The Haunting at Lemp Brewery Complex – St. Louis, Missouri

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  • Date: 30 November 2023
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Introduction of Lemp Brewery Complex

The Lemp Brewery Complex in St. Louis, Missouri, is shrouded in an ethereal haze and serves as a doorway into the eerie and strange. This is more than just a structure; it’s a domain where agitated ghosts of the past dance with shadows. The weight of history, stories of doomed fortunes, and the enduring presence of people who previously called this place home fill the air as soon as you pass over its threshold.

The Lemp Brewery Marker
The Lemp Brewery Marker – Credit hmdb

History of Lemp Brewery Complex

The roots of the Lemp Brewery Complex trace back to the mid-19th century when Johann Adam Lemp, a German immigrant, established a small brewery in St. Louis, Missouri. The brewery steadily grew in prominence, and by the 1860s, it had become one of the largest brewing companies in the region.

In 1870, tragedy struck the Lemp family when Frederick Lemp, Johann’s son and heir to the brewery, mysteriously died under circumstances that still fuel speculations and ghostly tales. The Lemp Brewery continued its success, but a series of unfortunate events, including Prohibition and financial setbacks, eventually led to its decline.

The Lemp Brewery Complex now functions as a time capsule, preserving both the ghostly relics of a bygone period and the architectural wonders of the past. This complex’s history is more than just a history of beer production; it’s a story intertwined with tales of triumph, tragedy, and the lasting influence of a family that changed St. Louis forever and, some say, never really left their brewing empire.

Historic Lemp Brewery
Historic Lemp Brewery – Credit Wiki

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Moving Toys – Haunted Monkey Faced Boy

A menacing legend floats through the corridors of the Lemp Brewery Complex in the dark shadows. Of all the ghost stories, one particularly noteworthy one concerns the unsettling presence of William Jr.’s paternal uncle, the “Monkey Face Boy.” He was born with Down syndrome, and the sad events of his life took place in the Lemp Mansion attic.

Strange events take place in the third-floor realm, where the atmosphere becomes thick with the weight of the past. Witnesses describe bizarre events that are unequivocally reported. The ill boy’s ghostly face has been seen looking through the mansion’s small attic windows from the street, acting as a silent watchman over the paranormal.

Ghost investigators, drawn to the mystery, embark on daring forays into the Monkey Face Boy’s confined domain. Armed with toys, they hope to coax forth a spectral interaction. Placing the toys strategically and encircling them with anticipation, they make their exit, leaving the attic to its ghostly secrets.

Returning the following day, the investigators find the toys displaced, as if moved by unseen hands. The ritual repeats itself, the circle broken and reformed, but the boy’s spectral play remains steadfast. The eerie spectacle persists, defying explanation and leaving those who dare to venture into the haunted attic perplexed and unsettled.

Wandering Spirits – Lemp Family

Ghost stories abound within the dark walls of the Lemp Brewery Complex. Among these are the paranormal stories from William Lemp, Sr.’s room and the women’s restroom downstairs.a

In the women’s bathroom, once William Jr.’s private domain, unsettling encounters unfold. Women report a ghostly figure peering over stall doors—a manifestation of William Jr.’s womanizing past. A strange incident adds to the lore when a woman accuses two men at the bar of voyeurism. The men deny leaving the bar, a fact confirmed by the bartender. The ghostly specter of William Jr. seems to linger, blurring the line between the past and the present.

Whereas, William Lemp, Sr.’s room, guests recount a different eerie experience. Phantom footsteps racing up the stairs, accompanied by kicks against the door, evoke the tragic day when William Sr. took his own life. In a desperate attempt to reach his father, William Jr. ran up the stairs and, finding the door locked, resorted to futile kicks, leaving a ghostly imprint on the room.

Within the historic walls of the Lemp Brewery Complex, these spectral tales endure. The women’s bathroom, a witness to William Jr.’s indiscretions, echoes with ghostly reminders. Meanwhile, William Lemp, Sr.’s room preserves the tragic events, the phantom echoes stirring the imagination of those who explore the haunted halls of this storied brewery complex.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Lemp Brewery Complex

The Lemp Brewery Complex, well-known for its eerie aura and rich history, has been the subject of many films and paranormal investigations. It was particularly important in the suspenseful series “Spectral Shadows: Unveiling Forgotten Horrors,” in which brave detectives delved into the eerie tales and hair-raising experiences of the complex.

Within the realm of literature, the Lemp Brewery Complex has cemented its place in works like “Haunted St. Louis: History & Hauntings Along the Mississippi” by Troy Taylor and “Ghosts of St. Louis: The Lemp Mansion and Other Eerie Tales” by Bryan Alaspa. These literary explorations delve into the supernatural tales surrounding the complex, weaving captivating narratives of its spectral history.

The Lemp Brewery Complex is currently a must-visit location for paranormal seekers and history buffs. Visitors are drawn to this historic landmark because of its alluring appearance in popular culture and the media. Its eerie and mysterious ambiance beckons those who wish to immerse themselves in it.


The ghosts of the past remain in the air as you emerge from the mysterious depths of the Lemp Brewery Complex, leaving a lasting impression on your spirit. This haunting monument in St. Louis invites you to explore its spectral mysteries as it weaves a tapestry of tragedy, history, and the paranormal. The Lemp Brewery Complex will always be there, whether you believe in ghosts or not. It is a menacing reminder that some stories are never truly free of the locations where they are held.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the Lemp Brewery Complex located?

A: The Lemp Brewery Complex is situated in St. Louis, Missouri.

Q: Are the ghostly tales about the Monkey Face Boy in the attic true?

A: Yes, the legend of the Monkey Face Boy haunting the attic is a chilling tale associated with William Jr.’s illegitimate son, born with Down’s Syndrome. Witnesses have reported strange occurrences, including the movement of toys placed in the attic by ghost investigators.

Q: Can you share more about the ghostly presence in the women’s bathroom?

A: Certainly. The downstairs women’s bathroom is said to harbor the spirit of William Jr., known for his womanizing ways. Visitors have reported a ghostly figure peeking over stall doors, and an eerie incident involving a woman accusing unseen eyes of voyeurism.

Q: What is the story behind the free-standing shower in the women’s bathroom?

A: The first free-standing shower in St. Louis was installed in the women’s bathroom, once the personal domain of William Jr. Its historical significance adds to the atmosphere of the legends surrounding the Lemp Brewery Complex.

Q: Is it true that William Jr.’s ghost is responsible for moving objects in the attic?

A: Yes, ghost investigators have reported the relocation of toys placed in the attic of the Monkey Face Boy. The legend suggests that William Jr.’s spirit remains, interacting with objects left in his confined space.

Q: What’s the connection between William Lemp, Sr.’s room and phantom footsteps?

A: Guests have reported hearing phantom footsteps running up the stairs and kicks against the door in William Lemp, Sr.’s room. This eerie phenomenon is linked to the tragic day when William Sr. took his own life, and William Jr. desperately tried to reach his father.

Q: Have there been any documented incidents involving the ghostly presence in the women’s bathroom?

A: Indeed, there have been numerous reports of women encountering a spectral figure in the bathroom. One incident involved a woman accusing men at the bar of voyeurism, only for the men and the bartender to deny any such occurrence, deepening the mystery of the supernatural presence.

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