The Haunting at Huguenot Cemetery – St. Augustine, Florida

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  • Date: 30 November 2023
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Introduction of Huguenot Cemetery

In St. Augustine, Florida’s Huguenot Cemetery, ghosts of the past loom large and time seems to have stopped. This burial place, tucked away within the medieval city, is a doorway to an eerie web of stories, its atmosphere heavy with the weight of ages. Every gravestone among the Spanish moss-draped oaks screams a story, and the ghostly Huguenot Cemetery invites inquisitive minds to discover the secrets hidden beneath the mossy cloak.

Huguenot Cemetery Marker
Huguenot Cemetery Marker – Credit hmdb

History of Huguenot Cemetery

Founded amidst the harrowing grip of the Yellow Fever Epidemic, Huguenot Cemetery stands as a poignant relic of St. Augustine’s darkest days. Established to provide a final resting place for the victims of this merciless scourge, the cemetery earned the moniker “Spirit Central” for the spectral echoes that linger within its mossy confines.

In the wake of the epidemic’s relentless toll, 436 souls found sanctuary in Huguenot Cemetery’s somber embrace. The haunting history deepens with tales of restless spirits, including a toothless judge and a young victim of Yellow Fever, forever tethered to the grounds. As a macabre testament to the supernatural, one poltergeist experienced posthumous indignity when his teeth were pilfered from the grave, while another, a tragic fourteen-year-old, met an unceremonious end at the Old City Gates.

Closed due to overcrowding, the cemetery’s macabre tales live on. Today, whispers of the past manifest as spirit sightings, chilling cold spots, and mysterious orbs. The toothless judge and the young Yellow Fever victim continue their spectral roamings, ensuring that Huguenot Cemetery remains a haunting testament to St. Augustine’s bygone struggles.

Historic Huguenot Cemetery
Historic Huguenot Cemetery – Credit loc

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Toothless Ghost – Haunting of John Stickney

A legend emerges in the center of Huguenot Cemetery, resonating with the ghostly murmurs of the past. The story of the Honorable Judge Stickney is engraved on the moss-covered tombstones among the ghostly shadows. Those who dare venture through the realm of the dead are beckoned by his missing teeth, a mystery that haunts the grounds.

Famed for his distinctive dentition, Judge John Stickney is a ghostly figure clad in black, ceaselessly scouring the cemetery in search of his stolen teeth. The story unfolds on a scorching day in Florida, where Mr. Wells, entrusted with Stickney’s exhumation, unwittingly left the casket agape during a brief respite from the oppressive heat.

Seizing the opportunity, two inebriated men pilfered the Judge’s prized gold teeth, leaving Mr. Wells aghast and mortified. Desperate to conceal the desecration, he dispatched Stickney’s toothless form back to his heirs, hoping the theft would escape notice.

Now, the ghost of John Stickney roams the cemetery, a shadowy sentinel in a black hat, his spectral gaze searching for the glint of his stolen treasures. As you traverse the hallowed grounds, you might feel the weight of his relentless pursuit and catch glimpses of the toothless apparition. Is he seeking retribution for the thieves who dared to rob his resting place, or does he simply long to reclaim what was once his?

And so, the legend of the Honorable Judge Stickney endures, a ghostly enigma in Huguenot Cemetery. As the shadows lengthen and the wind rustles through the ancient oaks, one can’t help but wonder if they, too, might catch sight of the toothless specter, forever in search of the shiny treasures pilfered by graverobbers many years ago.

Wandering Spirit – Ghost of a 14 Year Old Girl

Tucked away in the gloomy embrace of Huguenot Cemetery is the chilling story of a fourteen-year-old girl who goes by no name. Her ghostly presence emerged from the past’s shadows, carrying whispers of tragedy and desertion.

In the annals of Huguenot Cemetery, an enigma emerges—a fourteen-year-old girl, her identity forever lost to time. Legend has it that she succumbed to the merciless grip of the Yellow Fever Epidemic, her lifeless form abandoned unceremoniously at the Old City Gates. No one stepped forward to claim her, and thus, she found her resting place in the unmarked grave of a pauper.

