The Haunting of Muriel’s Jackson Square – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Introduction of Muriel’s Jackson Square

In the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana’s enigmatic and seductive scenery, a spot of dark mysticism calls to those who dare to discover its mysteries. In Muriel’s Jackson Square, where the ghosts of the city’s history collide with its glorious present. As soon as you step through its doors, you’re taken on an incredible trip through time and the paranormal, where the eerie and history blend together in ways that are beyond comprehension.

History of Muriel’s Jackson Square

The building that now houses Muriel’s Jackson Square was constructed in the 18th century, making it one of the French Quarter’s oldest landmarks. From 1916 to 1974, the venerable structure underwent a series of intriguing transformations. It evolved from a private residence into a pasta factory, then a grocery store, and even hosted “The Spaghetti Factory” restaurant. This period saw the building adapt to the changing times, each incarnation leaving its own unique mark on the place.

In the latter half of the 20th century, the building transformed into the well-known Chart House Restaurant. During this period, stories of Pierre Lepardi Jourdan’s lingering spirit persisted, captivating visitors with an eerie fascination. The enduring legend of Pierre, the former owner who appears never to have left, continues to pique interest. Many patrons who have visited this iconic establishment have reported experiences that hint at the validity of the haunting tale. Pierre’s spirit is believed to wander the premises, overseeing and protecting the property from potential theft or vandalism.

As Muriel’s Jackson Square transitions through its many incarnations, it’s not just the physical structure that evolves but also the spectral history that weaves an eerie and enigmatic thread through time. The restaurant’s past is a captivating blend of the tangible and the ethereal, making it an irresistible draw for those who seek to witness the supernatural in the heart of New Orleans.

Historic Jackson Square
Historic Jackson Square – Credit muriels

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Spirit of Pierre – Haunted Séance Lounge

You get a strange vibe as soon as you walk into Muriel’s Jackson Square Séance Lounge. The mysterious Pierre ghost, who frequently manifests as a shimmering light or an ethereal sphere, is the central figure in the mythology. Many who have visited the chamber report seeing this spectral entity move through it inexplicably, leaving a trail of wonder and uneasiness in its wake.

In the dimly lit lounge, the walls seem to conceal secrets of their own. Strange knocks and raps emanate from the bricks, as if the very structure is trying to communicate. These unexplained sounds have left countless visitors baffled, adding to the room’s reputation as a hub of unexplained phenomena.

The most chilling part of the legend involves a spine-tingling recording that continues to haunt those who’ve experienced it. A woman’s voice, undeniably captured on film, despite the absence of any females during the recording, lingers in the minds of those who have heard it. It’s a story that raises the question: Whose voice was it, and what message did it convey from the world beyond?

Muriel’s Jackson Square’s Séance Lounge remains a place where the line between legend and reality blurs. Pierre’s spectral presence, the enigmatic knocks from the ancient walls, and the mysterious female voice all contribute to its reputation. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, the Séance Lounge continues to be a source of wonder and curiosity, a reminder of the enduring mysteries at Muriel’s Jackson Square, where the boundary between our world and the next remains a tantalizing enigma.

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Wandering Spirits – Haunted Antoine’s Ghost Table

There is an intriguing folklore centered on odd meetings and strange occurrences in Muriel’s Jackson Square universe. The unexplained events in the restaurant and a mystery man named Pierre are at the core of it all.

Time and again, visitors have witnessed a peculiar phenomenon: a human-shaped white mist appearing in mid-air before vanishing into thin air. Objects have defied logic, moving by some unseen force. At the Courtyard Bar, glasses have been inexplicably swept off the counter, crashing to the floor. Elsewhere in the restaurant, patrons have claimed to hear eerie whispers, seemingly in their ears, despite an absence of anyone nearby. These encounters blur the line between the living and the supernatural.

