The Haunting at Lake Bomoseen – Castleton, Vermont

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  • Date: 17 January 2024
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Introduction of Lake Bomoseen

Located in the charming Vermont village of Castleton, Lake Bomoseen is a source of peace and mystery. Beyond the lake’s breathtaking scenery is a world of ghost stories and spirit murmurs that have contributed greatly to its allure. Lake Bomoseen becomes a frightening canvas as the first light of day fades into the velvety embrace of the night, where shadows blend with the secrets hidden inside its depths.

History of Lake Bomoseen

In the annals of Lake Bomoseen’s history lies the ghostly echo of West Castleton, a town that thrived with mills and quarries until the 1930s. However, West Castleton’s vibrant past has given way to an eerie present, as the town stands abandoned and haunted since the 1930s. The remnants of mills and quarries now serve as silent witnesses to the bustling industrial activity that once defined the area.

Among the spectral tales, a recurring apparition haunts the waters—a ghostly rowboat silently navigating across the lake toward a distant tavern on the far side. Witnesses claim that the oars of this phantom vessel disturb neither the water’s still surface nor the tranquil air. Legend intertwines with tragedy, suggesting a connection to a fateful night when men from West Castleton rowed to the tavern but never returned. The following day, their boat was discovered adrift, leaving no trace of the men who ventured into the misty depths of Lake Bomoseen.

The ghostly rowboat and its mysterious journey stand as a haunting reminder of West Castleton’s enigmatic and tragic history, a tale that lingers in the whispers of the lake’s rippling waves and shadows cast upon its abandoned shores.

Historic Lake Bomoseen
Historic Lake Bomoseen – Credit TheresaHPIR

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Spectral Encounter – Ghostly Rowboat

On a stormy night, three young men, fueled by exuberance, defied warnings, seeking merriment at a lakeside tavern. Unbeknownst to them, this seemingly innocent venture would birth a legend that would haunt the waters of Lake Bomoseen for years to come.

On a foreboding evening, three exuberant young men, dismissing elders’ warnings, set out for a night of revelry. Their laughter resonated across the bay as they braved ominous weather. The escapade turned chilling legend overnight. The town awoke to panic, an empty boat adrift on the lake. Despite thorough searches, the men vanished, lost to the depths or a sinister force. Today, the ghostly laughter echoes in sightings of a vacant rowboat, a solemn reminder of that ill-fated journey.

Years passed, and the tragedy evolved into a haunting tale. During certain full-moon nights, whispers circulated among locals about ghostly sightings. A dark, vacant rowboat, devoid of wooden oars, silently drifted across the lake towards West Castleton Bay. The water’s surface remained undisturbed, shrouded in an unsettling silence. These spectral encounters endured, transforming what was once a joyful journey to the tavern into a grim, recurring voyage. The legend persisted, a somber reminder of the ill-fated night that claimed the lives of the three hapless men.

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Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Lake Bomoseen

Renowned for its storied history and mysterious charm, Lake Bomoseen has taken center stage in various documentaries and television features dedicated to the supernatural. A standout appearance occurred in the gripping series “Watery Whispers: Unveiling the Secrets Beneath,” where investigators explored the lake’s ghostly tales and unsettling encounters.

In the literary realm, Lake Bomoseen has left an indelible mark, becoming the subject of works like “Lake Bomoseen: The Story of Vermont’s Largest Little-Known Lake” by Donald H. Thompson and “Vermont Ghost Experience” by Joseph A Citro. These literary pieces delve into the paranormal narratives surrounding the lake, weaving captivating stories of its spectral history.

Lake Bomoseen’s widespread appearance in popular culture and the media has made it a must-visit location for history buffs and those looking for paranormal activity nowadays. This natural landmark’s alluring and spectral atmosphere beckons those who desire an immersive encounter with its air of mystery and the otherworldly.


The ethereal atmosphere endures as the moon sets and the stars take in the last act of our journey around Lake Bomoseen. The legends ingrained in this enchanting place’s very fabric are still imprinted in the night’s echoes. As one leaves the shoreline, they take with them not just recollections of tranquil surroundings but also the rumours of invisible forces that inhabit Lake Bomoseen. Castleton’s undiscovered treasure bids adieu, leaving a lasting impression on those who ventured to explore the ghostly marvels hiding beneath its serene exterior. May the wonders of Lake Bomoseen enchant everyone who visits its eerie shores till the next nightly embrace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is Lake Bomoseen located?

A: Lake Bomoseen is located with the town of Castleton, Vermont.

Q: What is the origin of the ghostly rowboat sightings?

A: The spectral rowboat sightings trace back to a tragic night when three young men vanished mysteriously, turning their ill-fated journey into an enduring legend.

Q: Are there any documented encounters with the ghostly rowboat?

A: Yes, locals have reported eerie sightings during certain full-moon nights. A dark, vacant rowboat silently drifts across the lake, a haunting reminder of the past.

Q: Have there been attempts to solve the mystery of the vanished men?

A: Despite exhaustive searches, the fate of the three men remains unknown, adding an air of mystery and intrigue to Lake Bomoseen’s history.

Q: Can visitors experience the legends firsthand?

A: While the legends add a mysterious allure to the lake, witnessing the ghostly phenomena remains unpredictable, occurring sporadically during certain atmospheric conditions.

Q: How has the community responded to the legends?

A: The community has embraced the legends, organizing events and storytelling sessions to share the eerie history of Lake Bomoseen, making it an integral part of local culture and folklore.

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