The paranormal aficionados of Huguenot Cemetery speak of encountering her bewildered spirit. Some recount glimpses of her ethereal form lingering among the ancient trees, while others swear by the sight of a ghostly figure donned in a wispy, white dress. The mysterious girl tends to reveal herself near the witching hour, a midnight apparition that demands a watchful eye.

Keep your eyes peeled as you make your way across the darkened cemetery, for the fourteen-year-old girl might show herself to you. Is she caught between two worlds, desperate for acceptance and comfort, or does her ghostly presence act as a sobering reminder of the terrible price paid by previous epidemics?

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Huguenot Cemetery

Huguenot Cemetery, well-known for its mysterious past and eerie aura, has been featured in a number of documentaries and TV shows that explore the paranormal. An exceptional feature in the gripping series “Eternal Shadows: Unmasking Haunted Histories,” the cemetery enthralled investigators as they investigated its eerie legends and meetings with the dead.

In the realm of literature, Huguenot Cemetery has left an indelible mark, becoming the focal point of works like “Haunted St. Augustine and St. Johns County” by Elizabeth Randall and “St. Augustine’s Ghosts: The History behind the Hauntings” by Karen Harvey. These literary endeavors delve into the supernatural narratives that shroud the cemetery, weaving captivating stories of its spectral legacy.

Huguenot Cemetery continues to be a compelling attraction for those interested in history and the paranormal today. Its enduring influence on public perception is evidence of its enigmatic appeal as portrayed in popular culture and the media. This historic cemetery beckons everyone who wishes to immerse themselves in its eerie and captivating atmosphere with an alluring aura of intrigue and the paranormal.


You bring with you the ghosts of past times in the stillness of the night, a mosaic of once-vibrant, now-quiet lives. The smell of history permeates the air, which hovers precariously between the real and the imagined. The eerie murmurs of the dead appear to follow you as you leave the cemetery grounds, serving as a constant reminder that the line separating the living from the dead in St. Augustine’s Huguenot Cemetery is as shaky as the mist that shrouds the tombs. The legends surrounding this hallowed place are indelible, and even when you return to the land of the living, the ethereal tapestry of St. Augustine’s haunted haunts you with a haunting reminder of Huguenot Cemetery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Huguenot Cemetery located?

A. Huguenot Cemetery is located in St. Augustine, Florida.

Q. Who is the Honorable Judge Stickney, and why is he a legend in Huguenot Cemetery?

A. The Honorable Judge Stickney was a notable figure known for his distinctive dentition. Legend has it that his gold teeth were stolen during an ill-fated exhumation, and his ghost, clad in black, still roams the cemetery in search of his pilfered treasures.

Q. Tell me more about the fourteen-year-old girl haunting Huguenot Cemetery.

A. The unnamed fourteen-year-old girl is believed to have fallen victim to the Yellow Fever Epidemic. Her unclaimed body was interred in a pauper’s tomb, and her ghost, wearing a wispy white dress, is said to linger among the trees, especially near midnight.

Q. Is there any truth to the legend of the missing teeth in Huguenot Cemetery?

A. Yes, the legend of missing teeth revolves around Judge Stickney. During an exhumation, his gold teeth were stolen by graverobbers, leaving his body toothless. His ghost continues to search for the stolen treasures in the cemetery.

Q. Are there any other spectral sightings reported in Huguenot Cemetery?

A. Many paranormal enthusiasts claim to have encountered various apparitions. Besides Judge Stickney and the fourteen-year-old girl, visitors have reported glimpses of shadowy figures, orbs of light, and ghostly whispers among the tombstones.

Q. What can visitors expect when exploring Huguenot Cemetery at night?

A. Exploring Huguenot Cemetery at night offers an immersive experience into the realm of the paranormal. Some have reported seeing apparitions, feeling a sudden drop in temperature, and hearing unexplained sounds, making it a haunting adventure for those who dare.

Q. Is Huguenot Cemetery open to the public, and are there guided tours available?

A. Yes, Huguenot Cemetery is open to the public. Guided tours are available, providing an opportunity to delve into the history and legends surrounding this historic burial ground. Whether by day or night, the cemetery welcomes curious souls to explore its mysterious past.

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