The Haunting at McCune Mansion – Salt Lake City, Utah

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Introduction of McCune Mansion

As haunted mansions go, McCune Mansion in Salt Lake City stands in a league of its own – a realm where opulence meets the occult. Erected in 1901, this grand edifice doesn’t just house echoes of the past; it teems with spectral whispers. ‘The Haunting at McCune Mansion’ isn’t your average ghost story; it’s a heart-pounding plunge into the unknown. Picture venturing through lavish, shadow-laden halls, where each gust of wind feels like a ghostly caress, and every creaking floorboard seems to speak. Here, the line between history and haunting blurs, crafting a narrative that thrums with eerie excitement. Get set for a journey that’s as much an exploration of Salt Lake City’s hidden narratives as it is a dance with the supernatural. Prepare to unravel the enigma wrapped within the walls of McCune Mansion – where every whisper and chill in the air could lead you to an otherworldly encounter.

McCune Mansion Marker – Credit hmdb

History of McCune Mansion

Perched atop a hill, this mansion, boasting 21 rooms, bears witness to a storied past dating back to 1901. Originally owned by the McCunes, the mansion found itself in the hands of the Mormon Church in 1920 when the generous McCune family donated their historic home. The edifice underwent a transformation, serving as a school of music until 1953 when it became the Salt Lake City Center for Brigham Young University.

The mansion’s history takes a haunting turn as reports suggest paranormal encounters within its walls. After years of diverse roles, the mansion, now restored, beckons visitors for tours by appointment. The chilling tales include accounts of furniture moving inexplicably, icy cold spots, and an organ that plays phantom melodies. The ghostly presence of a little girl, both seen and heard, particularly during weddings, adds to the spectral allure.

Despite its eerie reputation, the mansion stands as a testament to its architectural and historical significance. Today, it welcomes those intrigued by its haunted tales and offers a glimpse into a bygone era. As visitors explore its rooms, the echoes of the past, both haunting and historic, intertwine, creating an unforgettable experience at this hilltop mansion with a rich and spectral legacy.

Historic McCune Mansion
Historic McCune Mansion – Credit loc

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Prankster Spirit – Haunting of 10 Year Old Girl

A phantom presence meanders through the corridors of McCune Mansion, a majestic home with history woven into its walls. The story starts on the ground level, where a strange mirror that hangs on the west wall hides a doorway that leads to a world where a 10-year-old girl’s soul has made her appearance.

The apparition, adorned in a gown reminiscent of a bygone era, emerges from the looking glass and dances through the mansion’s rooms. Her footprints materialize in the middle of various spaces, a whimsical trail that begins and ends without explanation. A manifestation of innocence, she delights in attending weddings and receptions hosted within the mansion’s grandeur.

Captured on film, her ethereal figure flits through the frames, a silent witness to the joyous celebrations. Yet, like any mischievous child, her unseen hand disrupts the meticulously arranged preparations for the next day’s festivities. Items are playfully rearranged, a testament to the lingering creativity of a spirit trapped between realms.

As the evening unfolds, her spectral presence intertwines with the living, leaving behind a sense of wonder and a trace of childlike glee. Her essence, forever a part of the mansion’s tapestry, adds an otherworldly charm to the historic halls.

And so, McCune Mansion stands as a living testament to the inexplicable. The spectral echoes of a 10-year-old girl, forever frozen in time, continue to enchant those who dare to peer into the West wall mirror. A guardian of joyous occasions, her unseen hand, though playful, leaves an indelible mark on the mansion’s history, reminding all who enter that the boundaries between the living and the spectral are, at times, beautifully blurred.

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Spirit of Mr McCune

During a special Christmas celebration by the McCarthey family, the mansion became a stage for an unusual event. Despite Phil McCarthey’s attempts, the ballroom lights stubbornly flickered on, seemingly responding to an unseen force reveling in the festive joy. Admitting defeat, Phil noticed the lights flicker and then illuminate again. Investigating further, an electrician revealed the existence of a concealed light switch on a distant floor, unbeknownst to the McCarthey family.

The mysterious male entity, dressed in a black cape, appeared to visitors during solitary moments. One account involves Phil McCarthey’s son encountering the elegant figure, silently observing before disappearing into the shadows.

Thus unfolds the legend of McCune Mansion, where the spirit of Mr. Alfred McCune, or another mysterious soul, intertwines with the living. A Christmas celebration turned into a stage for a playful spectral presence. The mansion’s history, woven with both the seen and the unseen, continues to captivate those exploring its corridors. In quiet moments, the figure in the black cape remains, a silent observer from the ethereal realms beyond.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of McCune Mansion

Renowned for its rich history and mysterious allure, McCune Mansion has been featured in various documentaries and TV shows exploring the supernatural. It played a significant role in the series “Ethereal Enclaves: Unraveling Historic Hauntings,” where investigators delved into the mansion’s ghostly tales.

In literature, McCune Mansion is highlighted in works like “Haunted Salt Lake City” by Laurie Allen and “The Ghostly Tales of Salt Lake City” by Cassie Ashton. These books delve into the spectral narratives surrounding the mansion, sharing captivating stories of its otherworldly past.

Due to McCune Mansion’s mysterious appearance in popular culture, history buffs and paranormal aficionados consider it a must-visit today. This historical masterpiece invites everyone looking for an immersive experience in its alluring atmosphere with an air of mystery and the paranormal.


As one exits McCune Mansion’s darkly lighted rooms, the ethereal’s lingering presence is unavoidable. A visit to this haunted sanctuary is more than just learning about the past; it’s an opportunity to commune with the spirits that have made this mansion their eternal home. The sound of phantom footsteps and ghostly whispers accompanies us back into the real world, reminding us that the mystery of McCune Mansion knows no time limits. The ghostly jewel of Salt Lake City never stops enticing those who are enquiring enough to explore its enigmatic past and accept its unsettling legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is McCune Mansion located?

A: McCune Mansion is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Q: Is there any truth to the legend of the little girl in the mirror?

A: Yes, the legend persists of a 10-year-old girl’s apparition, often spotted entering and leaving a mirror on the first floor. Her playful footprints and mischievous activities during events have become part of the mansion’s lore.

Q: Was Mr. Alfred McCune’s spirit responsible for the Christmas lights incident?

A: The Christmas lights incident during the McCarthey family celebration is tied to a mysterious male entity. Whether it’s Mr. McCune himself or another ghostly presence remains part of the mansion’s enigmatic history.

Q: Can visitors still witness the black-caped figure mentioned in the legends?

A: Yes, reports persist of a curious, gentile male entity in a black cape appearing to visitors, especially when they find themselves alone in a room. The legend lives on in the spectral encounters of those who explore the mansion.

Q: Are there other documented instances of paranormal activities at McCune Mansion?

A: The mansion boasts a rich tapestry of paranormal tales, including unexplained sounds, sightings of shadowy figures, and instances of objects moving on their own. These stories contribute to the eerie ambiance of McCune Mansion.

Q: Has the little girl in the mirror ever been captured on film?

A: Yes, the apparition of the little girl has been visually documented on film during weddings and receptions held in the mansion. The footage adds a tangible layer to the enduring legend of McCune Mansion.

Q: Are there guided tours that delve into the haunted history of McCune Mansion?

A: Absolutely! Guided tours are available for those seeking to unravel the mysteries and legends surrounding McCune Mansion. Knowledgeable guides provide insights into the eerie tales that have left an indelible mark on this historic site.

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