Old Candler Hospital – Savannah, Georgia

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Introduction of Old Candler Hospital

In Savannah, Georgia’s Old Candler Hospital, where time itself seems to have stopped, the ghosts of the past resound in unnerving whispers. You enter a world where the line separating the living and the spectral blurs as you through its ancient doors, and the air is dense with the weight of untold stories. Uncover the mysteries of Old Candler Hospital, prepare yourself for a journey into the mysterious and surreal.

Candler Hospital Marker
Candler Hospital Marker – Credit hmdb

History of Old Candler Hospital

Old Candler Hospital, a cornerstone of Savannah’s medical heritage, holds the distinction of being the city’s first hospital, established in 1904. Remarkably, it ranks as the second oldest continuously operating hospital in the entire United States. Originally conceived as a medical facility to care for those injured at sea and afflicted by illness, the hospital’s inception marked a significant milestone in Savannah’s healthcare history.

In the year 1920, Old Candler Hospital faced a severe test during the Yellow Fever outbreak and epidemic. This devastating outbreak, one of the most destructive in U.S. history, plunged Savannah into crisis. With over seven hundred lives lost, including two dedicated doctors who succumbed to the disease while treating victims, this period remains etched in the city’s collective memory as a time of immense suffering and loss.

But over the years, tales of victory and tragedy have gathered within the confines of this ancient institution. As we learn more about the hospital’s past, we also learn about its spooky legacy, where the unanswered questions and spooky tales from the past still enchant and mystify those who dare to wander its enigmatic hallways, the Old Candler Hospital.

Old Candler Hospital
Old Candler Hospital – Credit savannahhistory

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Haunted Infamous Tunnel – Hidden Graves

A terrifying rumor that has lasted throughout Savannah’s spooky past casts a supernatural cloud over the Old Candler Hospital. The city’s underbelly witnessed the construction of tunnels, which concealed secrets that would plague people’s imaginations for decades, amid a disastrous epidemic.

Amidst the throes of the outbreak, as Yellow Fever’s relentless grip tightened, residents of Savannah delved beneath the city’s streets. These sinister tunnels concealed a disturbing reality, one that still sends shivers down spines today. One tunnel, leading ominously toward Forsyth Park, struck terror into the hearts of those who ventured near. Its lack of an exit whispered of an unholy purpose, where the departed found their final, ghastly repose. It is said that the dead were interred within these cursed passages, imprisoned in an eternal, eerie slumber.

However, the notorious tunnel under Forsyth Park, a few steps from the troubled hospital, is what will live in infamy. This terrifying passageway, which offered no means of escape, served as a terrible home for the dead—a tunnel of death.

Whispers persist that these tunnels served a sinister dual role—to surreptitiously transport the deceased to their final resting places and, more chillingly, to bury them in the shadowy embrace of secrecy. The eerie truth remains concealed in the murky recesses of the past.

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Haunting Shock therapy – Psychiatric Ward

Another gloomy story begins among the terrifying lore that surrounds the Old Candler Hospital; this one takes place in a bygone era when science was much less advanced and the care of the sick had gloomy overtones.

In the shadowy corridors of the hospital’s psychiatric ward, an eerie tale unfolds, echoing the gruesome history of a bygone era. Once, within these walls, so-called “treatments” took on a macabre life of their own. Shock therapy, touted as a remedy for the tormented minds within, became a nightmare etched in the annals of time.

As science struggled to catch up to the complexities of the human mind, horrifying procedures were unleashed upon the vulnerable souls housed in the psychiatric ward. Electroconvulsive therapy, as it was formally known, was administered in a crude and barbaric manner. Victims were subjected to unimaginable torment in the name of treatment.

These hallways are still haunted by the past. It is reported that the agonized echoes of the suffering continue to this day. Some victims are rumored to still be wandering around in the Old Candler Hospital’s shadowy corners. Their tortured spirits, permanently marred by the atrocities they suffered, cast unsettling shadows in the present.

And it is in the darkest hours of the night that the past awakens. Faint, blood-curdling screams are said to pierce the silence, a haunting reminder of the unspeakable suffering endured by those who walked these halls long ago. The specter of shock therapy lives on, a chilling legend that refuses to fade.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage of Old Candler Hospital

The Old Candler Hospital has become a focal point in various television programs and documentaries devoted to exploring the world of the paranormal because of its illustrious past and unsettling mystique. Its crucial part in the riveting series “Haunting Echoes: Unearthing the Hospital’s Ghostly Past,” where intrepid investigators dug deeply into the spooky tales and spectral experiences within its haunted hallways, served as one noteworthy example.

In the world of literature, the Old Candler Hospital has left an indelible mark, featuring prominently in works like “Historic Haunts of Savannah” by Michael Harris and “Haunted Savannah” by Georgia Byrd . These literary endeavors unravel the enigmatic stories that shroud the hospital, presenting riveting accounts of its haunted history.

Due to its fascinating presence in popular culture and the media, the Old Candler Hospital is now a must-visit location for history buffs and those looking for ghost stories. This ancient building exudes a sense of mysticism and the paranormal, luring anyone looking for an immersive experience in its eerie and mysterious atmosphere.


We leave you with an enduring sense of the strange as we bring our tour of Old Candler Hospital to a close. This old building in Savannah, Georgia, is still a site where ghosts still roam and where the boundaries between reality and the supernatural are hazy. Old Candler Hospital is still shrouded in mystery, beckoning those who are interested to peep into its hidden chambers in an effort to learn more. So, as you leave these frightening walls and return to the outside world, may you do so with a fresh respect for the unsettling because in places like this, the past still exists and continues to cast its perplexing spell.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is the Old Candler Hospital located?

A. The Old Candler Hospital is located at Savannah, Georgia.

Q. Are there any legends associated with the Old Candler Hospital?

A. Indeed, the Old Candler Hospital is steeped in legends. One eerie legend speaks of a network of tunnels believed to lie beneath the hospital, where the deceased may have been interred. Another haunting tale tells of the use of shock therapy in the psychiatric ward, with echoes of past screams rumored to still resonate within its walls.

Q. Can visitors explore the alleged tunnels beneath the Old Candler Hospital?

A. Unfortunately, the tunnels remain inaccessible to the public, shrouded in mystery beneath the city’s streets.

Q. Is it true that some spirits still wander within the Old Candler Hospital?

A. Yes, according to local lore and eyewitness accounts, restless spirits are said to roam the hospital’s halls, a haunting reminder of its chilling history.

Q. Have there been any reported sightings of ghosts or paranormal activity within the Old Candler Hospital?

A. Yes, numerous reports of paranormal activity exist, including sightings of shadowy figures, unexplained sounds, and eerie sensations, adding to the mystique of this historic place.

Q. Can visitors participate in ghost tours or paranormal investigations at the Old Candler Hospital?

A. Yes, there are various guided tours and paranormal investigations offered in the vicinity for those who wish to explore the supernatural mysteries surrounding the Old Candler Hospital.

Q. Is the Old Candler Hospital open to the public for tours and visits?

A. As of now, the Old Candler Hospital itself is not open to the public for tours or visits. However, there are guided tours and events in the surrounding area that provide insights into its dark and eerie history, allowing visitors to explore its haunting past from the outside.

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