In an effort to respect Pierre and any other lingering spirits, a special table, known as “Antoine’s Ghost Table,” is reserved. It’s set with wine and bread every night. However, one evening, amidst a busy restaurant, staff forgot to prepare the table. Their lapse became apparent when a chair was violently flung against a brick wall beside the empty table, serving as a chilling reminder of the otherworldly forces within the restaurant.

The legend of Pierre and the strange occurrences at Muriel’s Jackson Square continues to captivate. The apparition of the white mist, the inexplicable object movements, and the ghostly whispers all add to the mystique of this historic place. “Antoine’s Ghost Table” remains a symbolic gesture of respect. The night when a chair defied gravity and was thrown against the wall serves as a stark reminder that the supernatural is very much a part of Muriel’s Jackson Square. Here, the living and the spectral coexist in a world of mystery and wonder.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Muriel’s Jackson Square

A popular subject for paranormal films and TV shows, Muriel’s Jackson Square is well-known for its mysterious charm and illustrious background. It was a major feature of the fascinating program “Whispers of the Beyond: Exploring the Haunted History,” in which researchers explored the eerie legends and paranormal experiences surrounding this extraordinary facility.

In the world of literature, Muriel’s Jackson Square has solidified its place in works like “Haunted New Orleans: History & Hauntings of the Crescent City” by Troy Taylor and “Spirits of New Orleans” by Kala Ambrose. These literary masterpieces uncover the supernatural narratives that envelop the restaurant, offering enthralling accounts of its spectral past.

Muriel’s Jackson Square is still a popular destination for history buffs and anyone who are fascinated by the other worldly. Its historic site exudes an air of mystery and the otherworldly, drawing everyone who wants to immerse themselves in its alluring and eerie atmosphere.


Exiting Muriel’s Jackson Square, you step out of a dusk world into the colorful tapestry of New Orleans, where the ghost stories and strange happenings that linger will always leave an indelible mark on you. The ghostly sounds still reverberate, and Muriel’s mystery clings, serving as a reminder that the past and present are entwined here, much like the ivy on its ancient walls. Take away from this place the knowledge that its alluring mystery lives on, a monument to the ghostly mysteries and rich history that make New Orleans a city unlike any other. Muriel’s universe maintains an enticingly thin veil, and the voyage into the unknown is a narrative that carries on long after you depart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is Muriel’s Jackson Square located?

A: Muriel’s Jackson Square is situated in the heart New Orleans, Louisiana.

Q: Can you tell me about the legend of Pierre and the Séance Lounge?

A: Certainly! Pierre is the enigmatic spirit that haunts Muriel’s Jackson Square. He’s known for appearing as a sparking light or an orb in the infamous Séance Lounge, a room where visitors have reported seeing unexplained phenomena and hearing mysterious knocks.

Q: What’s the story behind the Courtyard Bar and its ghostly experiences?

A: The Courtyard Bar is a place of spectral encounters. Glasses have been swept off the counter by unseen forces, shattering on the floor. This is just one of the many unexplained events in Muriel’s Jackson Square that add to its mysterious reputation.

Q: Tell me about the haunted Antoine’s Ghost Table.

A: Antoine’s Ghost Table is reserved for the spirits, including Pierre, and is set with wine and bread every night as a sign of respect. It’s said to keep them content and prevent further paranormal activity in the restaurant.

Q: Is there a tale related to the Séance Lounge being a “Spirited” place?

A: Yes, indeed. The Séance Lounge is rumored to be one of the most haunted areas in Muriel’s Jackson Square. Visitors have reported seeing a white mist in human form floating before their eyes, adding to the room’s eerie reputation.

Q: Can you explain the legend of objects moving on their own at Muriel’s?

A: Objects in the restaurant have been witnessed moving without any apparent explanation. These occurrences contribute to the enigmatic atmosphere of Muriel’s Jackson Square and are attributed to the paranormal activity.

Q: Are there any stories about mysterious voices heard by patrons?

A: Absolutely. Guests have claimed to hear whispered voices close to their ears when there’s no one nearby. These whispers are part of the mysterious happenings that make dining at Muriel’s Jackson Square an unforgettable experience.

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