic music venue but also a symbol of artistic innovation and cultural preservation. Its rich history continues to be celebrated by music enthusiasts and those seeking a deeper connection to the city’s vibrant and enigmatic past.

Originally Greyhound Bus Depot - Credit Wikipedia
Originally Greyhound Bus Depot – Credit Wikipedia

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Haunted Bathroom – Suicide

According to legend, the venerable First Avenue music club is haunted by the ghost of a woman who committed suicide. Staff and visitors have reported spine-tingling encounters with this ethereal entity, which is frequently characterized as a blonde woman wearing a green jacket.

Staff members have related multiple reports of seeing this enigmatic person, which brings us to the spooky stories of First Avenue. She has appeared in front of their eyes on numerous times, giving them chills. But not only the staff have reported seeing her eerie presence; one horrified female customer also revealed a terrifying description of her run-in with the ghost in the women’s room.

The woman, her hair a striking shade of blonde, manifested herself to the patron, vividly illustrating her tragic demise. With a mournful aura, the apparition revealed the grim scene of her original death, reenacting the chilling moment when she hung herself in the fifth stall of the women’s bathroom.

To this day, the legend of the suicidal woman at First Avenue lives on, a spectral reminder of the club’s mysterious and haunting past. Her spectral appearances continue to puzzle and terrify those who dare to step into the realm of music and memories. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, one thing is certain: the ghostly presence of the blonde woman in the green jacket continues to cast its shadow over the storied halls of First Avenue, a testament to the enduring power of legend and lore.

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Spirits of Animals – Slaughterhouse

According to a strange urban legend that has persisted throughout First Avenue’s existence, the location was previously a slaughterhouse before it was converted into a bus depot. Some claim that anyone who enters the basement can still hear the agonized echoes of ghosts and the tortured cries of animals from long ago. Our search for hard proof of this horrific history, however, turned up nothing except stories and whispers.

The notion that the building site once housed a slaughterhouse has woven itself into the tapestry of its lore. According to local accounts, the basement of this establishment holds a spectral secret. In hushed tones, some claim to have heard the phantom screams of animals, as if the very walls remember the horrors of their slaughter.

The legend of First Avenue endures, as does the mystery surrounding the alleged slaughterhouse that lingers in its history. While some may dismiss it as mere conjecture, the basement’s eerie whispers continue to intrigue those who set foot within its confines. Regardless of its veracity, this haunting tale serves as a poignant reminder that certain enigmas, whether real or imagined, persist as enduring echoes from a shadowy past.

Playful Spector – Flippy

Among the tales that shroud the history of First Avenue, a peculiar legend tells of the mischievous spirit known as Flippy. This spectral entity has a penchant for creating the eerie sounds of bar stools being placed onto tables. Furthermore, employees have shared their unsettling encounters with peculiar apparitions who appear after-hours, loitering during closing, only to mysteriously vanish into thin air when approached.

In addition to Flippy’s antics, employees have recounted their eerie experiences with otherworldly visitors who materialize after the venue closes its doors for the night. These strange characters, cloaked in mystery, linger in the darkness, only to dissolve into the void when confronted by curious onlookers.

As the legend of First Avenue endures, so too does the mystique surrounding Flippy and the spectral loiterers who haunt its after-hours realm. Whether one believes in these phantasmal tales or not, they continue to add an air of intrigue to the venue’s rich history. These enigmatic stories serve as a reminder that, within the dimly lit corners of First Avenue, the boundary between the living and the supernatural remains tantalizingly blurred.

Interior of First Avenue
Interior of First Avenue – Credit first-avenue

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

First Avenue, which is renowned for its illustrious past and mystifying allure, has attracted attention in a variety of entertainment mediums. It has made a big appearance in a lot of movies, TV shows, and documentaries that explore the intersection between music and mystery. One such significant appearance was in the renowned documentary series “Music Mysteries Unveiled,” where the filmmakers investigated the venue’s legendary performances and the unsettling lore surrounding it.

In the world of literature, First Avenue’s story has found its place in books like “First Avenue: Minnesota’s Mainroom” by Chris Riemenschneider and “Haunted Minnesota: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena” by Charles A. Stansfield Jr.. These literary works uncover the intriguing history and supernatural tales associated with the venue, offering readers captivating narratives of its extraordinary past.

Presently, First Avenue continues to be a magnet for music enthusiasts, history buffs, and those intrigued by the supernatural. Its rich cultural significance and intriguing presence in popular culture make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an immersive experience in the heart of Minneapolis’ musical and mysterious heritage.


Remember that First Avenue’s allure extends beyond the stage as we wish it farewell. There are numerous mysteries within the boundaries of Minneapolis, Minnesota, but the combination of music, history, and the paranormal is what makes an enduring impression. Step back into the busy streets of the city where the pulse of First Avenue continues to resound, eternally carving itself into the soul of Minneapolis. Bring with you the echoes of unforgettable performances and eerie legends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is First Avenue located?
A: First Avenue is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Q: Is it true that First Avenue has a haunted history?
A: Yes, there are longstanding legends of paranormal activity at First Avenue, including the ghostly presence of Flippy, who makes the sound of bar stools being put onto tables, and reports of mysterious apparitions appearing after closing time.

Q: Is it true that there’s a legend about a suicidal woman at First Avenue?
A: Yes, according to local legends, there’s a story of a female spirit, a blonde entity, who has been seen and even interacted with by staff and patrons at First Avenue. She is said to have tragically taken her own life by hanging herself in the women’s bathroom.

Q: Can visitors interact with the spirit of the suicidal woman?
A: While there have been reports of interactions, it’s not something that can be guaranteed or encouraged, as it remains a part of the venue’s eerie folklore.

Q: Can visitors explore the basement of First Avenue?
A: Unfortunately, the basement is not open to the public for exploration due to safety and operational reasons. The basement is also rumored to be a hotspot for supernatural activity.

Q: Are there any guided tours that delve into the haunted history of First Avenue?
A: While there aren’t official guided tours, you might hear spooky stories from staff or fellow patrons who have encountered supernatural occurrences during their visits, adding to the venue’s mystique.

Q: Are there any plans to investigate the paranormal activity at First Avenue?
A: While there have been anecdotal reports, there are no official plans for paranormal investigations at this time. The legends and mysteries surrounding First Avenue continue to intrigue visitors.

Q: Are there any special events or themed nights related to the legends of First Avenue?
A: Occasionally, First Avenue hosts special events or themed nights that embrace its mysterious history, providing a unique and eerie experience for patrons. Keep an eye on our events calendar for updates and the chance to explore the venue’s supernatural side.

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