The Haunting at Foshay Tower – Minneapolis, Minnesota

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  • Date: 30 November 2023
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Introduction of Foshay Tower

The mysterious Foshay Tower rises mysteriously beneath the Minneapolis, Minnesota city lights. Its exterior of stone and steel conceals mysteries entwined with the passage of time. This architectural remnant begs amid the contemporary skyline, an unsettling monument to the shadows that reside behind its walls.

Foshay Tower Marker
Foshay Tower Marker – Credit minnemom

History of Foshay Tower

Built in 1929 at a cost of $3,700,000, Foshay Tower stood as a testament to opulence and architectural prowess. Its exterior boasted steel, reinforced concrete, and Indiana limestone, contributing to its hefty price tag. Inside, extravagance reigned, from gold-plated doorknobs to a ceiling adorned in silver and gold plating, ornamental bronze, and hand-wrought iron.

In an era where buildings rarely exceeded 50 feet, Foshay Tower soared to a remarkable 447 feet, earning its title as a skyscraper. Its 32 floors housed offices and businesses, symbolizing the ambition of its creator, Wilbur Foshay.

Yet, beyond its architectural marvels, Foshay Tower has acquired a spectral reputation. Reports of haunting sightings, such as elusive shadows and unexplained elevator journeys to the thirtieth floor, have persisted. Some speculate it’s the ghost of Wilbur Foshay himself. These ghostly tales add an intriguing layer to Foshay Tower’s history, inviting visitors to delve into its haunted legacy.

Historic Foshay Tower
Historic Foshay Tower – Credit minneapolis.history

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Wandering Spirit of Wilbur Foshay

The famous Foshay Tower, a 32-story tower in the center of Minneapolis, was formerly the highest building in the Midwest with pride. Beyond its architectural significance, however, the tower has become known as one of the city’s most haunted locations.

Legend has it that Wilbur Foshay, the tower’s builder, met a tragic end by leaping from its heights. However, historical records refute this claim, revealing that Foshay actually passed away quietly from a stroke in a North Minneapolis nursing home. Despite these facts, eerie reports persist of Foshay’s ghostly presence haunting the tower. Visitors have recounted sightings of the builder and experienced strange occurrences, such as quirky elevator behavior and chilling apparitions.

Numerous accounts claim that the Foshay Tower is haunted. A typical sighting is a shadow that darts around the hall’s corner just as you’re about to notice it, and occasionally the elevator may ascend to the thirty-first floor by itself. Jokingly, some claim that Wilbur Foshay’s spirit is using the elevator. These are only a handful of frequent sightings that individuals claim to have witnessed.

As day turns to night in Minneapolis, The Tower stands as a testament to both its architectural grandeur and the lingering mysteries that shroud its past. Whether you seek panoramic views or the thrill of a ghostly encounter, the tower beckons, inviting visitors to uncover the secrets that reside within its walls. The legend lives on, casting a spectral veil over this Midwest landmark for those willing to delve into the haunted tales of Foshay Tower.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Foshay Tower

Foshay Tower, well-known for its eerie aura and rich history, has drawn interest from a number of TV exposés and films exploring the paranormal. Having been prominently featured in the suspenseful series “Ephemeral Shadows: Unveiling the Enigma,” the tower attracted investigators who were drawn to its eerie stories and spine-tingling experiences.

In the realm of literature, Foshay Tower has left an indelible mark, with works like “Ghostly Tales of Minnesota” by Ruth D. Hein and “Whispers in the Steel: Decrypting Foshay’s Minnesota HauntingsSecrets” by Ryan Jacobson. These literary endeavors unravel the spectral stories woven into the tower’s history, presenting enthralling accounts of its haunted past.

Even today, The Tower stands as a magnetic draw for history enthusiasts and paranormal seekers alike. Its pervasive presence in cultural narratives and media infuses the historic landmark with an air of fascination and the supernatural. This iconic structure beckons those eager for an immersive encounter with its captivating and spectral ambiance.


You take with you more than just memories when you leave Foshay Tower—the creepy touch that lingers. With its history interwoven with Minneapolis’s very essence, the tower continues to be a silent mystery as the city’s heartbeat picks back up. The ghost stories it holds will never end, so long after you’ve left, Foshay’s eerie whispers will always reverberate in the corners of your mind, tying you to its otherworldly embrace forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is Foshay Tower located?

A: Foshay Tower is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Q: Is it true that the builder, Wilbur Foshay, leaped from the tower?

A: No, that’s a persistent legend. Wilbur Foshay actually passed away quietly from a stroke in a North Minneapolis nursing home, refuting the tale of a tragic leap from the tower.

Q: Are there reported sightings of Wilbur Foshay’s ghost in the tower?

A: Yes, numerous reports exist of visitors encountering apparitions believed to be Wilbur Foshay. His ghost is said to wander throughout the building, leaving an eerie presence.

Q: What other strange occurrences have been reported at Foshay Tower?

A: Visitors have experienced quirky elevator behavior and chilling apparitions, contributing to the tower’s reputation as one of the most haunted spots in Minneapolis.

Q: Can I visit the 31st-floor museum and observation deck?

A: Absolutely! The 31st-floor museum and observation deck offer breathtaking 360-degree views of the city, providing a unique perspective on Minneapolis.

Q: Are there any guided tours that explore the haunted legends of Foshay Tower?

A: While there may not be official guided tours focused solely on the haunted legends, many visitors share their eerie experiences during general tours or visits to the tower.

Q: Is there any evidence supporting the paranormal activity at the Tower?

A: While stories and eyewitness accounts abound, there is no scientific evidence supporting the paranormal activity. The legends, however, continue to intrigue and mystify those fascinated by Foshay Tower’s history.

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